The Best Suitcases for Travel [VIDEO REVIEW]

Are you looking for a new suitcase? Want an honest review of top Amazon suitcases and brands?  

If you’re going on a trip, you want to ensure your belongings are safe in the best suitcase for travel you can find. In this suitcase review, I give you a few different options to choose from. From brands like Swissgear, Coolite, Delsey and more, I’ve got all the things covered that you should look for in a good suitcase for traveling, whether its for business or recreational international travel. 

When you’re traveling you want everything to be compact and fit well. All of these suitcases in the video are listed below for you to easily access and purchase.

Top Suitcases on Amazon

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Amazon Suitcase Reviews, The Abundant Traveler, Pinterest Pin
Amazon Suitcase Reviews, The Abundant Traveler, Pinterest Pin

I’m Kim, The Abundant Traveler and welcome to the channel today I’m going to be sharing with you 24 and 25 inch hard sided suitcases all of these are available on Amazon and it is my personal review of how sturdy how stable how well made and how easy they are to use so let’s go ahead and get started if you’re new to the channel I share travel tips and inspiration as well as extensive travel guides for incredible locations all over the world make sure to subscribe to the channel this is a 72-72 energy hard side model from Swiss Gear it is about 170 dollars with some discounts it is a 24 inch suitcase with an expandable zipper which increases the size by an inch and a half or about 15 percent it also has a 10-year limited warranty which is really nice to have it has has a really nice but this is relatively short compared to the other suitcases I’m trying uh the expansion where you can roll it around one nice thing though is that it actually has eight rollers so it is more stable on the inside of the suitcase you can see here you do have one pocket here and it has a place to put your shoes on the bottom and one zipper zippers are really pretty and gold and then it’s got the straps here these are not elastic straps so it will tie your clothes down quite tightly without giving you any extra room the Delsea Paris helium Arrow hard side is a 25 inch suitcase and it comes in multiple colors and you can actually buy it in sets as well it’s about 185 dollars with discounts it also has a zipper that expands A Suitcase by up to two inches this delcie here is very sleek and comes in multiple colors it is a beautiful shiny uh material as well it is one of the taller handles and I’m 5’11 so that’s important to me it is very sturdy it feels comparing it to all the ones that I’m working with today feels a little bit heavier maybe just a couple of ounces something to note again this has eight wheels which makes things more stable on the inside of this don’t see it is similar to The Swiss Gear you do have the expandable um zipper the second set of zippers also here you have the tie down again this is not elastic and on this side you have a zipper you do not have the shoe Pockets over here but you do have one big pocket on this side where you can stuff a lot of goodies so what should you be looking for in a suitcase you want to make sure it’s extremely durable for me I do like having the extension zipper you want to calculate or look up the leader’s capacity which is important because you can get a few extra items for those couple extra leaders I also think that polycarbonate is extremely important because that’s more durable I always check the zippers and especially when I run the zippers along the corners here I’ve had several suitcases that they the zippers break right in this corner so if it’s challenging to get it zipped up and down when you first buy the suitcase expect it to break in time I also always go and I walk around with the suitcase with the extension here and I try and knock it over the thing I’m with knocking it over is you want to make sure that it is stable and it is sturdy so those are a few tips on the things that I look for when I am looking for a toothpaste the Travel Pro Max light air is also 25 inches and it has a zipper that expands two inches plenty of room for all of your stuff this Travel Pro is extremely lightweight at eight and a half pounds and it has a two inch expandable zipper to pack all of the things you’re taking with you on your trip it is made with 100 polycarbonate which is perfect for the rough and tough wear of suitcases on airplanes so this particular Travel Pro I’ve always been a Travel Pro fan this one it has the softest Tam doll here it’s really really nice also this is quite snug really really nice construction all polycarbonate and it has your TSA locks here this is a beautiful color you can see it’s got this nice sort of silver gray and it does have wire wheels something to note these wheels are even wider than the first two suitcases which means it is going to be even more stable so on the inside of the suitcase this is probably the best for me you can see it’s got zippers on both sides so the fact that you have zippers on both sides means that you can open up one side and not the other and when it doesn’t matter which direction you open your suitcase nothing’s going to fall out so that is very very valuable and they do have a couple of extra Pockets here as well so I like this one a lot but I will tell you which one is my favorite at the end of the video the cool Live 24 inch comes in five colors you can also get carry-on size or a large size it is a blend of polycarbonate and other materials and it has a two year warranty so this is a cool life there’s lots and lots of cool love suitcases on Amazon and they’re very price friendly they’re under a hundred dollars it does have the double roller which is fantastic however the weight distribution of this particular suitcase is not as stable as a couple other ones additionally this has a great handle that’s super super comfortable but it does not have the extension zipper to make the suitcase bigger on the inside of this cool life it is very similar to the other pieces of luggage that we’re looking at today it has a the zippers and the pockets on one side and and it has the straps on the other one nice thing about this particular piece of luggage is it has the extra zipper for toiletries or your supplements or anything like that so really really nice and a great value if you are on Extreme budget this is a delsi 24 inch sand Tropez hard sided suitcase it has a security zipper that is three times more resistant than a standard zipper it has a three dial TSA approved combination lock and the same Tropez models are backed by a 10-year limited warranty this suitcase comes in several different colors and is a little bit more expensive with at around 250 dollars so this is a delsi Santa pay it is quite masculine it’s got really nice detail with the dark color on the outside and the brown zippers again it expands as well which is wonderful has a very nice handle easy to get a grip on here and here as well so this one again has a nice long handle for those people who are tall and it is a little bit on the heavier side as well like the other uh delsi was one thing that I like about this still see in particular it is a quite masculine suitcase so maybe you can uh buy it if you’re a gentleman or buy as a gift if you are a woman they have on the inside the pocket as well here with the shoe holder here and the extra zipper here it’s interesting and this one is the connection to these straps is actually inside the suitcase rather than up here which I found interesting is the only suitcase that does that and I would say that the zipper the physical zipper is probably the sturdiest of any of the suitcases that I tried and honestly the first thing to go is a zipper so it’s something to pay attention to if you’re interested in knowing what I pack on every single trip that I take make sure to go to the description below and download my free guide to my top 20 things that go on every single trip good stuff have interesting stuff and little Necessities so just go the description below and download the free guide the Kenneth Cole Reaction 24 inch out of bounds suitcase comes in multiple colors and you can buy it in a set as well it has four wheels on it instead of eight and with the handle extended it extends to 41 inches in height it has double-sided packing with straps on one side and a zipper with some pockets on the other this is a I have bought lots of clinical over the years in TJ Maxx but this one is under 100 bucks on Amazon this one also similar to the cool life does not have the expansion zipper it’s really nice it is just has a single wheel here which may mean it’s not quite as stable the balance on the suitcase is nice though um so that really doesn’t matter again you have one pocket but there’s no zipper on this side none there is a zipper pocket here which is really nice and then you have of course you have the straps I think it’s super interesting that most of the suitcases these days just have a strap on one side whereas back in the day they had zippers on both sides personally I like having a zipper on each side my stuff is more controlled that way the Samsonite Omni PC is 24 inches as well you can buy it as a set or individual it comes in multiple colors and it weighs 8.34 pounds it has a 10-year limited warranty and made with micro Diamond polycarbonate so it is scratch resistant and very durable the suitcase is in the mid-range for price at 155 dollars and it has the TSA approved locks on it to keep your belongings safe you know it’s very very balanced it is similar to the Del seeds on the and the fact that it feels a little bit heavier um but this the part that pulls up here is also really really tall which I like a lot now we’ll open it up up and take a look inside both of the samsonites are a little bit different with their strap this strap is elastic which I think would be a little bit better for holding your things if you’re an over Packer like me and then but what’s interesting on this side is just mesh so you can see what’s inside and breathable but there are no pockets so there is a pocket here that you can put small items but there’s no pocket here or shoe pocket to add extra things but again this Omni from teams tonight is quite a nice piece of luggage this is the Winfield 3 DLX and it is actually a 25 inch spinner it weighs 8.9 pounds so it’s a little bit on the heavier side it has a 10-year limited warranty and four multi-directional oversized spinner Wheels this particular suitcase has a Sleek design and when on sale is about 150 it also has the approved TSA locks to keep your belongings safe I like this strap a little bit better than the other same tonight I just showed you it just feels a little sturdier these wheels are probably the biggest wheels of any suitcase that I have looked at today and they feel extremely sturdy and really really nice now let’s take a look inside we have again with this Samsonite we have the elastic here and this one is quite interesting the only one I saw like this not only do you have the pockets here but it is not a full zipper so it has elastic here and you have these little hooks so having those these little hooks and you also have this elastic on the other side as well your stuff could fall out so I’m not sure if I love this one either it is a little bit bigger the 25 inch and it is just a little bit heavier than the other ones but it is a wonderful suitcase if you’re a safe tonight pan and you do like this particular style because that’s the only one that was like this so in summary it depends on if you’re looking for value or will going to spend a little extra money also the warranty so the warranties are different anywhere from two years limited to up to 10 years limited so the Samsonite and the Del sees and the Travel Pro are 10 years my hands down favorite is this Travel Pro the max light I found this to be beautiful and Sleek on the outside I found it to be extremely sturdy very very stable and as I mentioned multiple times I like the fact that this particular handle goes up very very high to match my five foot 11. and to me on the inside the most important thing and it’s actually hard to find these days is the double zipper I’m a double zipper girl so this side is flat and it has the mesh down here so you can see through but it has the two zipper Pockets here as well so to me the Travel Pro is my favorite in fact I liked it so much I bought it in the smaller carry-on size eyes so that is my review of the Amazon hard-sided checkable 24 and 25 inch suitcases I am Kim the Abundant traveler and I’ll see you in Selma airport some boat some plane somewhere very very soon with my brand new luggage it is to have the double zipper let me get right to that because oh please yeah zipper hold please there it is


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