Top 10 Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas

Are you traveling to Cabo San Lucas soon? These are the top 10 things to do in Cabo San Lucas! It’s one of my favorite places in the whole world and I’m excited to share the best things to do in Cabo. Today, I’m sharing what to see and do in Cabo. I talk about my favorite Cabo food tour, shopping in Cabo, and the best nightlife in Los Cabos. If you want to see where to watch a Cabo sunset, watching a Cabo sunrise on the Cabo beaches. I hope you enjoy my Baja California Peninsula guide.

  1. Go shopping on the beach!
  2. Get homemade tamales from Lupe on the beach
  3.  Go to La Lupita for the best tacos in Cabo
  4.  Catch the sunrise and sunset
  5.  Go on a sunset cruise
  6.  Take a water taxi to Lover’s Beach
  7.  Experience Cabo nightlife
  8.  Try an adventure sport like jet skiing, horseback riding, paragliding and more
  9.  Take a day trip to Todos Santos
  10. Try Mezcal (instead of tequila)

I’m Kim, the abundant traveler and this is Cabo San Lucas. I’m in the Baja Peninsula this week, having a great time with some girlfriends and I’m going to be sharing with you my top 10 things to do when you’re visiting Cabo.

Number one, the first thing you need to do is to understand you have to go shopping when you’re laying out on the beach, there are lots and lots of guys walking around, hawking their wares. Some of the guys have been out here 20-something years selling and hawking their wares, so me and my girlfriends we have bought silver, probably not, real but still fun to shop blankets, we have two wrongs. Make sure when you’re in Cabo and you’re at the beach that you get your shop on it, bring a lot and lots of cash with you, lots of cash and negotiate at least 50% off from the original price that they’re asking.

Number two, there is someone that is so special, hawking his wares actually his wife’s wears when you’re on the beach, his name is Lupe and he walks up and down the beach every single day. So, if you are coming to Cabo and you’re out at the beach and…
And he is cane around, a big case that is empty where he’s writing orders. Typically, he has beef, chicken and a cheese with poblano pepper and each day the girls and I have been out here, we have had some of his tamales.

Oh, my goodness, these tamales, I got to cheese and one with ground beef and they are the finest tamales I think I’ve ever had, Cheers.

Speaking of food, you have to do number three. Number three was recommended by a very good friend of mine as well as a friend of mine from Mexico City, it is a taco bar called La Lupita, it’s just down the street from our hotel and they have the most divine tacos, I think I have ever had.
They are a little on the luxurious side, they have pork belly or they have lamb barbacoa they also have this amazing taco that is a cheese shell with a pork out pus door inside, it is so delicious. So, make sure when you are coming to Cabo that you go to La Lupita and make sure that you order three different tacos are four different tacos each person that you’re with, so you can go around and taste probably 12 to 15 different tacos. It is so worth it; I’ve been there twice.

If you’re up before sunrise then should you come out and you watch the spectacular views. The sun rises are just before 7:00 a.m. and it’s ridiculously gorgeous, you have the sunrise over here and then you have any critical sunsets over the mountains, but right now it’s a little early after a few days in Cabo. So, I need a little bit more coffee.

The sunset sets over the arch and the rocks over on the west side and the sunrise comes up over the Bay of Cortez and no matter where you are in Cabo, the sunsets and sunrises are to die for.

Speaking of sunsets and sunrises, I definitely suggest that you go out and do a sunset cruise from there Marino. We went on a sailboat with about 35 people.

Tonight, we are on a sailboat and I have left a link in the description below, we’re going to have a dinner with some shrimp and the cocktails are you can drink and a sunset cruise north to the arts and we had a gourmet meal all the alcohol you could drink which is sort of normal in Cabo for one cent price but you want to make sure that you’re all-inclusive drinking includes high-quality alcohol, not just the cheap stuff. So, we paid a little extra we had a beautiful sailboat with staff that was fantastic, we sat at the front of the boat and just enjoy the view and enjoyed the sunset. And before I move on to the next thing, you have to do while you’re in Cabo, I would suggest that you go to the description below and join the tribe, each week I put out an email that gives tips, tricks and hacks that help you enjoy your trips even more.

So, next I suggest if you want to go spend some time at the arch and lovers beach and divorce beach, my suggestion is that you just pick up one of the taxis from the beach right behind me, they will take you over there, leave you as long as you want and bring you back.

So, we’re going to be spending about 30 minutes at lower speeds, we’re going to go around, take a quick tour and to go see the arts they sent us around we got all the pictures we wanted to, then they dropped us off at the beach we got to see at the beach, take some more photos we could have stayed a half an hour or we could have stayed all afternoon and then when we were ready Louise came back, waved to us picked us up and in about 11 minutes, we were back at the beach by our hotel. So, yes, I suggest paying extra and going on a sunset cruise but I suggest taking a water taxi if you’re just going to go to lover’s beach.

And number seven, I’m going to be short and sweet while you’re in Cabo, go all out, make sure that you go at least once to one of the clubs. If you’re not a big clubber and you feel that this is not your thing, still go out, see some karaoke, get out long after dark 10, 11, 12 O’clock. If you can stay up, go out at like 1 O’clock, it’s a whole different city. It’s really fun.

And number eight, this town is known for its adventure sports from paragliding and parachuting to jet skis to stand-up paddleboards, you can also go horseback riding and ride camels. Every sport that I think you want to do, you can find here in Cabo San Lucas. For me, I think the best thing that you can do and it’s really dusty and really dirty is to take a UTV or an ATV out into the desert and then go out riding on the beach, this trip I didn’t get the opportunity to do that but my suggestion is to go with g-force adventures and go out, it’s a two or three hour trip that pick you up at your hotel and drop you off and you are out there in the desert getting it, just to get in it, okay? that was my Alabama coming out. That was totally my Alabama I come where I was really coming out getting it.

And number nine, for the top things to do when you’re visiting Cabo San Lucas is to actually leave Carlos and Lucas, there are fantastic day trips and the girls and I we went to total Santos for the day, there’s lots of shopping and there was a fantastic restaurant with some of the world-famous margaritas called tequila sunrise, make sure to ask for men well he is the owner and his two daughters are there, they will take excellent care of you. I also suggest that you get the Kemon on or the shrimp Reno, it was ooh scrumptious but going to total Santos is a lot of fun, it is Puebla Mahita which is a magic village and it’s a lot of fun just to take a day trip. Make sure when you are on your way home that you stop at the hotel San Cristobal. And the hotel San Cristobal is in the middle of nowhere you’re not going to know where you’re going, it’s a down a dirt road you don’t know what you’re after but when you get there it is absolute paradise. So, make sure that if you are not driving yourself that you ask your driver just have enough time to go to hotel San Cristobal, you can get a drink a couple of apps before you head back to Cabo San Lucas.

And last but not least is just come with your friends, enjoy your time sit back relax on the beach enjoy a couple of cocktails and make sure that you try some mess cow which is more typical for Mexicans and then tequila. You see tequila everywhere but there’s lots of mezcal to be had as well. So, come, enjoy, relax and have a great time.

So, I know that you’ve been waiting this entire video to see the bonus tip. Well, the bonus tip is, are you ready? drumroll please. So, make sure when you come to Cabo San Lucas that you do an opera to it that is like avocado acceptance of Ocampo.

And tonight, we’re doing the sea future with Jonathan and while and it might give you one of these two words don’t go on any other pictures. Do one of the urban covers booters and make sure you do it early in your trip because we’ve crossed everything divided from the tourist area to the locals area and we’re in all local restaurants tonight and we’re going to finish off the night with a little bit of a load say after a ceviche and our other fishes and Maddie’s scores and everything we’re going to have I cannot wait to get this started. It is you chew and die for.

So, thanks so much for watching, I’m Kim; they’ve been a traveler and make sure to click subscribe, bring that notification bell because you don’t want to miss an episode and I will see you on the next adventure.

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