Abundant Travel Tips: Vaccines and Tulum, Mexico

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Travel is looking up!

I’m excited to see positive energy building up around travel as more and more people are vaccinated; there’s an excitement and vibration that I haven’t seen in a year.  I am chomping at the bit to use my passport, taste exotic foods, and explore another culture.  Who’s with me?

This week, it’s spring break across the USA, and it will be interesting to see if there’s a spike in COVID in the following weeks.  Fingers crossed that cases don’t spike, and that we keep the positive travel momentum.

For me, this week is all about my real estate work, but last week I was swooshing down the mountain in Park City, Utah.  It was a last minute solo trip that I booked, and although I’m not a fan of skiing alone, I had a great time zooming up and down the mountain by myself.  The snow was great, the weather was very warm, and I was lucky enough to meet someone new every day.  It’s so easy to strike up a conversation with a stranger on a chair lift or ‘sitting socially distanced’ at a bar, and I find ski resorts are one of the best places to meet new people.    It felt good to get out there on my own, and start to work those solo travel muscles again.  Why have I never skied solo before????

Here are a few of my  favorites from last week in Park City.  My favorite meal was at The Blind Dog; their baked tempura shrimp were gluten free and to die for! 

If you’re looking for an ‘inexpensive’ place to stay close to the lifts, I suggest this little airbnb.  Not fancy, but was a good fit for my last minute needs.  Or, try this Marriott listing.  I like skiing out of the Park City Mountain Resort area, so both of these options are in that area.   You can also stay near Main Street where the nightlife, majority of shopping and restaurants are.  My favorite bars?  No Name Saloon  and High West Distillery.  Both places have delicious burgers!  Other restaurants I suggest are Chimayo for Saanta Fe style faire, 501 Main for casual food, 710 Bodega for tapas and 350 Main for fine dining.  There’s a ton of shopping on Main street, from T-shirt shops to fine art galleries, but I love the Cole Sports and Jans Sport at the corner of Park Ave & Deer Valley Dr.

So, there’s a ton of new snow in Colorado and Utah, so go ahead, book that last minute solo ski trip.  You’ll love it!

Vaccine Passport

Have you been vaccinated yet?  Do you plan on getting the vaccine?  As the world begins to open back up, universal vaccine passports are being discussed by airlines, governments and the travel industry as a whole.  Check out some of the latest articles below.

Upcoming Trip

Join us in San Miguel de Allende for an exciting trip. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of Mexico’s central highlands colonial-era city!

What to know before you go to Tulum

This winter, I spent a week in Tulum lounging on the beach, trying new restaurants (high end and budget friendly) and wandering the streets of the town.  Tulum can be confusing as there are 2 district areas, the puebla (town) and the beach.  Hotel pricing varies a lot, and there are so many choices for restaurants and shopping.  Where do you start when booking your first trip?  This video shares tips, tricks and ideas for planning your first trip to Tulum.  Enjoy, and let me know your favorites.

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