Top 25 Tips to Help Your Fear of Flying [DOWNLOAD]

Do you have a fear of flying? Want to travel but feel too nervous? You are not alone. About 40% of americans have some fear of flying, and as much 25 million have the phobia fear of flying, or aerophobia.  

Luckily, I’ve compiled 25 top tips to help you feel more comfortable the next time, or the first time you step on a plane. Whether you  feel a lack of control, are afraid of height or afraid of germs, I have ideas for you below. 

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Top Tips for Booking Your Flight

1.Pick your seat:  Either a window if you need to see what’s going on or an aisle if you are afraid of heights. Seats:  The window is typically the coolest and if you’re anxious your body will likely be hot.  Hence, the window keeps you cooler and less likely to add nausea due to heat.  I like the window because I like watching the clouds, sun and world go by.  The downfall is if you begin to panic, you will have to have your neighbors get up to let you out.  The aisle seat is a great option if you want a bit more space and the easy ability to get up and shake the jitters off. 

2. Sit in the front of the plane.  The front of the plane tends to be less turbulent, and you won’t see as many people’s heads bobbing up and down as the plane moves around.

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Top Tips for Preparing Yourself to Fly

3. Gather information about your flight route.  See where your plane will actually be flying including the cities your plane will fly over in route to your destination. You can also check to see where your plane is coming from previously, typically the airline apps with show this information. 

4. Get to the airport early.  Give yourself plenty of time to get through your airline check-in as well as security.  The more rushed you are the more stressed you’ll be before you even get to your flight. Add an AirTag to your luggage for extra peace of mind! You can track your bag no matter where it is.  Click here to get an AirTag

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5. Once you get to the airport, head to a window and watch the planes taking off and landing. Logically tell yourself that many people do this everyda,  I can do this too.

6. Be mindful of what you eat and drink before the flight.  Heavy meals and alcohol make flights more challenging on the body, so keep it to salads and lean protein and make sure to drink plenty of water.  Also, stay away from coffee as it’s a stimulant and that’s not what you need when your adrenals and mind is already racing.

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7. Wear some of your coziest favorite clothes.  The type that you’d curl up with a good book or watch your favorite movies.  These clothes will remind your body that it is time to relax.

8. Take a fear of flying course.  Many airlines like British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have courses.  Soar also has a course.

9. Buy the Book Soar! It’s a good book to help you understand the fear, learn about flying, and it also shares exercises to help you overcome your fears. 

Want more travel tips to overcome your fear of flying? Watch my full video below!

Top Tips for Fear of Flying While on the Plane

10. Are you afraid of germs?  Did you know that most planes cycle the air every 3 minutes, and it flows from top to bottom, so it’s not swirling around the cabin. In most cases the air quality on the plane is much better than a restaurant or the airport. You can also bring sanitizing wipes and wipe all the surfaces you plan to touch for some extra peace of mind. 

11. If you have a tendency for motion sickness, try Bonine.  It’s similar to dramamine, but it won’t make you drowsy.  That would be terrible to be anxious, afraid and nauseous at the same time. Click here to buy it

12. Knowledge is power:  Read up on the safety measures in the pamphlet in your front seat pocket.  Listen to the flight attendants when they describe how to stay safe.  Read up on the actual model of plane you will be flying in before you fly.  Learn how planes work.

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13. Turbulence: This is very similar to driving on a bumpy road.  The plane is designed to withstand huge amounts of turbulence, and the wings act like shock absorbers.  So if you see the wings wobble, that’s because they are designed to do that.  Also, pilots are trained in moving the plane through any turbulence and flight attendants are trained in keeping you safe and secure.

14. Bring things to distract yourself.  Like a book, crossword, video game or download those netflix shows you’ve been wanting to binge. Maybe look at your phone’s ‘favorites’ photo album to bring back fun memories.   If you are distracted, you are less likely to spiral out of control with your anxiety and fear.

15. Tell the flight crew that you are afraid of flying.  They are trained to help you throughout the flight to keep you safe and calm.  Remember that the flight crew are there FIRST for your safety, and secondly for service.  If you can, ask to board early, and ask to see the cockpit and speak to the captain.  It’s a lot of fun to see what’s going on up front, and it will eliminate some anxiety when you know who’s in charge.

16. Think about your destination and how much fun you’ll have there.  Bring blog posts, magazines and information about your vacation destination to help you shift your anxiety to excitement.

Additional Tips for Fear of Flying

17. Note that your body acts similarly if you are anxious or in danger.  Note that flying triggers anxiety and not danger.

18. Think about it logically:  How many planes fly every day around the world.  Did you know the National Safety Council puts the odds of dying in a motor vehicle accident at one in 107 based on recorded deaths, whereas there was not enough data to even calculate the odds of dying in a plane crash.)

19. Fly with a friend or family member.  Traveling alone can be more daunting, so make sure to have someone with you to be your cheerleader and companion.

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20. Face your fears, but in small doses.  Don’t overdo it, but take a short 1 hour flight from your hometown.  Reward yourself for getting through it, and talk about all the positive things that happened to you on the flight.  Who did you talk to? Who was kind to you?  Did you watch a good Netflix show that you downloaded?  Reward yourself for a job well done, then try another flight that’s a little bit longer.

21. Learn breathing and meditation techniques.  First, slow your breathing down, then take deep long belly breaths to help you relax.  You can also try an app like headspace will help keep your mind focused on being calm

22. There are a couple great pressure points that will help you with your fear and anxiety.  Union Valley Point This is pressing on the meaty part of your hand between your thumb and pointer finger.  It helps with stress and neck pain and helps relax you.  Another pressure point is Inner Frontier Gate Point.  Turn over your hand, and press between your wrist tendons 3 fingers above your wrist.  This helps relieve anxiety and nausea.  The Hall of Impression Point is located between your eyebrows.  Press your thumb to this area and work in a circular motion.  This point is said to help with stress and anxiety.  Finally, The Heavenly Gate Point which is located inside the top of your ear at the tip of the triangle like hollow.  Gently press here and apply firm circular motion for a couple of minutes to help reduce anxiety and stress.

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23. Stop saying you are afraid of flying.  Use the term, “In the past”.  We all have a past and had past fears, but you don’t have to bring the fear of flying into the present.

24. If you have a few minutes of calm while you are flying, smile and give yourself a virtual pat on the back.  Realize that you just had a big win.

25. My opinion as a last resort:  Discuss medication with your doctor.  I believe you can overcome your fear a little at a time, and maybe you could try some calming supplements before you use a prescription.


I hope these 25 fear of flying tips help you book your next flight with more comfort and confidence. Be kind to yourself and know that you aren’t alone.  This is all about baby steps and small wins.  You got this!

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