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Amazon and eBags Compression Packing Cubes Review

As your trusted travel advisor, my goal is to give you valuable information and help you save money and travel better. I want you to buy products that work and provide value-for-money. The idea is to travel as efficiently as possible and truly enjoy your vacation and one of the travel items every social medial influencer is recommending these days is packing cubes. A packing cube is a luggage organizer that fits inside your travel bag. Some luggage manufacturers have developed compression packing cubes that help save even more space. Is this travel gear worth buying? Or is it just something Instagram influencers are pushing?  Watch my review below. Or, keep reading to find compression packing cube FAQs, and my recommended brands.

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Compression Packing Cube FAQs

I get asked a lot of questions about which compression packing cubes I use and which ones are the best. Below, I attempt to answer some of the most common questions.

What's the point of packing cubes?

Travel cubes are zippered cases in various sizes that help you organize your stuff. Whether you’re on a business trip or enjoying some leisure travel, they are essentially a suitcase organizer that keeps your travel bag tidy.

How to use packing cubes?

Keep similar items together, such as tops and t-shirts in one, trousers and shorts in another, your underwear in a separate one, and your cosmetics in yet another. When you arrive at your destination, all you have to do is pull out the luggage packing cubes and stick them in the hotel wardrobe. Using travel packing cubes is almost like having a personal valet!

Do packing cubes actually save space?

If it’s your dream to travel around the world, one of the best decisions you’ll make is to travel light and travel smart. The last thing you need on your adventure travel is to be slowed down by your luggage. Compression packing cubes for backpacking are designed to save space. They have a second zipper that zips the cube even tighter and compresses everything that’s in it. Once you begin to use them, you’ll realize how efficient they are.

Are packing cubes worth it?

To save you time and money, I ordered a bunch of packing cubes on Amazon and eBags and tested them out myself. Here’s my review of the best compression packing cubes for travel.

Best Packing Cube Brands Available in 2020

Looking for advice on which packing cube brands are the best? I’ve go through some of the top compression cube brands available on Amazon and eBags, tell what’s good/bad about them and whether or not they are worth the investment.

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This sturdy 4-piece compression packing cube set in a classic gray color comes with robust zippers. The set has a very high-end look and feel. I love the mesh on the top because it means I can see what’s inside without opening the cube. A good standard set that will last you for years.  My vote for the best men’s compression packing cube for travel.



With pretty landscape pictures printed on them, this set of 3 travel compression cubes is the most artistic one I’ve seen. The parachute-like material feels a little flimsy and the cubes are relatively small in size, but they are lightweight. I loved the little details like the tags on the zippers and the shiny handles.



This is one of my favorite brands that I am currently personally using. And who doesn’t love hot pink? I love the texture and silky finish of this set of 6 expandable packing cubes. The material feels sturdy without being too thick and lightweight without being too flimsy. There’s a bonus shoe slip included in the pack!  My vote for the best compression packing cube for my travel!



The 3 medium packing cubes in this set are a little too flimsy for my liking. And the lack of netting on the top is a deal-breaker for me. But they could work for someone who is very practical and efficient and knows what they’re putting where.


This was a single large packing cube in a lightweight and durable material. You can use it to compress and save space, but for me, not having different sizes to organize my stuff defeats the whole purpose of using packing cubes. Perhaps other ebags packing cubes come in various sizes? I’ll have to find out.


A set of 2 compression bags for travel from one of the best-known brands in the business. These high-quality cubes are a little small in size (the larger one is about 12 x 8 inches), but they come in a lovely green color and are perfect for backpackers.


What I loved most about this compression cube set is the gorgeous lush purple color. The largest cube in this set of 4 is about 18 x 12 inches and will fit a ton of stuff. This is ideal for women traveling together when you want to show a bit of personality with your girly travel gear. The thicker material means these organizers are not the lightest. I wouldn’t recommend them for backpacking trips where weight efficiency is paramount.


Among all the top packing cubes I reviewed, these were the least expensive. They came with no tag and I had to check the brand on Amazon again. The material is relatively thin and stiff, so don’t expect much flexibility. The tags on the zippers are a nice touch. They come in two colors and are a simple and efficient set of 4 suitcase organizer cubes, with the largest one about 18 x 12 inches in size.


This is a set of 4 ultralight packing cubes that is great for over-packers. If you always take too much stuff with you on trips and are tired of paying airline baggage fees, these are the cubes for you. The wrinkly white material is somewhat flimsy though and I’m not sure it will keep clothes wrinkle-free. The zippers are solid and the cubes have a nice depth. They come in pretty colors. Choose this brand if the most important factor for you is lightweight packing cubes.


I got a special little treat with this one, a see-through toiletry bag with a handle that I can take on the airplane or to football games and concerts. That was a nice value-add! This set of 4 compression mesh packing cubes is high on efficiency. The mesh is one of the thickest I’ve seen, which is great to prevent dust and dirt from getting onto your clothes. The material is super sturdy without being too heavy or thick. And of course, there are double zippers to get a nice compression and save space.


Another compression luggage set that came with a transparent pouch with a fun green zipper, but unfortunately no handle, making it a tad less useful. They did send a suitcase belt that you can put around your bag to identify it quickly when it comes to the baggage belt. This set of 4 pink packing cubes has nice zippers and is made from a durable material. All in all, good value for money. My vote for the best lightweight compression packing cube for travel.


If you saw my review of regular travel packing organizers, you may remember that Gonex was one of my favorite brands. Among compression travel organizers these are the best cheap packing cubes I came across. The mesh is a little thin, but they’re made from relatively thick parachute material. This set includes 3 zippered bags and I find that you never really need more than 2 or 3, so that’s perfect. Pick this set if the price is important to you. This is a price point comparable to Amazon Basics packing cubes.


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This is the most unique set of compression travel cubes I’ve seen so far. They come in a gorgeous canary yellow color (other colors are available), but the amazing thing is they allow dual-sided packing. There are two sides to the cubes, so you can separate clean and dirty clothes. Isn’t that a perfect packing cube for backpacking trips? Once you’ve packed both sides, you zip it up to compress two-in-one. I haven’t traveled with them yet, but my guess is that this will take twice as many clothes and compress them well for extra efficiency. The material is lightweight and durable and has a nice pattern. The zippers are sturdy and have tassels on them for an easy grip. I think MagicToDoor is fantastic and one of the best packing cubes I’ve reviewed. My vote for the coolest compression packing cube.


Best Compression Bags for travel

To recap, I liked the set from Suited Nomad. It was a good weight, thin material, nice colors, 4 packing cubes, plus the extra little bag. As far as travel essentials for women, I can also recommend the Bagail hot pink set with the extra shoe bag. The netting is very convenient and the set includes 5 different bags, including a small packing cube for all your little bits and pieces. But my pick of the best packing cubes for travel has to be MagicToDoor. I loved the double compression packing cubes with their sturdy material and strong zippers. They come in 4 great sizes and blew me away with their design, quality, and efficiency.

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