48 Hours in Vail

Only have one weekend in Vail, Colorado and not sure what to do? Let the Abundant Traveler show you the ropes.

Good morning it’s the first day of bail so what makes a great ski resort my opinion is you’ve got to have an amazing mountain with lots of train you have to have a village that’s very active very alive great restaurants great apres ski baile is one of those places [Music] a crazy statistic about bail is the fact that there are less than six thousand people that live here year round but they have thirteen million visitors every year what do 13 million visitors mean it means lots and lots of shopping so today I decided to take the day off I’m gonna shop in baile village first at some of my favorites and then I’m gonna head over to lion’s head to finish up the day Vanna hopefully I can find a vest and supper got mine skiing this season maybe find a t-shirt copy cub find some fun things to take home [Music] I loved wandering the streets in Vail Village and checking out the artwork the bronzes there’s our I decide sitting on a bench amazing our installations throughout the town [Music] some finished up with my shopping at Belle village I’m headed over to Mountain cupcakes which is my favorite way to end a shopping day in this town [Music] gluten-free chocolate with cream cheese icing YUM so I’ve gotten from village to lion’s head it’s a beautiful sunny day so I thought it would be a good idea to come and sit outside at Garfinkel have a delicious lunch and do a little shopping in Lyons head love Bale village for the night life for the restaurants and everything but I actually prefer staying over here in lions head it’s a little bit easier to get around not quite so busy not quite so big you do find more families over here but you also get some of the perks like an ice-skating rink the beautiful air Belle hotel and lots and lots of easy access from the different condos to the Eagle bond you have the streets that are also heated so you don’t have to worry about slipping in the snow just like you do in Vail Village and some of my favorite places to stop in over here are performance sports where I do lots of shopping every year they have beautiful clothing for women and clothing for men but I prefer obviously the clothing for the girls I like stopping at the top house seen Phil Mogg on Wednesday through Saturday night Blue Moose pizza is over here and they have a delicious gluten-free pizza I love shopping at Patagonia and Smartwool as well definitely out to do some shopping today [Music] good morning it’s day 2 dad arrived last night safe and sound even though he had two feet of snow and look at this gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous weather so excited to get out there here we come veil your veil there are three distinct areas on the mountain there’s a frontside that you can take from the Eagle body on blue out of lion’s head or the gondola one which is a little bit further east from Vail Village so you can see the front a little more intermediate or you can see the back bowls which is China Bowl Mongolian bowl wide open blades absolutely spectacular grapes no unchartered territory that way as well or you can see the very brave back which is blue sky Basin blue sky Basin is not open all the time but it’s definitely worth the trek if you’re an active and advanced skier [Music] oh my there’s nothing like the beauty of the Rocky Mountains [Music] here we are at biester 14 we decided not to eat at the cafeteria upstairs sometimes you need to sit down meal and honestly this salmon salad and chili cheese fries are so delicious [Music] up here worn out but absolutely spectacular it’s been worth the ride [Music] so it’s the last night in Vail I’ve finished my shopping and I’ve done my skiing it’s been a fantastic trip and I am ending my last night at Mountain Standard which is my favorite restaurant in Vail [Music] this is the perfect way to end your afternoon shopping in Vail Village cheers to having cover rows a at Mountain standards thanks failed for an amazing time it’s been fantastic I love the mountain I love the restaurants I love the shopping here if you’d like to learn more about the abundant traveler tips and places to go and places to see subscribe below and I look forward to seeing you soon

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