Things to Do in Ravello Italy [VIDEO GUIDE]

Are you planning to travel to the Amalfi Coast soon? Want to know all the important travel tips for  the mountain town Ravello, Italy? This post is for you! 

I’m sharing with you everything you need to know before you go to Ravello. From the history of Ravello,  the best restaurants in Ravello, the best time to visit Ravello, exploring gorgeous locations like villa cimbrone, villa rufolo, piazza vescovado, and more, I’ve got all the things covered that will ensure you know all the best things to do and places to go in Ravello.

Ravello is a small resort town on Italy’s Amalfi coast, it is home to iconic cliffside gardens, terraced gardens, indoor and outdoor concerts and much more. It’s definitely a worthy place to visit while you’re staying in the Amalfi coast.

Where to Stay in Ravello, Italy

Stay a night or two in Ravello to see the town with out the day trippers! Here are my recommended hotels: 

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I’m Kim the Abundant traveler and welcome to the channel I am here to inspire you to go out there and see the world I provide tips tricks hacks ideas and inspiration making your travels much much easier today I’m continuing my series on the Amalfi Coast what an incredible place to visit I stopped in several locations but today I’m talking about the town of ravello so let’s go ahead and get started the Amalfi Coast is made up of 13 Villages most of them are along the coastline along the Mediterranean but ravello is one of the three towns on the Amalfi Coast that is actually up in the mountains it is at an altitude of about 1200 feet or 350 meters and it is a town of 2500 people what a wonderful place to visit and if you’re headed to the Amalfi ravello is a can’t miss so a little bit of history on ravello it was founded in the 5th Century and it was used to escape from Barbarian invasions along the coastline it was also an important trading post up until about the year 1200 around 1080 the town of Amalfi was extremely important and extremely powerful so the pope actually added a diocese in ravello to counterweight the power of Amalfi it’s interesting the town has about 2500 people now but in around 1200 there were 25 000 people that lived in ravello so how do you get to ravello it’s quite easy because there is a wonderful bus system along the Amalfi Coast it is called the Ceda bus s-i-t-a it is very easy to get to revello from Sorrento it’s also relatively easy about a 30-minute bus ride from Amalfi as well or if you’re coming from Naples you can take a bus or a train into Salerno or Sorrento and then take the bus up to ravello I do recommend being along the Amalfi Coast on in the town of Amalfi if you want to go to rebello it is the quickest way the main bus stop is right there on the water it’s about two and a half euros and it will only take you about 30 minutes to get up to ravello just something to note when you’re dropped off by the seat of us in arabello you are dropped off on the opposite side of a tunnel from a main Piazza so when you get dropped off it doesn’t look like much so just go through the tunnel and then you end up in the main Piazza so what is the weather like in ravello and what time of year should you go visit well I would say go visit rubello any time of the year please note that it is a rainy season sort of November through January and things might be closed in the off season but going on the shoulder season sort of April May and then September October would be wonderful times to visit ravello the weather is about 10 to 12 degrees cooler than it is along the coastline on the Amalfi Coast I was there in June and it was about 10 degrees cooler especially in the evening it was really nice and delicious because along the water it was a good 95 degrees during the day very very hot and very very sticky so it was nice to be up in ravello and just a cool air and the Sun is a little bit different up there at altitude so how long should you stay in ravello I recommend spending a couple of nights in a ravello most people go to revello just on a day trip they’re in Amalfi or in Sorrento and they pop in and they pop out which means since everybody is on a day trip then the best thing to do is to spend the night because then you get the town all to yourself by mid to late afternoon four or five o’clock in the afternoon the town empties out of the day Trippers you can do all the shopping you want to do you can go have a cocktail in the main Piazza go to dinner at some of the five-star hotels or some of the local places it just the whole atmosphere changes and the light is beautiful in the evening to watch the sunset if you have more time it is a beautiful place very laid back very casual really really beautiful place to stay if you can stay more stay more so I mentioned how to get to ravello but what kind of Transportation do you need while you’re in the city actually you don’t need any uh there’s usually plenty of parking on the outskirts of town or your hotel will have parking but there’s really no reason to have a car the town is very walkable again it’s extremely small and you really just don’t need any kind of Transportation something to note there are lots of steps up and down and up and down and since it is a city that has been around since the fifth century they’re going to be steps that are well worn and slick so make sure that you bring shoes that have a really good Sole and you are quite stable when you’re walking around in that type of shoe rather than you know flip-flops or stilettos or something like that don’t bring stilettos don’t go to the Amalfi and bring stilettos it’s just a bad idea since we’re talking about stilettos and good sold shoes let’s talk about some other things to pack if you’re coming to ravello also if you want the perfect packing guide for going to the Amalfi Coast make sure to go to the description below click the free download it is everything that you’re going to need from being at the beach to going to fancy restaurants to hiking the path of the Gods everything that you’re going to need for visiting the Amalfi so go to the description below and click the free download so the clothes that you’re going to need great Amalfi clothes you need some wonderful shoes that have a really good sole as I’ve already mentioned in ravello I do recommend it is quite a casual City so you can wear shorts or a skirt or great sort of Columbia type clothes during the day in the evenings people are dressed a little bit better than um casual travel wear but not as fancy as Positano or cockery in fact it’s not fancy at all I would recommend bringing a scarf in the evening for the ladies or gentlemen I would bring uh you know a sleeved shirt and maybe some lightweight khaki pants just because in the evening it’s just a little bit cooler again it depends on the time of year you’re going if you’re going in the winter then make sure to bring a jacket a scarf maybe a hat and definitely bring an umbrella if you’re there in the winter season so I’m always asked if places are safe for solo female Travelers honestly ravello and the Amalfi Coast in general is extremely safe for solo female Travelers it’s easy to get around it’s easy to find single accommodation without an up charge necessarily the buses are really good they run most of the time and almost everybody there is a tourist or in the tourism industry I walked around in the evenings after dark without a problem I also was out after dinner at say 10 30 11 o’clock didn’t have any issues whatsoever so yes ravello is extremely extremely safe late these go on a solo Trope and enjoy it so let’s talk about where to stay now that we have talked about how long to stay there are some wonderful five-star hotels there is the Caruso which is a Belmont there is the stunning villa chambroni which you have to go there I’ll talk about that in a moment and there is also the Palazzo confalone I think I said that correctly there are a lot of five-star hotels in ravello for a small of a city that it is if you’re interested I have put a link to a bunch of hotels from ravello in the description below the the important thing when you’re picking a hotel is to pick a hotel as close to the center of town as possible there are not a ton of hotels in the area so you want to make sure that you’re staying within four tenths of a mile of the you know the main Piazza don’t be staying out in the Netherlands in a mile and a half away or 5 miles away because when you’re searching for hotels those hotels will pop up as well so do pay attention to the distance to the main Piazza because that is the heart of the town when I was doing research four hotels in ravello I saw a lot of the names were B and B’s or they were known as something and Nona is grandma in Italian so a lot of the combination is more old school Italian very laid back sort of old tile old colors and all that so just be prepared unless you’re staying at the gorgeous five-star hotels like the carusoe or the village in burning it’s more family run type of hotels is what I found in the city of ravello so let’s talk about the shopping the food and what things cost well the number one thing to buy in the area is the pottery there is so much pottery that is available in the area and my recommendation of the place to go is the Ceramica of Pascal I went to his store he has the most beautiful pottery very unique designs that are specific to his particular Ceramica Pascal is the way to go and he is located in the main part of town just about a three minute walk from the main Piazza there are other Amalfi goodies that you can purchase in revillo including things like limoncello linen Blues yellows clothing all of that it is quite a sophisticated little town so get your shop on it is a great place to go shopping I also recommend going to the art gallery the petite prints it has a wonderful collection of original art and if you are into art it’s a perfect place to go shopping they’ll ship it or you can actually buy online if you don’t want to go to rubello so that’s a little bit about the shopping there are a couple of places that I recommend that you go while you’re in ravello to eat one is kumpa Cosimo oh my goodness the food is delicious it is written up everywhere super casual yes you can make a reservation but it is a very casual restaurant I had a rabbit there which is not typically something you’re going to find on the Amalfi Coast and it was absolutely delicious it is run by mamaneta and her son and let me tell you you have to behave while you’re at kumpa casimo because if you’re nice and mamanetta likes you then you might get some free limoncello she might bring you a dessert and if you’re slow to order she’s gonna like walk away and go do something else and finally come back to you and see if you’re ready to order it was such a wonderful experience and the food was dynamite dynamite dynamite dynamite another place that I recommend is Mimi’s Pizza I am gluten free they did not have any gluten-free but my friend said the pizza was some of the best that she had in the Amalfi Coast we went there for lunch and I also recommend going to a place called wine and drugs I am a big wine person and the this particular one in drugs the people who work there are extremely educated about wine they have hand-picked wines throughout Campagna which is the area they have gorgeous gorgeous lines they’ll let you taste anything as well also they have a wonderful collection of wines from all over Italy so if you’re looking for high quality amazing unique wines to ship bag to your home country go to wine and drugs and do a tasting with them I bought two or three bottles of course only one made it back to the US with me because I drink them all those are my highlight recommendations for food and wine there are plenty of places to eat including these five-star hotels but those were some of my favorites so between the shopping and the food what you’re typically going to pay for things you’re going to pay in the main Piazza near the Church of the Duomo you’re going to be paying 250 to 350 for and this is in Euros for a coffee in the morning it’s a beautiful place with the sunrise to have a coffee but it is a little more on the expensive side I would say pizzas are 12 to 14 euros whereas like in Naples they can be five to seven to eight Euros my kumpa Cosimo meal was with wine was maybe 28 to 30 Euros I had two courses which I would say is very well priced oh there was a one other place that I recommend going and that is the Garden it is a beautiful restaurant with delicious food they also have a rooftop bar that they have delicious cocktails and a beautiful view of the coastline and minori the town of minori that you’re overlooking gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous views forgot to mention that one so with Hotel pricing you can spend 60 or 70 dollars a night for a hotel or a b and b or Nona’s place or you can spend 100 to 200 I would say you’re going to end up in a Four Star Plus with a to about two hundred dollars a night and then you’re getting to the five-star hotels like the Caruso and the village in broni and you are going to be spending 800 to several thousand dollars a night so it just depends on the type of accommodation you want if you’ve got the money then go to Villa chambroni that would be my choice speaking of Village from browning let’s talk about the places that you have to go when you’re in ravello again I recommended two days of giving you some hotels I’ve gave you some restaurants now we’re going to talk about the things to do villager Pony is my favorite thing that I saw it is the gardens that you go and it’s about a 10 minute walk from the main Piazza in ravello so you go to Villa to Bernie it is 10 euros to get in it is well worth it they are open from nine o’clock in the morning until sunset the most beautiful thing is Villa timbroney is on the peninsula and so you can Overlook the Mediterranean and it is some of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen it is one of the best examples of the English garden that you will find in southern Europe it is well worth the 10 euros and it is well worth the 10 to 12 minute walk to get to Village and Bernie well worth it the other Villa that is a must-see in ravello is Villa Ruffalo this is one of the most famous and probably the most famous place to visit in ravello this particular Villa is where they have the summer concert where the concert stage is actually hanging over the ledge so the people watching are watching it and they’re looking at the concert with the symphony and they have the beautiful view of the Mediterranean below them this particular Villa is used to be one of the wealthiest Villas in one of the biggest in all of the area today it’s empty not much Furniture but there the rooms are gorgeous with these big beautiful doors and these sweeping doors out overlooking the meta training beautiful tile work as well and gorgeous gorgeous Gardens The Villa Ruffalo is open until I think 8 P.M in the evening so it’s not Sunset and it is seven euros to visit this Villa well worth going to both my favorite Gardens were Village in Brony though Piazza vescovado is the main Piazza in ravello it is a great meeting point there are lots of shops off on the side streets from there it’s also a great place to have a cocktail in oh well not in the morning have a cocktail in the evening have coffee in the morning because the light is beautiful and there’s a really you see the dromo on one side and then on the other side is a railed beautiful view of the mountains behind you this is also where you’re going to see the Duomo and the Duomo was a broke and Romina style built around the 11th century it is a beautiful church and if you go there and hang out in the Piazza especially on the weekends you’re bound to see a wedding or two or three because ravello is very famous for having weddings in fact one of my college friends daughter just got married there last week so go see the Duomo go see the main Piazza also the Villa ruffolo is just off the main Piazza as well so it’s the Hub of the city and it is a blessed meeting point for you and it’s a place to go if you can only spend a day spend a day spend two nights but if you can only spend a day you’re going to want to congregate around the man Piazza and one of the most beautiful places to get married and I would say just a gorgeous gorgeous Garden in general is next door to Villa confalone it was purchased by the city of ravello in the early 1900s and they refurbished this beautiful beautiful gorgeous Garden called Belvedere the Princesa de Piemonte I hope I said that even close to me correct but it is a gorgeous Garden great place to take photos and also a gorgeous view of the coastline when you go along the edge of it very very small easy to miss but well worth stopping by I hope that you found this video on revello valuable it means the world to me if I can make your travels easier and more fun I am Kim the Abundant traveler and I hope to see you on the multi-coast very very soon and thank you so much for watching I appreciate your time take care y’all see you soon foreign [Music]


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