Abundant Travel Tips: Know Before You Go – Playa del Carmen

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Playa del Carmen & Corona Virus

I’m in love with Mexico, and I continue to travel to this beautiful country year after year.  Yes, I am aware of the safety concerns, but the people, culture, food and lifestyle keeps me going back year after year.  I shared Cabo with you over the past few weeks, and now I’m introducing you to all things Playa del Carmen.  Additionally, this week, I’m sharing some information about the Corona Virus and a note from a friend in Italy.

Upcoming Trip

Join us in San Miguel de Allende for an exciting trip. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of Mexico’s central highlands colonial-era city!

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Corona Virus

The world is scared right now about the possible pandemic of the Corona Virus. Yes, we should all take this health concern seriously, but there are simple things you can do everyday to stay healthy when traveling.  Bring sanitary wipes with you and wipe down seats and trays in airplanes along with TV remotes and door knobs in hotel rooms. You can also boost your immune system with echinacea, or take natural anti virals like Oil of Oregano and Holy Basil.  You can also take Colloidal Silver as an anti-bacterial. Check out my shop page for more supplements! Please don’t be afraid to travel, but please be cautious and aware. Check out Corona Virus for travelers for additional details and information.

Playa del Carmen Secret Find

I love Playa and have spent my last 2 birthdays lounging on the beautiful beaches on the Riviera Maya. This time I found a secret hotel and gorgeous street off 5th Avenue that I’d like to share with you. This tip is exclusive to the email travel tribe and won’t be in a YouTube video.  I fell in love with Hotel Semilla.  This is a gorgeous boutique hotel on 38th Street.  This street is tree lined, the opposite side of town from the clubs, and feels more like Tulum than the bustling Playa. This hotel is not on the beach, but it’s a beautiful respite from activity of  the city. The interior is white washed adobe with shabby chic styling; it’s adults only and it’s affordable.  Make sure to check out this gem next time you are headed to Playa.

Hotel Semilla, Abundant Travel Tips

Know before you go to Playa del Carmen

Mexico, Mexico, Mexico.  Me encanta Mexico!  (I love Mexico).  This week’s video includes tons of tips for traveling to Playa del Carmen for the first time.  If you’re ready to go to the beach, Playa has it all!

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