Abundant Travel Tips: First Trip Overseas Part 2 & Beyond 9 to 5

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The world is opening back up...

How do you feel about the world opening back up?  Do you feel safe to go to a restaurant or to the gym?  I ventured out last week to a restaurant, and ‘got my nails did’; both experiences felt so luxurious and decadent.  Isn’t it interesting to see what we have taken for granted for so long.  A mere 2 months ago, getting my nails done was a time suck necessity; now, it’s a a special treat.  I truly believe that there will be some great things that come out of our collective pandemic experience.

Rachel off Duty | Stories Beyond the 9 to 5

Rachel of Rachel Off Duty recently started a series called Stories Beyond the 9 to 5, and she interviews women who have full time jobs, who are passionate about travel, and who choose to spend their free time and money on new adventures.  I’ve read every interview in this series and I’m so inspired and encouraged by the women that Rachel interviews.  I’m excited to say that I was interviewed for her 6th episode, and I hope that my story inspires other women to buy that plane ticket and follow their travel dreams.

Kim, Beyond the 9 to 5, The Abundant Traveler

Let's go to San Miguel!

A couple weeks ago, I shared everything you need to do in San Miguel de Allende, and now I have the perfect 48hr itinerary for you!  From hotels to restaurants to shopping, this itinerary will be the perfect guide to this Pueblo Magico (magical town).

Ready to travel overseas?

This is the second in my series of how to plan for your first trip overseas.  This video shares some of the best practices and ideas when you first at your destination.  Hope you enjoy, and please let me know what you think in the comments on YouTube.  Enjoy!

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