Unique Travel Gifts under $20 | Gifts for Traveling Abroad

Looking for unique travel gifts?  Well, I’ve rounded up the 15 best travel gift ideas for someone traveling abroad. I’ve got great travel gifts for him and her. I’ve also included my personal favorite travel gifts for someone traveling abroad. And, yes they’re all under $20. 

Are you looking for travel gifts, or maybe you’re a traveler yourself and you’re making your holiday wish list! Read on to find the best stocking stuffers and small gifts for all the world travelers in your life. 

So what do you get the traveler who has everything? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. Best of all–it won’t break the bank. These thoughtful travel gift ideas are an absolute delight, despite their budget price tag.  Check out all these unique travel gifts!

Check out my YouTube video and scroll down to find the best travel gifts for him and her this year. Everything on this list was personally tested and recommended by yours truly. These recommendations are based on my personal experiences with these products. 

A lot of this travel gear will work for travelers of any gender, age, or type. These products work whether you’re gifting them to a solo traveler, empty nesters or it’s a travel gift idea for him. A lot of these rec’s are great gifts for business travelers as well as students studying abroad.

And, as I mentioned all these travel gifts are available on Amazon. That’s another bonus. Now there’s no reason to drive yourself crazy scouring dozens of websites or fighting the crowds at the mall. 

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These luggage tags are just so cool. They’re stainless steel and come with a stainless steel loop wrap. You fill out a card with your information and slip it inside. These are great because they’re not the flimsy airline ones, and they’re not the plastic version that bends or breaks the first time you use it. These luggage tags last!  These unique travel gifts are perfect air travel accessories, and I always use two–one for my carry-on and one for my checked bag. 

I love my luggage weigher–is that a word?! Jokes aside, I can pack a ton of stuff in a small suitcase. While it’s a great skill to have, it means I’m usually overweight at the airport. 

This little gadget prevents that embarrassing airport scenario. You know the one where you end up transferring your underwear into two different suitcases in front of dozens of strangers. Get this luggage scale and you’ll never have to face that uncomfortable situation again. This is a great travel gift for her.

I can’t live without these! In the U.S. you can only take 3oz of liquids with you in a carry-on bag. These actually give you an extra .4 oz., for a total of 3.4oz or 100ml. But they’re still TSA friendly. 

Also, I love the huge hole that makes filling it up easy. And they’re squeezable! You don’t have to shake the contents and hit them on the shower wall to squeeze out the last drop…no wasted product.  These are super cool travel gifts!

It’s so easy to pack your favorite shampoo, conditioner, or lotion with these toiletry tubes. This is a fantastic travel gift idea for your girlfriends who are very particular about their hair products. You know the ones who would never allow hotel shampoo on their heads.

They keep your product safe too. I’ve never had one leak. They are a must have for any traveler!

This perfectly-sized travel wallet holds travel documents, credit cards, and itineraries. It also features RFID blocking technology. That means no thieves or hackers can scan your wallet for personal info or card numbers. RFID protection is one of the best ways to prevent identity theft.

In regards to the wallet’s design, I just love how thin it is. The size and the space are absolutely fantastic. It’s the perfect traveler’s wallet. And, it’s unisex. What a great travel gift idea!  

If you or someone you love has to travel with multiple passports, this wallet is a great choice. It easily accommodates up to 4 passports, and it is a perfect gift for world travelers. I love this wallet so much and it’s actually under $10!

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This travel eye mask completely blocks out all the light. It’s like a pair of blackout curtains for your eyes. The cheaper eye masks let light filter in by the nose or under your eyes, but not these ones by Lewis N Clark.  The product description says it’s for men, but I find it’s a perfect fit for me as well. 

They’re also adjustable so they can fit everyone from a big and tall guy to a petite woman. No need to worry sizing for this cool travel gift. These soft, comfortable, and machine-washable eye masks are great gifts for anyone going traveling. 

I use this light all the time for taking pictures while traveling. Yes, I have a head torch. But, it’s not exactly appropriate to put that on in the middle of dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant. This is such a unique travel gift to give someone who is traveling abroad and loves to take photos in dark lighting. 

Just beware. This unqiue travel gift is not the most flattering light to take a selfie. But it works great for pictures of food and wine to post to your Instagram.   These lights make unique travel gifts.

While this has to go in your checked luggage, it’s totally worth bringing along. How many times have you brought a bottle of wine back to your hotel room only to realize there’s no opener? 

That’s where this handy gadget comes in. It’s a nice quality, heavy duty wine opener. I’ve actually gifted this one myself, and I think it’s the perfect travel gift for men.

What a perfect travel gift for her! This is a beautiful, blank page journal with a leather wrap. It’s perfect for your traveling friends who like to write, sketch, or color. It could even work as a bullet journal.

The pages are spiral bound and easy to remove. It’s just a really nice leather-bound journal ideal for creative travelers. I also gave this travel gift to one of my girlfriends and she loves it. 

I love these collapsible water bottles. They take up so much less space compared to the huge metal ones. Like all the other travel gifts on this list, these are from Amazon. These water bottles are a great travel gift idea–especially for your friends who are health and fitness fanatics.  This is a great gift for someone going traveling in the mountains on a hiking adventure.

It’s a silicone water bottle that easily rolls and wraps up. What’s not to love about this unique travel gift? 

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Ok for those of you who are prone to losing your keys and wallet while traveling, you’ve got to get this Tile. These little squares connect to an app on your phone, and the app locates the lost item(s) for you. 

These Tile Mates are also available in a pack of 4. The 4-pack is under $40 so you could get that and give a tile mate to 3 different people and keep one for yourself. Giving away 3 and keeping one makes this travel gift $10 each. Score!  

One of the coolest features of Tile Mate is its ability to find your phone on silent. Just double tap the button on your tile mate and your phone will start ringing. It’s a great way to find a lost phone on silent if you don’t have access to Find My iPhone or a similar service. Again, it’s another great gift idea for him or her.

With a tile mate, you’ll never worry about losing the keys to your AirBNB or rental car again. Just don’t lose your phone and keys at the same time!  These tile make unique travel gifts.

If you want to know more about packing cubes, check out my packing cube video here. These cubes keep everything organized when I’m traveling. Thistravel accessory is perfect for people who love organizing. So, if there’s a world-traveling Marie Kondo superfan in your life, get these for her! 

These packing cubes come in packs of four. Their size is just perfect for a traveler’s needs. 

Inside a packing cube you could fit two pairs of flats, a whole outfit, or three pairs of jeans. They work well in your luggage or your carry-on. They stack up so nicely in a carry-on bag.

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This travel shoe bag can fit one pair of shoes and a pair of sandals or 3 pairs of flats, and I love that it keeps my shoes separate from my other clothing. It also has a nice mesh material that lets your shoes breathe a bit. If you’re looking for travel gifts for him, get this in black, and of course pink is the perfect travel gift for her. 

Traveling with a full-size umbrella is a pain, and it’s also annoying to have to find and buy one if you forgot to pack yours. Nobody likes to run errands on vacation! 

This mini umbrella is the perfect solution. It’s a practical travel gift idea for him or her. Ladies can easily store this in their handbags. And guys, you can slip it into your backpack or carry-on. Get all the protection of an umbrella without wasting the space. Just make sure to leave it in your luggage so you don’t forget it on your next trip.

Can you really give someone laundry detergent as a gift? I say, yes! This is great for people backpacking through Europe. It’s actually the best travel gift for everyone. These packs are fool-proof, and they come with a drain stopper too!

They work in any sink or tub, it’s pre-measured, and it easily fits in a backpack or carry-on. It’s a unique travel gift for people who travel for work too.

Unique Travel Gifts Conclusion

That wraps up my best travel gifts on Amazon for this holiday season; these are some of the best travel gifts for him and for her.  Whether you need a gift for someone traveling abroad or domestically, you will be able to find unique travel gifts and the perfect travel accessory here.

Bookmark this page in case you have any hard-to-shop-for people on your list. These items are also great for Secret Santa gift exchanges. 

Just a reminder–I’m not sponsored by any brand on this list. That said, the links within this post are affiliate links. By purchasing a product through my link, you help fund The Abundant Traveler. Thank you for all your support. I hope you enjoyed this Traveler’s Gift Guide. 

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What under $20 unique travel gifts do you love?
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