Things You Can’t Miss in Naples, Italy

Are you planning to travel to Naples, Italy soon? Want to know all the best things to do in Naples? This post is for you! 

I’m sharing things you can’t miss in Naples, Italy. I give you lots of great places to see and things to do in Naples, Italy. I touch on some things like Guru Walks Walking Tour Naples Italy, food and drink options, shopping in Naples, and places to visit in Naples Italy, I’ve got you covered with this best things to do in Naples, Italy guide to ensure your experience visiting the city will be your best!

Naples is a city in southern Italy. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe, with tons of art, architecture, and archeology to experience, not to forget their pizza! I highly recommend visiting Rocky Mountain National Park.

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I’m Kim The Abundant Traveler and welcome to the channel. Today I’m going to be sharing with you the top things to do in Naples Italy. Yes you should spend two or three or four days in Naples before you head off to the Amalfi coast or potentially Capri. There are so many wonderful things to do beautiful museums sites things to do great food to eat and plenty of shopping so let’s go ahead and get started. Let’s start with a couple of things that I recommend you do in any city that you visit for the first time first I recommend doing a free walking tour through guru walks they were fantastic they are by tip only and it was a great way to get my bearings of the city also I have a guide to ask for great pizza and things to do as well I also suggest that you do a hop on hop off bus not necessarily for the actual bus but it does get you around to all of the major sites which is a great thing to do Naples also has a Naples pass that you can buy which will get you into a lot of the museums and the sites for a three-day pass which is a great value if you’re interested I left a link in the description below for that pass also something else that I recommend you do right when you get to a new city is to take a food tour the first evening you’re in town when you do a food tour you get to meet new people you get to try all of the local foods you actually get to go to places that you probably wouldn’t know about through tripadvisor or some of the other blog posts the guides from the food tours do a great job of giving you those hidden secrets and those great dishes that are special for the city so now that we just got not for a food tour let’s talk about the foods that you have to have when you’re in Naples number one pizza let’s just say it you gotta have pizza that’s what Naples is famous for additionally I recommend having an apparel spritz at least one or two every single day and the final food item or drink item that I’m going to recommend is going to gambrina’s to get a coffee and a pastry gambrina’s is famous for their espresso or their cafes and it is a great place to go maybe have some breakfast have a pastry have a delicious coffee and watch all of Naples go by it’s a really busy corner and it’s a lot of fun to see what’s going on let’s talk about some of the sites that you have to see while you’re in Naples the first is the cathedral this is a gorgeous cathedral that is 320 feet long and 150 feet wide it costs about two euros to get in and it’s open in the mornings and in the afternoons make sure to note that it’s typically closed for about four hours in the middle of the day built between 1299 and 1314 the cathedral of the assumption of mary is also called the duomo it has beautiful frescoes and is a blend of gothic baroque and neo-gothic styles this cathedral is also home to a vial of blood of saint janarius which during some festivals they say his blood turns solid I don’t know anyway that’s what they say if you’re headed to Naples make sure to check out my other videos on the city I have a packing guide I have a no before you go or travel guide and I also have a day trips from Naples so definitely check out all of those videos and if you’re not already make sure to subscribe to the channel the next thing that you have to stop by and see while you’re in Naples it’s just a little bit north of the city and it is a palazzo de cappa di monte I hope I said that correctly it’s a hunting lodge of the bourbons it’s an old palace of theirs it has a beautiful museum inside which houses a lot of the frenesi family collection as well as other antiquities also it’s a great place to get out of the hubbub of Naples and go walk through the grounds and the forest that is up there as well the next stop that you have to make is the piazza de plevo chico I hope I said that one correctly it houses the royal palace on one side and a church of san francisco de paola on the other what is interesting about this area until recently it was a parking lot once staples started getting a lot of cars they used it as a parking lot but recently it has been changed over it’s a walking pedestrian area it’s really beautiful and they actually have lots of concerts in this area when I was in town it was set up for a concert and it was really really cool so while you’re in the piazza going to see the royal palace is a must something to note though it’s closed on wednesdays it’s only two euros to get in and it is open all day long it was the house or the palace of the bourbon kings of the two sicilies and it started around the year 1600 of course it’s had renovations since and it’s definitely interesting going to the palace and seeing how the kings and queens of Naples lived two more sites that I recommend going to see one is the castle nuevo or the new castle which is right there at the ferry port or when all the where all the cruise ships come in it’s quite impressive to see this fortress looming in the bay of Naples it has five uh towers around it and it’s really really cool to go see definitely go take a selfie in front of it even if you don’t go in the final item is a must must must must you must go to the archeological museum while you’re in Naples the reason you should go there is it houses so many of the antiquities and artifacts from pompeii and herculaneum it’s incredible you can see all of the figures and the statues and the mosaics and all of the artifacts and the coins and everything so it’s a must now let’s talk a little bit about the must-see areas in Naples one is baccanopoly where you can go shopping and via toledo where you can go shopping via toledo is where you’re going to find all the mainstream shops like h m and spicanopoly is where you’re going to find all of your souvenirs your Italian leather your puccinelli mass which is famous in the city of Naples as well as the good luck horns you’re going to see those everywhere those good luck horns remember you can’t buy them for yourself you have to buy them to give to somebody else so they are horns shaped like this and they’re good looks they are the good luck symbol of Naples so that’s a little bit about the shopping on those two streets another area that I recommend that you go see is the seafront go for a walk there’s some great restaurants down there as well and the port I also recommend going to see the area just off of the seafront called kiaya it is full of delicious restaurants nightlife bars clubs it’s a great place to go on the weekend of course the later it is the younger it is but it is a great place to go hang out have a glass of wine have an after all spritz have a beer and have a delicious dinner one really fun thing to do when you’re in Naples is to take a vespa tour I did one in rome and I loved it and I did one in Naples and it was a lot of fun as well despite it was it rained on me yes the only two hours of rain my entire trip three weeks was the two hours I was on the back of a vespa I loved the trip it was with uh vespa and joy tours Naples and it was great it was about 140 euros they took us around for about three hours it was a lot of fun to see all the sights get a little history of the city and enjoy the views 360 degree views from the castle centaumo and also going out and seeing from the bay of Naples i’ve left the link in the description below for their response tour so check it out there’s a couple other things that are must-sees while you’re in Naples one is a subterranean tour very cool to actually go below ground and see where people lived first of all it was aqueducts in the old days but during world war ii part of Naples actually lived down there it’s a great tour also if you’re in Naples in the middle of summer when it’s really really hot the sub training tour is a fantastic tour because it’s actually quite chilly down there the other thing that is a must-see while you’re in the city of Naples that’s pretty easy to get to is herculaneum herculaneum is a smaller version of pompeii it is was also destroyed in the mountains of vesuvius volcano in 79 a.d but it is beautifully preserved and you can see lots of mosaics and you can really see the way that people lived if you go to herculaneum I do recommend taking a two-hour tour so you can actually learn about the area and learn the history of roman times the final thing that I recommend doing if you don’t take the vespa tour and they don’t take you up there is to take the funicular there’s actually a whole nother section of the city up if you take the funicular you can walk up to the san telmo castle which is a beautiful 360 degree view of all of Naples it is it’s a lot of fun to take this little cable car thing up and then go up to san telmo and check out all the views of the city in the bay of Naples so that sums up the top things to do when you’re visiting Naples that’s about 25 different things please let me know in the comments below if you have a favorite thing to do in Naples so I am Kim the abundant traveler and I hope to see you in southern Italy sometime soon take care everybody bye y’all [Music] yo

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