What to Do in Rhonda Spain in One Day Guide [VIDEO]

Are you planning to travel to Ronda, Spain soon? Want to know all the important travel tips for Ronda? This post is for you! 

I’m covering my 24-hour stay in Ronda, Spain. From shopping in Ronda, Ronda’s walking tours, to food in Ronda you have to try, there’s plenty to keep you occupied in this city. I’ve got you covered with all the travel tips to make your first trip to Ronda, Spain your best! 

Ronda is a mountaintop city in Spain and is situated atop a deep gorge. The gorge separates the city’s circa-15th-century new town and the old town.

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Today I’m covering my 24-hour stay in Ronda, Spain. From shopping in Ronda, Ronda’s walking tours, to food in Ronda you have to try, there’s plenty to keep you occupied in this city. I’ve got you covered with all the travel tips to make your first trip to Ronda, Spain your best! Ronda is a mountaintop city in Spain and is situated atop a deep gorge. The gorge separates the city’s circa-15th-century new town and the old town.

I’m Kim the Abundant Traveler and welcome to the gorgeous town of Ronda Spain in Andalusia it is a mountaintop village that has been around since the 6th century bc today I’m going to be sharing with you my 24 hours in this beautiful town from la plaza de toros to the bridges behind me this town just just spectacular in addition to my 24 hour vlog in town I’m gonna share with you a few tips and tricks to make your trip to Ronda much easier so stay tuned a little history about Ronda it has been an important meeting point for thousands and thousands of years they have actually found a cave paintings here from thousands of years ago the first record i believe is from 6000 bc thanks to mother nature and this gorge below me this has been a important place for military for protection from bandits and pirates okay we’re a little far from the ocean but from bandits it’s been an important city throughout spanish history Ronda is a wonderful city to come visit i looked up there are only 39 000 people that live in rwanda but what is so interesting is typically minus the pandemic there are 170 000 people that come to the city every single year that’s crazy crazy lots and lots of people [Music] so the first thing that i decided to do in Ronda and the reason i got up early and came from marbella is to do a walking tour with guru walks it is one of the best apps they do a lot of free walking tours of course you want a tip big um i typically leave uh 10 to 20 euros depending on the guide it’s a great introduction to a city and today in Ronda i am with leo who is my guide and she is a local she’s been amazing i’ve learned so much about the city and it is a perfect way to start my trip [Music] now that my tour is over i am headed to the main shopping area I’m going to get some tapas i heard that there are great top as far as here and then i’ll probably go to the bullfighting ring check that out and then this afternoon i am going to the range i can’t wait [Music] I’m on the main shopping street and it’s like a mini malaga uh the latio street in malaga there are shops and restaurants and cafes and all kinds of goodness the only difference is is here it’s more local shops instead of the big name brands that there are in malaya [Music] leo recommended a tapas bar for me called bodega san francisco so now that i’ve done a little shopping I’m gonna go grab some lunch okay so i walked up past the shopping area i thought that the recommendation of bodega san francisco was uh close to the walk-in area but it was about a five-minute walk from the walking area but supposedly they have the most amazing tapas here oh my goodness all kinds of good stuff check this out i am getting a tortilla which is like the big thick tortilla I’m getting the russian salad which is potato and mayonnaise and tuna I’m getting jamon and then i am also getting a little pinto or a skewer of shrimp [Music] this is the half portion of the jamon just delicious and just to tell you how valuable this is this half portion is 10 euros and all of my tapa are only one euro each now this is living now that i’ve had some lunch it’s time to head over and check out their famous bullring [Music] i think this is an incredible part of history in Spain they’re not doing many bullfights anymore and in fact this original bull ring only has one weekend a year with actual bull fights and it was just the first weekend in september i was actually in malaga um but this is quite spectacular oh my god this writing arena is so beautiful you can see the letters on the side for the dressage i would love to see the Andalusians practice in here i guess this is a shoot where the bulls come down i saw where they’re housed in there oh wow yep we’re here the bull ring in Ronda has a diameter of 217 feet or 66 meters and is surrounded by a passage formed by two rings of stone there are two layers of seating each with raised rows and 136 pillars and that make up 68 different arches the royal box has a sloping roof covered by arabic tiles so covet and the pandemic is terrible for everybody in tourism but honestly it is so nice to be here at this time in september when very futurists are here i can’t imagine what this plaza would be like with thousands and thousands of tourists very very lucky it really is spectacular despite how terrible the sport actually is it is really really gorgeous piece of architecture and a piece of history after my visit to the bullring i wanted to see a bull breeding facility so i headed out to reservataro which is a facility and ranch where they breed the bullfighting bulls driving out to this breeding facility is a must when you’re in Ronda i have left a link in the description below to book your trip so first i went to see the bull ring and i saw where the matadors were and i saw where it all happened and now I’m at a ranch where they actually breed these bulls so I’m excited to see what this place has to offer they also breed the analysion horses which i can’t wait to see [Music] you are cute you are so cute we’re going to be on tv oh wow hello welcome okay can you imagine meeting that guy who was just talking to me in a bull ring he’s only about this tall but he’s about this wide no thank you [Music] what is crazy to think is that i can film from the car but i cannot go out there because the fence isn’t very strong and as you can see these two guys are fighting they’re basically wild animals that are rarely touched by humans unless they’re really sick and you really don’t want to get near them even at two years old [Music] okay push him hard pushing harder harder harder good very good [Laughter] [Music] yes i’ll show you if you want let’s try it yes ah okay it’s very elegant okay holy [Music] is that right yes very good you know what yeah and then with one hand around your body oh [Music] it’s so heavy wow yeah good but you’ve done it very good [Music] what a fantastic experience at receiver taro that is really hard for me to say it is reserving the history of the fighting bull it’s been an incredible experience i have such an appreciation for all the work that they do and such an appreciation for these fighting bulls it is highly highly recommended to come here and see this beautiful farm see the purebred and illusion horses and see these incredible fighting bulls if you’re interested i have put a link in the description below well worth the visit unbelievable just unbelievable now that i have had a fun-filled day with the tour receptaro and the bullring it’s time to grab some dinner one quick tip i have for you is to make dinner reservations in advance when you’re visiting Ronda the restaurants fill up fast as there’s lots and lots of tourists tonight I’m at meson el sacristan and i have put the link in the description below i had no idea that Ronda was famous for wine tempranillo and chardonnay and here the tempranillo is served quite cool not quite cold but quite cool so it’s pretty tasty like 25 wineries in the area and of course the olives the olives from the area are you kidding me mm-hmm okay this is what i love about Spain they are so generous with the food are you kidding me my tomato avocado salad this is my hand there is enough food here for like four people and this is just my appetizer i was gonna order something else before i ordered my main course no I’m not this is crazy one of the most famous dishes in the area is called raba de toro which is actually oxtail stew it’s official I’m having oxtail stew yep it’s not the bull from the bull ring or from the farm i saw today but it is oxtail i can’t wait to try it he said it’s the best in town okay so it’s quite fatty it’s very bone-ish because of course that’s the tail it’s really fall off the bone like roast beef kind of deliciousness not a lot of meat really really tasty with a really rich tomato based sauce serve with my french fries girl’s gotta have her french fries i am a full satiated happy happy girl and tonight is going to be an early night because i want to get up and see some beautiful things in Ronda take some pictures and then head out of town [Music] and not a soul to be seen [Music] this is called a room with a view when visiting Ronda i do recommend that you spend the night to get the full feel of the city two hotel suggestions that i have for you one is el peridor and two where i stayed at palacio villa zombra both of those have views of the new bridge and are on the cusp of the gorge good morning is the morning after a delicious sleep and i looked out my window and are you kidding me it was so gorgeous i could see the sun coming up over the new bridge in the hotel prayer door i was gonna go back and take a nap to get some more sleep but i decided instead I’m going to take a little path down to the bottom of the new bridge take some pictures see it before there are too many tourists out um you can see that it is completely empty there’s nobody so cool walking down to the bottom of the new bridge at the bottom of the gorge only takes about 15 minutes of course it takes a little bit longer heading back up [Music] i need to do a better job of being a morning person are you kidding me this is stunning what’s really cool is that my hotel is just right there that’s my hotel well I’m wrapping up my trip had a delicious breakfast pack my bags i am now headed to get my car which is probably a 10 minute walk from the hotel and then i’ve got to find a way to park the car and get my luggage but honestly what a difference it makes a couple of hours look how many people are here if you’re gonna spend the night here i have a couple of recommendations of hotels and i’ve left the links in the description below i am staying at villa which is a four-star hotel really lovely proprietor very quiet right now because of the pandemic and look at the view that i have had from my room i have this little juliet balcony that this morning i woke up and i opened my curtains and i saw the sun coming up over the bridge and that hotel over there which is a very famous hotel called peregor which is another option but i think i would stay over here instead in the old part of town so if you want to be a little more budget friendly i would stay in the new part of town on the other side of the bridge and i have also put in a few two and three star hotels that i would suggest where you stay over there coming into Ronda it’s very easy to have a car and park here however you’re not always going to be able to park right next to your hotel parking is anywhere from 10 to 25 euros a day so be prepared if you come with a car it is about an hour from the coast about an hour from sevilla so depending on where you’re headed it’s also an hour two hours so depending on where you’re coming in get up early in the morning come see this town before the people get here spend the night spend the next morning and then leave town as soon as the buses arrive there are two tours that i recommend that you take while you’re in Ronda one is early in the morning and that is taking a walking tour with guru walks with leo she was a wonderful guide a local girl has lots of information details in history about the city and the real highlight of coming to rwanda is going to receive that was such an experience to learn the passion and the history behind breeding these wild fighting bulls you may not love bull fights but you have to go to reselva tower they also if you’re a horse person they raise the pure bread and illusion horses as well what a treat they were so kind so informative and there is such a passion for what they are doing there and if you would like to go to reservation make sure to go to the description below because i’ve left a link the number one thing to do i promise reservation so to recap some of the highlights go to the plaza de toros unbelievable you’re able to go inside it’s spectacular well worth the 9 euros 50 get make sure that you get the audio version as well go to have a coffee at the hotel catalonia which is overlooking the plaza de toros only open in the evening also make sure that you go out to eat in the evening and you get one of the delicious beef dishes especially i recommend you do the ravo de toro which is the oxtail stew that is a little bit like goulash really really delicious make sure to walk the old town also get up early in the morning and walk down the gorge so you can get a wonderful picture of the new bridge [Music] it has been a wonderful 24 hours in rona if you haven’t been here put it on your bucket list because it is such a gorgeous city so if you have any other suggestions or have any other ideas of what to do when you’re in town make sure to leave them in the comments below I’m Kim the Abundant Traveler and i will see you in some other gorgeous Andalusian white village very very soon bye!

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Ronda, Spain Things To Do
Ronda, Spain Things To Do

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