Bastrop Texas Travel Tips & Things to Do in Bastrop [VIDEO]

Are you planning to travel to Bastrop, Texas soon? Want to know all the important travel tips for Bastrop? This post is for you! 

Bastrop, Texas is an original Texas town known to be an all-inclusive destination meaning everyone’s invited. Featuring the famous Old Iron Bridge visitors can enjoy the downtown streets on Main Street, nature experiences at Lake Bastrop and the Bastrop State Park, live country music, and more! In today’s video, I’m visiting Bastro, Texas and showcasing some of its top spots to visit and telling you all about what to do in Bastrop, Texas. 

My day trip to #Bastrop includes the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort, Roadhouse Burgers, Copper Shot Distillery, Maxine’s, a walk along the Colorado River, Eden East in Bastrop, Berdoll Pecan, Neighbors Kitchen and Yard, and several shops downtown. If you’re planning your next trip to Bastrop, don’t miss this video! If you’ve been to Bastrop, let me know what your favorite spots are to visit in the comments below, I’d love to know.

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Happy saturday morning! I am downtown austin leaving my house and I am headed out today to see the sweet quaint town of bastrop which is about 30 minutes to the east straight down 71 from austin I love taking day trips out of my hometown I live in one of the high rises you can see around here and it’s really nice to get out of the city and see what else is around in central texas I decided to go to bastrop on a saturday because there are a couple of farmers markets on saturday one is the eden east that actually used to be on the east side in austin but because prices have gotten so high in property and property taxes they have moved to bastrop I intend on going to a place on the colorado river called neighbors which is supposed to be a great restaurant with live music i’m gonna go check out the state park lake bastrop see what else I can get into but my first stop is going to be the pecan place on the way to bastrop [Music] so I just decided to do the simple old-school roasted insulted they have milk chocolate dark chocolate first stop on the way accomplished for dolls pecans with mr squirrel so if you’re a subscriber thank you so much for stopping back by the channel and if you’re new here I put out laid back luxury travel videos I want you to get out there and go see the world so make sure to hit that subscribe button it’s the red one down below give this video a thumbs up and ring that notification bell because you don’t want to miss an episode every weekend bastrop farmers market on chestnut street is open for business all kinds of goodies including fruits vegetables soaps and honey [Music] so I just made our first purchase at carter acres I got some of the mild micro greens with kale broccolI kohlrabI and a spicy radish how lucky am I at the 1832 bastrop farmers market normally I don’t get to see mob apple uh except on the weekends at some bar but it is saturday afternoon actually saturday morning still and I wish I had a dance party it’s pages [Music] everybody was so friendly and they were like support local support local so i’m supporting local with my micro greens and my uh cucumbers that I just like off to find eden east and then off to the next adventure maybe neighbors I need to head out to like maxine’s I heard that is delicious meat in three maybe go out to the lake bastrop lake or to the state park I don’t know it’s gonna be a fun day no matter what I do [Music] so [Music] [Applause] since bastrop is on the colorado river I believe it’s a low water crossing here and so it’s always been a gathering place first for the indians and then it was on the camino real for the mexicans coming up into texas so even though it was founded by the city was founded by stephen f austin in 1804 it has been long used as a as a place or a town slash gathering place [Music] eaton east was one of my favorite places in austin to get vegetables and i’m excited to actually visit their farm stand for the first time in bath shop today it’s actually in a garage i’m gonna go check out the farm buy a few things for my salads and then onward and upward to the next stop i’m gonna have the best salad ever I am going to grab a pint of tomatoes here at eating east and then i’m gonna go check out the garden [Music] [Music] I just love it out here I actually took my shoes off walking around in the grass getting a little grounding since i’m a high-rise living austin girl [Music] so if you’re headed to austin or the surrounding areas like bastrop make sure to go to the description below and click my free austin guide it is a three-day itinerary perfect days in that amazing city that I call home make sure description below free guide I am now headed to neighbors kitchen and bar on main street i’m gonna go check out some of the shops on main street I it’s getting hot it is about 12 30 so I am hoping that down by the colorado river at neighbors it’ll be just a little bit cooler grab some lunch because i’m a little peckish and then this afternoon i’m going to head out of town to the lake and to the state park and I have also heard there is a roadhouse place that is famous for their burgers with slabs of cream cheese there is lots of shopping here to do i’m just off of main street right here the colorado river is just over there where i’m going to have lunch at neighbors and there is this very sweet succulent shop with all kinds of gifts called green acres that I just checked out this is a great place to come wander around get out of the heat because it is shaded and there’s some fun little old school shops along here [Music] so I chose to eat inside because it’s awfully hot and when I asked them what they were famous for here at neighbors they said pizza I said i’m gluten-free so that won’t do me any good and they said they had the best gluten-free foods oh my goodness that pizza at neighbors was so ridiculously good yum yum yum i’m gonna have to come back here and eat that again I am so stuffed now i’m going to go down to the colorado river which is just down there i’m going to go for a little walk along the river to sort of work off all of that pizza [Music] this is very sweet along the colorado river sort of like austin and town lake or lady bird lake as we call it now there is a walking path or a biking path right underneath the famous bridge in bastrop just off from neighbors it is really nice i’m walking off my pizza before I go over to main street because i’m going to have a second lunch not a healthy day of eating first is pizza now i’m gonna going to go have in alabama we would say meat and three but it is some home cooking at maxine’s and do a little shopping over there on main street before I head out of town [Music] i’m at maxine’s having the most delicious pork chop it’s like home cooking meat and three mashed potatoes green beans fried green tomatoes and the best part about it is in the background they’re actually playing sweet home alabama I feel like i’ve gone home so cheers to this deliciousness that was absolutely delicious and now I also have dinner two pork chops so i’m on main street now I just stopped at the visitor center they told me about a music festival happening in september so buy your tickets now um and I met the manager gloria she was so so sweet the one thing that I have noticed about every year everybody here in bastrop everyone as you walk by they’re like hello how’s it going hI nice to see you happy saturday it is such a nice feeling being in small town texas [Music] let’s go check it out [Music] so [Music] that was a sweet little shop I just left the r a green uh specialty shops it’s actually owned by the church it used to be a bank building and now they have artisans in there who are selling their wares and the little shops are quite small and petite I am going to make one more stop before I head out of town and go to the state park and late bastrop I am going to go to a distillery it’s called copper shot distillery gonna go check out see what they have to offer get a couple of samples before I head out of town [Music] I got two fusions one is the blueberry that’s the blueberry and the cranberry peach so this one’s gonna be sweeter the regular whiskey and the pecan infused whiskey that’s actually really good it’s smoky and rich not too overpowering not too fiery on the backside that’s actually really really good let’s try that that would definitely have more fire to it pretty cool going to the copper shot distillery I just did a small taste and spit them out because i’m about to go for a drive to go to the state park and to go to lake bastrop so here we go [Music] this is a cute little house so now i’m at bastrop state park it actually looks like i’m back in alabama you have the red dirt you have pine trees everywhere it’s really really pretty it’s not a huge park uh it was five dollars to enter and you can go from 6 a.m to 10 p.m so yeah just checking it out [Music] a pretty cool spot up here the scenic overlook pretty spectacular [Music] that was a lot of fun to go check out the bastrop state park lots and lots of wildflowers lots of pine trees because it’s lost pines here in bastrop it’s been about an hour if I had my hiking stuff I would have hiked but it was a great little stop I am now off on my next nature adventure I am going to head over to lake bastrop to see what that has in store lake bastrop is a spicer creek reservoir along the colorado river it’s 900 acres and 60 feet deep it’s great bass fishing and you can spend the night in a little rustic cabins maybe just for a night though [Music] so i’m just leaving lake bastrop it was okay not very exciting but i’m glad I stopped by it would be fun to spend the night in one of the cabins along the water there there’s not much going on it’s a very small place I was on the south shore around the corner from lake bastrop and the state park is that famous burger place I mentioned the road house well why not have a third lunch all in one day [Music] so now i’m at the roadhouse in bastrop never been here before and when I walked in I asked him what should I order to eat what are you famous for and she hands down immediately said you gotta get the burger with drinks and some jalapenos look at that slab of green cheese that is a huge slab of cream cheese there and grilled jalapeno deliciousness that was so good I am now headed home with my last stop I am going to go over to uh lost pines the resort have a drink on my way home check that out because i’ve never been there as well and then i’m gonna head my happy little booty back to austin the hyatt regency lost pines resort is a very famous place to stay about halfway in between bastrop and austin [Applause] [Music] the lost pines resort is very kid-friendly it even has a petting zoo with some longhorns goats and a couple of sheep [Music] nothing like some goats on a lounge chair oh wait he just jumped off he’s coming to visit hello hello yeah you want my purse don’t you you I don’t have any food the resort has beautifully appointed rooms a golf course swimming pool and lots of green space right along the colorado river well i’m at the end of my day i’m at the lost ponds resort and I am going to get eggs lassa bubbles before I head home it has been a wonderful day in bastrop and I can’t wait to go back and see this sweet town again I am kim the abundant traveler and i’ll see you in small town texas somewhere soon take care bye two farmers markets burgles now to a restaurant also to another restaurant then to another restaurant and a little wandering around and shopping in between that’s how I roll!

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