Best Hair Dryers for Travel [VIDEO REVIEW]

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Are you on the hunt for the perfect travel hair dryer? Look no further! You’ll want a versatile travel hair dryer option to add to your packing list with features like a folding handle, surge protector, dual voltage, decent power, and more. Below you will find reviews on 15 different travel hair dryers so you can make the best purchase decision possible. Make sure you watch the included video for an even more in-depth product review!

Click to watch my video review on the top travel hair dryers!

If you want performance and style all-in-one, this apple-esque hair dryer is a great option. It’s foldable and has a removable nozzle for ease of styling. It is a little on the bulky side for smaller suitcases, so keep that in consideration. 

For me, this hair dryer is way too bulky for travel. I also found the handle to not fit comfortably in my hand as I used it. This Panasonic does include some advanced Nanoe technology that accepts moisture, which is interesting. I would not include this one in my travel essentials recommendations. 

Looking straight out of George Jetson, this hair dryer is too big for travel in my opinion. If you like the modern meets retro look of this one and don’t mind the size, I included the link below for more details. 

This hair dryer is so cute, I couldn’t resist checking it out. The power was too low at 800w, I found it doesn’t have enough power to  fully dry my hair. This could maybe be an option if you have thin or really short hair and just really love the style.

This hair dryer has 3 speeds, gets hot enough to blow dry well, and doesn’t “eat” your hair. Negatives are that it does not have an 220 volt option for travel abroad and the handle does not fold. I did love this hair dryer enough to keep it as a back-up at home though! 

This hair dryer is large with a heavy and thick cord, which makes it on the big side for travel. Definitely a high quality product with multiple attachments and settings, this one is ends up being one to leave at home. 

This is the only travel hair dryer on the list with a retractable cord, which is a nice feature but makes the handle bulky. A good quality option but still on the big side for maximizing your suitcase packing space. 

Lightweight and compact, this is a good travel option. If 1400 watts is enough for you, I would recommend this one to travel with. Note: It does not have dual voltage for international travel. 

One of the smallest hair dryers I reviewed, it will definitely fit in your suitcase! Dual voltage and 2 speeds makes this a great carry-on bag option. The wattage is a little low at 1600, but it’s basic and works. This hair dryer comes in at number 2 on my list for compact options, a definite must-add to your travel packing list. 

Stylish and light, I like the initial look and feel of this hair dryer. However, it does not offer a surge protector at the plug, and I could not find the spot to change the voltage. The handle does fold and it has a hook for hanging. 

Super small and compact, this travel hair dryer is lightweight and perfect if you are crunched for space. It is only 1000w, but the size is what makes this worth recommending! Foldable handle, different speeds, and dual voltage are all included here. My top pick for the most compact option on this list! 

This hair dryer has a nice look and feel to it. The folding handle worries me a bit, as it feels like opening it and closing it too many times may break it. I would leave this one off your travel essentials list. 

I like this hair dryer for all the functions it offers including a folding handle, 3 speeds, dual voltage, surge protector, and 1875 watts. Unfortunately, the design of the dryer is too round and wide for me when it comes to fitting it in my suitcase.  

My number 1 choice for a travel foldable hair dryer! This one dries my hair easily, it offers dual voltage, a cool button, surge protector at the plug, and it’s a great compact size. Snag this dryer for your travel suitcase for sure! 

Love the look and size of this hair dryer, but the 1000 watts feels like it actually dries at an 800 watt level. Not enough power for me! 

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