Ultimate Maui, Hawaii Packing Guide [VIDEO GUIDE]

If you are planning a vacation to Maui, Hawaii this ultimate Hawaii packing guide is for you. This guide also works well for any of the other islands in Hawaii too, because the lifestyle is very similar. I’ll be covering what to pack for the Haleakala volcano, the Maui beaches, the road to Hana, and much more. If you’re interesting in snorkeling in Maui, Hawaii or hiking those items are included too.

Read below for my complete packing guide list for Maui, broken down into categories. 

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I created a full video guide that features the Maui, Hawaii packing guide items you need. Click below to watch!

Packing for Mountains & Volcanos

Add a few cold weather items to your Maui, Hawaii packing list for exploring mountains and volcanos. 

Winter hat

You’ll need a warm hat for those morning sunrises up on Haleakala! The temperatures can be surprisingly cold. 


A good pair of comfortable leggings are always a packing must have. You can use these for hiking, cold mornings, or even a workout on your trip. 

Warm Lightweight Jacket

Last but not least, don’t forget a lightweight jacket.  Not only will you need it for those Maui volcanos and mountains, it can keep you warm on a cold flight, or a chilly evening. 

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Packing for Hiking & Road Trips

Hawaii offers lots of hiking opportunities, and you don’t want to miss driving the Road to Hana. Don’t forget to add these hiking and road trip items to your Maui, Hawaii packing list. 

Collapsable Cooler

You will definitely need snacks along the Road to Hana. There are long stretches without places to stop for food or drinks. This is also great to have for a day at the beach! 


This is the perfect sandal for hiking in a tropical location! They are comfortable, can get wet, and have multiple adjustable straps  for a great fit. 

Ziploc Bags

Keep your food contained, dry, and ready to eat with sealable bags. I like to use these for sandwiches, snacks, and even for other odds and ends in my suitcase. 


Make sure you have your essentials with you on any hike with this daypack. I like that this one folds down into a small bag to not take up too much space in your suitcase. 

Bug Spray

Any trip to the outdoors requires packing bug spray. You’ll want a small portable spray bottle for those Maui hiking adventures. 

Maui Clothes Packing List

Make sure your Maui, Hawaii packing list includes versatile clothing. Whether you’ll be at the beach, going shopping, or heading off to dinner, the items included below have you covered – literally.

Hawaiian Dress

What packing list for Hawaii would be complete without this dress? Wear it shopping,  or out to dinner! 

Short Floral Dress

Perfect for those hot and humid days on the island, this dress is another great choice. 

Floral Blouse

I love the modern style of this easy to wear blouse. Great with shorts or pants, and it’s loose fit allows for air flow. 

Jean Jacket

A jean jacket is one of my favorite travel essentials. It can be worn over a dress, t-shirt, or tank top. I love how versatile it is. 

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Jean Shorts

Another summer staple, a good pair of jean shorts. I bring these with me to any warm weather travel destination. 

Dressy Shorts

A nice pair of shorts is great for dressing up your look a bit, but also staying cool in that Hawaiian heat. 

Hiking Shorts

I love these hiking shorts by Columbia. They offer built in UV protection, have a zippered back pocket to keep small items secure, and are comfortable as well. 

Active Skort

Another favorite of mine!  a super durable staple that looks a little more stylish than active shorts, but offers the same UV protection and water repelling material. 

Basic Tee

Can you really ever go wrong with a basic tee? Pair with anything else in your wardrobe, wear it on it’s own, or with your jean jacket. This is a must-pack for you Hawaiian vacation. 

Tennis Shoes

A comfortable shoe is important for long days on your feet or even the occasional vacation workout.  I like Nike for style and comfort. 


Birkenstocks are known for their comfort and well made shoes. This is a sandal you can wear all day. 

Flip Flops

Definitely needed for the beach or the pool, don’t forget to add flip flops to your Maui, Hawaii packing list! 

Light Sweater

You may need a light sweater in the mornings or on during a rainy afternoon on the island. It’s great to layer on top of a tank or tee. 

Swimming Packing List

Now on to maybe the most important Maui, Hawaii packing list items – swimwear. You’ll need a variety of items based on the water activity of your choice.  


Perfect for lounging by the pool or on the beach, this swimsuit is fun but also offers some coverage. 

Snorkel Gear

Personally, I like to bring my own snorkel gear with me, to ensure the right fit, and for convenience. 

Water Shoes

Water shoes are ideal for rocky areas, or swimming holes where the area may not be manicured. 

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Swim Cover Up

Wear this cute cover up over your swim wear on the way to the beach or pool. 

Swim Rash Guard

A rash guard is what I wear when surfing or doing a lot of snorkeling. It’s also great for protecting you from the sun. 

Reef Sunscreen

Protect your skin and the environment by using reef friendly sunscreen on your trip. 


I bring two different types of sunscreen with me on beach vacations, and like to use this one by the pool. 

Sun Hat

A cute sun hat is nice to keep the sun off your face and neck. I wear mine at the beach and pool, or even around town for extra shade. 

Beach Bag

Keep all your beach items organized with this versatile beach bag. The side pockets on this one are great for quick access to sunscreen or flip flops. 

Microfiber Beach Towel

Have you tried using a microfiber beach towel? They dry quickly, sand falls right off, and they pack up into a small size. Perfect for travel. 


This is a multipurpose item that I always pack with me. Wear it as a bathing suit cover up, a skirt, wrap it to make a dress, or use it as a shawl to stay warm. 



Bonine is a must-have to help with motion sickness. Whether you get sick in the car or on boats, or both, this is my go-to.

Do you feel prepared with this Maui, Hawaii packing list? Let me know if I missed anything in the comments.

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