My Travel Bucket List

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

– Susan Sontag

I am a huge believer in spontaneity and creating your own adventures, but I also have an ongoing bucket list of places that I’d like to visit and things I’d like to achieve. I hope this list is inspiring for you.

So in no particular order, here we go...

  1. Live in Europe Again
  2. Heli Ski
  3. Namibia-See the Red Dunes
  4. Hold a Lemur in Madagascar
  5. Fly in a Helicopter
  6. Dive The Great Barrier Reef
  7. Visit Easter Island
  8. Take an Amazon Cruise
  9. Go on a Small Yacht Cruise in Croatia
  10. Climb Ayers Rock
  11. Visit Kakadu National Park
  12. Zen out in Bali
  13. Swim in the Rooftop Pool at the Marina Sands hotel in Singapore
  14. See Kabuki & visit Tea House in Tokyo
  15. Hike Mont Blanc
  16. Sleep on the Steps in a Yurt in Mongolia
  17. Make a Difference in the World
  18. Visit the Rioja Wine Region
  19. Buy clothes at a custom tailor in Hong Kong
  20. See all 50 states
  21. Spend a month in NYC
  22. Become fluent in Spanish
  23. Spend a Month on the Mediterranean on a Yacht
  24. Sail a week on a Barefoot Catamaran
  25. Stay at the St. Regis Vommuli in the Maldives
  26. Shop on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles
  27. Visit Chefchaouen in Morocco
  28. Stay in a bedouin camp in the Sahara desert
  29. Swim with Jelly Fish in Palau
  30. Drive a Vintage Car in Havana Cuba
  31. Visit the Gorillas in Rwanda
  32. Hike in Kauai
  33. Santiago, Chile
  34. Stay in a Luxury Tent Camp in Africa
  35. Take a Cycling Trip in Scandinavia
  36. See the Polar Bears in Canada
  37. Complete a Mini-Triathalon
  38. Speak in Front of 1000 People
  39. Stay in a Glass Hotel to watch the Northern Lights
  40. Ride in a dog Sled in Lapland
  41. Dive with Great White Sharks
  42. Kite Surf
  43. Swim with Dolphins
  44. Swim with Sting Rays
  45. Visit the Amalfi Coast
  46. Fly Fish
  47. Take a helicopter Ride over Maui
  48. Visit The Rhone Valley
  49. Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner
  50. Go to the Ellen Degeneres Show
  51. Trek in Bhutan
  52. Paris Fashion Week
  53. Sail on The World Cruise Ship
  54. Stay in an Igloo
  55. Stay in a ice hotel
  56. Eat in 3 Star Michelin Restaurant
  57. Eat at French Laundry
  58. Next Restaurant Chicago
  59. Canyon Lands National Park
  60. Travel with my perfect man
  61. Buy a well with Charity:Water
  62. Eat at Burns Steak House
  63. Calgary Stampede
  64. Drive Hot Laps at COTA
  65. Go to Yoga Retreat
  66. Fly Emirates 1st Class
  67. Stay in underwater hotel
  68. Stay in a tree house hotel in Laos
  69. Swim in a cenote in Mexico
  70. Gator/Swamp tour outside New Orleans
  71. Kentucky Derby 1st class
  72. Swim with the pigs in Exuma
  73. Walk Great Wall of China without 1000 people
  74. Swim with whale sharks in Isla Mujeres, Mexico
  75. Hot air Balloon over Cappadocia Turkey
  76. See Armin Van Buuren in Ibiza
  77. Carnaval Rio De Janeiro
  78. Guest Teach at an Elementary School
  79. Island Hop Hawaii
  80. Visit the Seychelles
  81. Visit Marbella, Spain
  82. Front row at a Bruno Mars concert
  83. Moab Utah
  84. Uruguay
  85. Visit Antartica (7th Continent)
  86. Rent a Villa in Tuscany
  87. Go on a Mission Trip
  88. Fly-boarding Jetpack
  89. Raft the Grand Canyon
  90. Visit Patagonia, Argentina
  91. See how Madeira is made in Madeira
  92. Island Hop in the Philippines
  93. Visit Menorca
  94. Hike Machu Picchu
  95. Visit the Canary Islands
  96. St. Petersburg, Russia
  97. Visit Easter Island
  98. Visit Budapest, Hungary
  99. Hang Glide
  100. Visit Colombia