Best Women’s Ski Clothes & Cute Ski Outfits [UPDATED 2021]

Just like that –  the most wonderful time of the year is here again. That’s right. ski season, baby! Crisp mountain air, warm cups of cocoa, late nights by the fire and quite mornings surrounded by stunning snow-covered mountains and let’s not forget cute women’s ski outfits! Below, you can find my recommended women’s ski clothes to keep you warm, dry, and looking good on the mountain! Watch my video review, learn more about why I love women’s ski clotheshow to pack for a ski trip, see a list of most recommended products, or get more general tips for a successful ski trip.

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Why I Love Cute Women's Ski Clothes

I look forward to ski season every year because it means I get a fresh dose of nature, leisure and luxury!

There is nothing sweeter than the simple rhythms and routines that come with mountain time. First we brunch, then we ski, then we après ski, then we sleep, and we do it again! Spending time on the slopes is an amazing way to disconnect from this chaotic world and reconnect with loved ones, yourself and the natural world – while also giving your body a killer workout!

Whether ski slopes feel like your second home or this is your first year braving the mountain – you will quickly find that what you wear and how you prepare will make all the difference!

I am going to be honest – I ski the best when I am feeling confident in my skin!

I am sure you do too. It’s no secret that inner confidence is the key to performing well in anything. It’s also no secret that what you wear has a huge impact on your overall confidence levels and sense of individuality. It can often be so disheartening trying to find women’s ski apparel that is sexy, expressive and functional!

It wasn’t until recently that I stumbled upon the best designer ski brands while walking though Vail Village. Nils and Descente are the best women’s ski clothes brands in my eyes. These designer ski brands are not only fashionable for the slopes, but also extremely high quality and functional. As an avid skier, and an avid fashionista – I couldn’t be happier to see my two worlds collide into one. My Descente women’s ski jacket is seriously the most incredible ski jacket I have ever owned and has made me fall in love with skiing all over again! My Nils ski pants are not bulky or baggy. 

They fit me perfectly and allow me to feel more confident, and sexy in the snow! I have been waiting years to find the best women’s ski clothes that allow me to perform well and express myself fully and, ladies – I have FINALLY found it.

So here a few things I have learned over the years as an avid skier.  These clothes and tips will help you navigate through this ski season with ease.

How to Pack for a Ski Trip

Packing for a ski trip isn’t like packing for most trips you take. When it comes to ski trips, do not worry so much about packing minimally – just worry about packing enough to keep you warm! The key to the perfect ski outfit is having multiple waterproof layers that are easy to take on and off.  The weather in the mountains is unpredictable and always varying, so you’ll need to prepare for a variety of temperatures.

Pack a few cute outfits that you can wear to après ski, to dinners, brunches and out shopping.  You cannot go wrong with a turtleneck and jeans. Pack a few extra hats and beanies to hide your hat hair after a day on the mountain. Of course, bring cozy socks and a cozy pair of pajamas for when it is time to relax and recover. For shoes, all you really need is some shoes the nightclub, a pair of comfortable walking shoes, and some comfy snow boots. And do not forget your swimsuit and flip flops for those après ski hot tub soaks!

As far as ski equipment goes – you will need your skis, ski helmet, neck scarf, ski boots, ski goggles, ski poles and ideally a ski bag to store it all! If it is your first time, do not be afraid to rent some gear before buying brand new.

Use Compression Packing Cubes

Ever since I started using Bagail Compression Packing Cubes, packing up all of my ski gear and layers upon layers of clothing has never felt easier. Thanks to my wonderous packing cubes – I can finally stay somewhat organized  while traveling from one place to the next!  Check out more about compression packing cubes here.

My Favorite Women's Ski Outfit Items

I have had my Descente Women’s Ski Jacket for over a year now and I couldn’t be more in love with it. This ski jacket is unlike any other because it’s a flawless combination of luxury and sporty. I feel confident skiing in it and drinking wine in it!  If you are looking for a ski jacket that is both glamorous and high performance, then you cannot go wrong with  Descente’s Women’s Ski Jacket or Nils Women’s Ski Jacket. They are the highest quality and most fashionable ski jackets on the market for women and I couldn’t recommend them enough! Check out my list of great women’s ski jackets here.

Order this Descente Ski Jacket here

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No joke – I have had the same pair of Swany ski gloves for almost a decade now! They are they high quality, 100% leather which means I never have to worry about my hands being wet or cold! I love to pair my Swany ski gloves with a pair of thermasilk glove liners and a fresh pair of hand warmers!

Get Swany Ski Gloves

Columbia’s Base Layer Pants are fantastic because they are barely noticeable under ski pants or jeans! Since you will likely be wearing a pair of base layer pants throughout the whole trip – you want to make sure they are easy to move around in. Columbia’s base layer pants are stretchy, breathable and take up little room in your suitcase. The fabric is made with omni-heat technology which dries quickly if they get wet and helps to keep your legs warm. I do not think I would survive winter without these babies!

Order Columbia Base Layer Tights

In my opinion – every ski chick should have a pair of Nils ski pants! Along with an adorable slim fit, they are fully waterproof, have 3 layers of fabric to keep you warm and a hidden elastic bottom to help keep snow out of your pants. I am so happy I no longer have to deal with baggy, bulky ski pants. Nils and many other women’s designer ski brands have mastered the art of a complimentary ski pant. If you are like me and love to have multiple outfits to choose from for the slopes, then Columbia Women’s Ski Pants and Descente Women’s Ski Pants are amazing options too if you want to switch it up.

Buy your Nils ski pants here

When it comes to all day comfort on and off the mountain – base layers are everything. Hot Chillys Base Layer Women Tops are specially made with the softest microfibers and high-quality spandex so that it resists moisture and fits any body type.  These tops are so comfy to wear all day, doing any activity. Most importantly – these tops are easy to pack and are machine washable!

Buy your Chillys base layer top here

When I am in Vail, I basically live in my North Face Women’s Vest. On the mountain, I love to throw on this cozy vest in between my base layer and my ski jacket. At dinner, I’ll pair my vest with a sweater, jeans and a beanie. The North Face Women’s Vest was made for layering – it’s insulated, water-resistant, and easy to zip on and off. Simply a staple in my winter wardrobe!

Buy your North Face Women’s Thermoball Vest

Having wide frames that securely fit around my helmet while skiing does wonders for my perfmonance on the mountain. Oakley’s Women’s Ski Goggles are gamechanger when it comes to having crystal clear vision, ultimate comfort and anti-fog technology. I have had my pair of Oakley Women’s Ski Goggles for years and I don’t plan on getting new ones any time soon! The wide, rimless frames allow for wide peripheral vision and lenses that allow you to see sharp in any snow conditions.

Check out the Oakley Women’s Ski Goggles here

There are many different methods to keeping your neck, mouth and nose warm on the mountain. I definitely prefer wearing a neck warmer rather than a scarf or bandana because they the most comfortable and are the easiest to slide on and off your face between sessions. This Tough Headwear Women’s Neck Warmer is so versatile and I love all the color options. It can be worn as a neck warmer or an ear warmer in various different ways. It’s reversible so it can match with more than one outfit and they are made with soft, microfiber fleece!

Find your unique pattern Tough Headware Neck Warmer here

I cannot stress enough how crucial it is to have a proper helmet to protect that beautiful head of yours! Giro’s Women’s Ski Helmet is well-ventilated, well-cushioned and light-weight. This helmet is perfect for packing up and taking on long ski trips. When you are wearing ski gloves, it can sometimes be a struggle to take on and off your helmet. However, Giro’s Women’s Ski Helmet is effortless to take on and off and allows for a stress-free time on the slopes.

Get your Giro’s Women’s Ski Helmut

This is not sexy, and it will ruin your hairdo for après-ski, but I believe wearing a skull cap under your helmet is a necessary evil.  I am always cold, and the right beanie not only keeps me extra warm, it also protects my forehead and ears from the wind.  I promise, there is nothing worse than getting an ‘ice cream’ headache when the wind is beating your forehead as you schuss down a mogul run.  I like the Turtle Fur Skull Cap because it’s a bit more feminine, and it covers the bottom of my ears and forehead between my helmet and googles.  Remember, you don’t want a skull cap that’s too thick or bulky, think ‘second skin’ when making this purchase.

Purchase Turtle Fur Shell Skull Cap Liner Beanie

These are the perfect women’s ski socks because they keep your entire calf warm, they’re breathable, waterproof and they have an extra layer of padding on the front to protect your shin from your ski boots. Don’t be afraid to pack a few extra pairs of ski socks to have on hand just in case!

Buy Smartwool Ski Socks here

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Additional Tips for the Best Ski Trip

1. Waterproof and high quality gear is everything

Here’s the thing. Your ski gear is ultimately going to make or break how your trip goes. You want to do whatever preparation necessary to decrease your chances of becoming wet and cold on the mountain. If you are warm and dry – you’ll undoubtedly have a blast, but – if you are wet and cold, you will probably be miserable. If you are in ski clothes that don’t fit properly, you’ll likely end up with blisters and rashes. If your goggles are constantly foggy, you won’t be able to see! In this case, investing in high quality gear and the best women’s ski clothes you can afford will make all the difference.

2. Wear bright colors

It is too easy to get separated from your friends as you are all riding down the mountain. Wear bright colors so your friends or lover can easily spot you on the mountain …and because they’re cute. Duh!

3. Rent high quality ski equipment

Don’t skimp on your ski rentals.  It’s so important that the rental shop you use is knowledgeable and will properly fit you.  There is nothing worse than having boots that are too big (much more likely than too small), or having skis that don’t have any wax or edges.  Do your research, and find the best quality rental shop in town.  It’s so worth an extra $10 a day to have great equipment.

4. Hire a ski instructor

As mentioned above, I am a certified Austrian Ski Instructor, and you should not head out to the slopes without proper instruction….and that doesn’t mean your husband or best friend.  Remember, skiing is a serious sport and has serious consequences if you don’t know what you are doing.  It is best to pay for a few days of group or private lessons each year to improve your skills. 

5. Enjoy the view, the slopes and the mountains

One of my favorite things about skiing is that it is basically a gateway to the present moment. One of my favorite feelings in the world is getting to the top of the mountain and just taking a second or two to feel the wind and sun in my face, breathe in the mountain air and soak in the view before sending it down. Remind yourself to do the same as often as you can!

From one female traveler to the next, I challenge you to try something new in 2020…like skiing! Especially if cold weather isn’t your thing. It can be so empowering to step outside of your comfort zone and find new ways to be active in nature. You might end up pleasantly surprised by how much your body is capable of! And if all else fails, you can still have an incredible time relaxing at the resort, shopping, eating and hot tub soaking. On that note, I hope to see you all on the slopes in Vail this season!

Disclosure:  Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I earn a small commission if you make a purchase.   I only recommend products that I personally know and use, and the income helps to keep this site updated and free for everyone.

What are your favorite ski brands?
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