✈ Learn How to Become a Digital Nomad in 2019!  | So I just got back from the Women in Travel Summit, a travel conference put on by Wanderful. If you want to be inspired and connect with other women travel influencers – keep watching!


I just returned from WITS 2019 in Portland, Maine and I’m so excited to share about my experience and the amazing women I met. The Women in Travel Summit is the premiere blogging conference for women travel creators and women travel writers. I interviewed 15 women from the conference about what they love about WITS! Some I had met at WITS 2018 in Quebec, and some are new friends, all coming together for the love of travel. If you want to learn how you can work online and travel the world or see other female travel vlogs and vloggers, keep watching! Sign up for WITS 2020 here!

Check out the amazing women and their blogs/businesses below!

Jazmin – Travel to Blank

Paige – Unquote Travel

Cat – For Two Please

Richa –  My Tickle Feet

Fadra – All Things Fadra

Melissa – Roux Roamer

Jenn-  Wanderful team

Richa –  Enricha’s Journey

Summer – Nat Park Stories

Caitlin –  Waypoint Goods

Wendy – Empty Nesters Hit the Road

Marie – Nomad Tours Quebec

Glory Ali –  Muslim Travel Rocks

Bisa –  Myles to Travel

Stacey –  Visit Beloit



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