Abundant Travel Tips: Grand Hyatt Playa & Croatia Island Hopping

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Women's Travel Fest & New Safety Tips!

Right now, I’m sitting at the Newark Airport waiting for my flight home after the Women’s Travel Fest Conference on The Lower East Side.  Ladies, if you are a traveler and you want to meet incredibly inspiring women, this is the conference for you!  I met so many women in the travel industry as well as tons of rock star women who just want to see the world. 

This week, I have a great travel safety tip for you, as well as my latest Island Hopping blog posts on The Abundant Traveler. Also, this week’s video is review of the luxury hotel The Grand Hyatt in Playa del Carmen

Safety Tip with Luggage Tags!

It’s a must to have identification on your luggage while traveling, but the key to luggage tags is to never, ever, ever put your home address on the tag as part of your information!  You can put your name, phone and email, but never your address.  There are many horror stories of people coming home from an amazing trip having been robbed while they were sipping margaritas on the beach.  An opportunistic thief saw an address on a luggage tag, and knew the house would likely be vacant for several days.  Don’t let opportunistic thieves know you are out of town!  Check out my favorite luggage tag on my Amazon Shop under the checked bag section.

Top Islands in Croatia

Looking for some amazing island hopping?  In previous weeks, I shared some of my adventures island hopping in Croatia, but this week I’ve finally finished all my detailed reviews of more than 10 islands along the Croatian coast.  Whether you are looking for a party island like Hvar, a wine-centric island of Korcula, or lesser known islands like Rab and Pag, my website now has all the details you need.  Check out the homepage for the latest posts.

Croatia Island Hopping, Abundant Travel Tips

Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen

For my 50th, my girlfriends and I played in Playa del Carmen for 4 days, and we had a ball at the Luxury Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen.  Check out my detailed review in this week’s video.

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