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One of the best islands in Croatia, Korcula is the sixth-largest Croatian Island stretching nearly 47 km in length. Covered with dense pine woods and Mediterranean flora, the island is full of olive groves, vineyards, and charming small villages. 

We’ll cover Korcula things to do, beaches to visit and accommodations to stay out all below. 

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Best Things To Do in Korcula

Besides having a spectacular landscape, Korcula offers great sightseeing opportunities. With its stone houses and pretty orange roofs, Korcula Old Town should be on every itinerary. Even if you’re not a history buff, this charming town will enchant you with its cultural vibes. On top of that, Korcula, also called Black Corfu, is rich in numerous historical and cultural monuments. Tradition is really strong on the island, so tourists can enjoy folk music performances, old religious ceremonies, fishermen’s evenings, art exhibitions or traditional dances.  Here are some top things to do on one of best islands in Croatia, Korcula: 
  • Sea Gate (Primorska vrata) and Land Gate (Kopnena vrata) – These are two medieval entrances to the Old Town. Above these, there is the Revelin tower with amazing scenic views from the top of it. 

Korcula Land Gate – 20260, Korčula, Croatia. Korcula Sea Gate – 20260, Korčula, Croatia

  • St. Mark’s Cathedral and Abbey Treasury – At the center of town are also worth the visit. Dating back from the 15th and 16th centuries, these places are full of religious paintings, pottery, and church manuscripts from the 12th to 15th centuries!

St. Mark’s Cathedral – 20260, Korčula, Croatia

  • St. Mark’s Square  – Let’s not forget to mention the beautiful St. Mark’s Square where architecture lovers will be enchanted on every step, as well as numerous fortresses and towers around the city.

St. Mark’s Square – Trg Svetog Marka, 20260, Korčula, Croatia

  • Korkyra Baroque Festival – One of the most popular festivals, this is a music festival that presents world-famous ensembles and soloists specializing in Baroque music. Generally, these events are held during summer months when it is a peak season (mid-June to September).

Korkyra Baroque Festival – Click here for details

  • Moreska Sword Dance – definitely a must-see to experience authentic local vibes. This famous dance used to depict the battle between Christians and Moors. Today, a dance with lively music represents the ‘battle’ between White King and Black King, who has stolen the bride of the White King.  
If you walk around the Old Town, another thing that will catch your eye is various Renaissance palaces such as Bishop Palace, Arneri Palace, Gabrielis Palace, etc. Almost every gate has an interesting pillar, arches or columns that are a bonus to the charm of this historical island. 

Vela Luka

The other interesting city, also the largest one on the island, is Vela Luka. It contains an important prehistoric archeological cave and various local monuments, as well as interesting biking, hiking and trekking trails.

Wine Tasting in Korcula

Wine tasting is a must-do when in Korcula. The best vineyards can be found in Smokvica, Lumbarda and Čara. Therefore, the island is known for a magnificent white wine such as Pošip with the aroma of dried apricots and figs. For those who prefer red wines, Korcula can offer Plavac, the most popular and luxurious dry red wine. Furthermore, Prošek is an extremely sweet dessert wine with a high percentage of alcohol. 

Best Beaches in Korcula

When it comes to the best beaches in Korcula, the southern coast is ideal if you are looking for secluded coves and sandy beaches. On the other hand, the northern coast is flatter with pebble beaches. The most popular ones on Korcula are Pupnatska Luka, Vela Przina, and Proizd. 

Pupnatska Luka Beach: 20274, Pupnat, Croatia

Vela Przina: Vela Pržina Plaža, 20263,Croatia

Batalo Beach on Proizd (Small island off Korcula): 20270, Vela Luka, Croatia

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Where to Stay in Korcula

Have you traveled to one of the best islands in Croatia, Korcula? Let me know in the comments below!

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