Top Things To Do in Tulum, Mexico [VIDEO GUIDE]

If you’re planning on a travel trip to Tulum, Mexico, then watch this video to learn the top things to do when you visit.

Tulum is a town in Mexico on the Caribbean coastline of the Yucatán Peninsula. As a travel destination, it is best known for its beach-side clubs, historical Mayan ruins, and the nearby cenotes that offer great swimming and snorkeling.

What to Expect in My Tulum Travel Guide Video

  • Top spots to visit for food and dining
  • Where to get the delicious Tulum green juice
  • What Tulum beach road restaurants are worth your time
  • How to make Tulum an enjoyable and fulfilling vacation spot as a solo female traveler

I’m Kim the Abundant Traveler and welcome to Tulum Mexico if you’re coming here for the first time make sure to check out my video about everything you need to know before you go to Tulum this video is about my top things to see while you’re visiting the city is known for its sustainable food and it’s farm to table eating it’s a very luxurious along the beach so my first recommendation is you go to one of the jungle restaurants like casa jaguar or heartwood or kitchen table and try some of the amazing food in the middle of the jungle and while we’re talking about food make sure that you go to one of the beach restaurants and have a green juice the green juices are amazing they’re with spinach and cucumbers sometimes they add ginger and turmeric to it it’s a great elixir for being in this humid climate and the next tip is all about shopping i recommend no matter where you’re staying whether on the beach or in town that you go shopping in town the prices are a little bit less expensive and they’re more of the traditional mexican wares that you can get from puebla or chiapas or the different areas lots and lots of shopping in the area the next tip is also about shopping and that you need to shop on beach road beach road has more luxurious more boho chic items and you can find beautiful linens from via delete as well as the gorgeous hats that are perfect for instagram while you are shopping in Tulum there are a couple of things that are definitely worth buying one is the macrame they have beautiful wall hangings they have these gorgeous chairs you can buy them all over Tulum or just outside of Tulum on the way to coba in addition the other thing that’s great to buy are the linens and the clothes the sort of boho chic clothes that are made in the town of valladolid that is an interior town one of the hottest cities in all of Mexico literally hot but they have beautiful linens and the best place to find those linens is here on the beach road they’re expensive they’re like 150 for a cover-up but it is worth it the next two things to do while you’re in Tulum all have to do about being on the beach well one it is definitely worth spending the extra money to stay at a beach hotel but if you don’t want to afford a beach hotel you can always go to the beach clubs during the day get a bed usually it’s about 40 dollars of food and drinks that you have to spend to spend the day at the beach and you get to enjoy these very expensive luxurious hotels without spending the night and speaking of being at the beach club the next thing that you have to do is swim in these gorgeous healing waters i do not know what it is about the waters around Tulum the beaches are white and gorgeous the water is very shallow quite a long way out and there is something spectacular about swimming in these waters so hit the beach club and go for a swim while we’re still on the beach the next thing that i recommend that you do is go to the real coconut here in Mexico they eat lots and lots of corn well the real coconut is all about coconut flour and plantain flour you can get coconut flour tortillas and plantain flour pancakes it’s a great rest for your digestion instead of having so much corn the next food tip that i have for you is to go into the main city and go to some place like el camelo junior cameo junior which is the junior camel and get some of the ceviche make sure that you get the mixed ceviche there which is snails shrimp fish and octopus and it is so so delicious definitely try that out i put the name of the restaurant in the description below there are so many things to do in Tulum you can lay on the beach all day or you can be extremely active and head out to some of the surrounding sites there are tours from Tulum you can also rent a car which i did for about 20 bucks a day and you can go to the mayan ruins of coba coba is only about 45 minutes from here and it is a wonderful ruins it’s a gorgeous archaeological site that is about 30 miles in circumference what’s really cool about it it’s not fully excavated and so you are actually walking through the jungle and it looks completely different than if you go to chichen itza if you’re interested in going to coba check out my uh video specifically on koba or check out my blog about my day in the cenotes and in coba speaking of cenotes that is another thing that is a definite must here when you’re staying in Tulum there are a couple of cenotes right out of town i recommend that you go to cenote calavera which is probably three miles out of town and it’s really easy to get to it was 250 pesos and it’s very cool because it’s the limestone that it’s a hole with fresh water underneath and you can jump in the hole or dive off the hole it’s deep enough it’s a really really cool experience another cenote that’s quite interesting to go to is the car wash cenote and that is more open easy going it looks more like a lake and another cenote that i recommend you go to is to multum ha which is near the town of koba if you are interested in mayan ruins or ruins in general i definitely recommend that you go to the Tulum ruins they’re right here on the beach overlooking the caribbean it’s a great experience so much fun i recommend that you go to the Tulum ruins early in the morning as early as possible go ahead get up get it done the only thing you want to be doing midday in Tulum is laying on that beach and getting a suntan something that is so unique to the area is something called san kun that is a biosphere and it’s sort of like the everglades that you see in south florida it’s a great day to take a tour go out on an airboat go check out all of the animals it’s a very different atmosphere different feel different vibe and you can possibly see some crocodiles if you’re not interested in being active on your vacation then i recommend going to one of the healing spas over in the jungle side i have been to yan spelled y-a-a-n and i had some beautiful mayan massages traditional rituals with mud and smoke it was a great experience and i highly recommend it and i put that link in the description below in the evening there are some great places to go to get cocktails if you want a more low-key style i recommend going to mateo’s on beach road if you’re looking for lifestyles of the rich and famous definitely try getano or try kento and if you try king kento make sure to go there at sunset it’s the perfect place for instagram photos i hope that you enjoyed this very humid video of the top things to do in Tulum i’m kim the abundant traveler and i’ll see you on the next adventure take care see y’all in Mexico how loud is it can i film here since i’m wiping my face god it’s humid human and mackleman um what are they i don’t know what they’re called um i forgot what they’re called let’s try that again when you’re in Tulum one of the fun one of the funnest no


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Things To Do in Tulum, Mexico, The Abundant Traveler, Pinterest Pin
Things To Do in Tulum, Mexico, The Abundant Traveler, Pinterest Pin

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