Private Jet Travel for First-Time Fliers

Not everyone is thrilled by the prospect of taking a commercial airline. Flying commercial can be very stressful nowadays, especially flying from major airports. Luckily, there’s
another way to fly — private.

The private aviation industry is flourishing right now. The past two years have seen a worldwide spike in jet charters as droves of travelers turned to private jet services for a safer and more exclusive air travel experience at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, the influx of pay-per-seat and private jet membership programs has made private air travel easier and more accessible than ever!

The Perks of Flying Private

Nothing compares to flying on a private jet. There are so many perks to this method of travel; it’s not surprising that more and more people are making the switch.

While flying private comes at a premium, the benefits of private air travel far outweigh the costs, all the more if you’re traveling with a large group.

Here are six good reasons to charter a private jet the next time you fly:

Save Time – When you fly private, you get to avoid all the hassles of commercial aviation, such as multiple security lines, crowded airports, and long hours of travel.

Stress-Free Travel – Flying private will elevate your entire travel experience. No cramped spaces, no waiting in lines, no annoying seat mates; you arrive at your destination happier and more relaxed.

Unmatched Privacy – The exclusivity of private aviation makes it the perfect choice for anybody who values privacy. Private jet companies usually have their own terminals so passengers can board their flight away from prying eyes.

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Improved Productivity – There are hardly any distractions when you fly private. You can spend your time in the air doing something productive like holding meetings or getting
work done. 

Comfort and Luxury – Private jets are fitted with plenty of special amenities and plush, comfortable seating. You also get personalized service and a slew of extra perks ranging
from onboard entertainment to extensive dining options.

Convenience and Flexibility – Private flights are usually on-demand. You can choose to fly at your most convenient time. Private jets also take you to your destination faster, allowing
you more time for the things you want or need to do.

The Dos and Don’ts of Private Jet Travel

The idea of cruising the skies while sipping the finest champagne may seem like a dream come true, but for many first-timers, private jet travel can feel as intimidating as it is

Like most luxuries, there are unwritten rules that private jet-setters follow. In all the enthusiasm, you must never forget your manners and behave appropriately, particularly if you’re onboard as a guest.

Aviation Charters Jetiquette Infographic

Proper etiquette is what sets seasoned private jet travelers apart from amateurs. Adhering to these basic rules of private air travel or jet-iquettes will create a positive experience and ensure that your behavior matches the quality of your flight.

About the Author:
Melissa Hull is the Content Marketing Strategist for Aviation Charters, a West Trenton, New Jersey-based private aviation company that provides on-demand aircraft charter, aircraft
management, and aircraft acquisition services. Aside from her passion for writing, she loves to travel and read espionage books.

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