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When I create a travel video or a blog post, I try to put myself in the shoes of my readers and viewers. What would I want to know? What would help me have a better travel experience?

Any time I sit down to write a post or make a travel video for my Youtube channel, my goal is to make sure that you come away with a sense of the excitement and joy that traveling the world gives me each time I step out the door. And if I help you save a few bucks in the process, who’s complaining?

Find my most recent travel tips, travel guides, and favorite travel experiences below.

Palm Springs Hotel, Abundant travel tips

Abundant Travel Tips: Travel Hacking 101 & Palm Springs

Travel Hacking 101 I’ve settled back in to Austin life after an amazing ‘remote work’ week in Boulder, and this week I’ve been studying new travel hacking tips to bring down my cost of travel.  To me, why pay $1000 for cramped coach flights overseas, when you can fly free by using points for that same seat?  I’d rather spend my money on experiences, food and excursions, and not spend the money on my logistics. 

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Abundant Travel Tips, The Abundant Traveler.

Abundant Travel Tips: Uin Shoes & Travel Sandals

Boulder, Colorado Happy 6th of July from Boulder, Colorado.  I decided to get out of the Austin heat, and work remotely this week from Boulder.  This is my first time in this adorable town, and I’m making the best of it.  My first day was yesterday, and I hit Lucile’s for breakfast where I filled my belly with eggs Benedict (gluten free muffin), grits and coffee.  I then dropped my stuff at my cute little Residence Inn, and then

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Travel Hacking, Abundant Travel Tips

Abundant Travel Tips: Amazon Prime Day & Die with Zero

Trip Planning & Travel Hacking I can’t help myself….As soon as I return from a trip, I have to jump on the computer and start planning my next adventure.  It’s the dangling carrot, the something to look forward to, my reason for being.  Also, this time of year, my real estate business settles down so I’m able to travel more and for longer periods of time….And, I in the past week, I’ve gone crazy and

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Helicopter in Hawaii, Abundant Travel Tips

Abundant Travel Tips: Father’s Day Gifts & Hawaii

Wowza! Hawaii was amazing! I’m back from Hawaii, and WOW!, what an amazing place.  It’s hard to believe that I’ve been to more than 60 countries yet never visited Hawaii.  I had an absolute blast visiting all the hot spots in Maui and Oahu.  In Maui, I hit Mama’s Fish House, sunset at Haleakala, Upcountry and took the 600 plus turns to Hana.  There was so much to do in Maui, and I didn’t spend any time lounging at

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Travel at Any Age – Why Travel Insurance is Important

Travel at any age can be rewarding! There are certainly risks that travel comes with but with the right planning and peace of mind, the rewards outweigh them enormously.  You may even make  travel memories that last a lifetime! This post will walk you through the importance of travel insurance and how to find the right fit for you!  Travel Preparation & Planning A great trip starts with the right preparation and planning. Finding a destination

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Travel Gifts for Men, The Abundant Traveler

Guide to Travel Gifts for Men

Men are always so challenging to buy for, but this men’s gift guide will help you find the perfect stocking stuffer or special little gift.  Doesn’t matter if you are buying for your husband, boyfriend, dad, or son, this gift guide will make your shopping a snap.  All items on this list are under $20 so you won’t break the bank either.  PS.  I’ve also included the Amazon links for every single item so read

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