The Lucky Catch Cruises Lobster Tour to Portland Headlight

Want to go on the best lobster cruise in Portland? My favorite is the Lucky Catch Cruise. What makes this company so different is the education you receive about the lobster industry and all that goes into a lobster fishing trip.


Lucky Catch Cruises Information

The cruise lasts for about an hour and a half and takes you through the daily routines of a lobsterman and has been around for

more than a decade. We had the opportunity to haul in traps, measure the lobsters, and band their claws. Once our cruise was over, we could take our catch over to the Portland Lobster Company where they would cook up our delicious dinner. It is a great value and one of the best things I did during my stay in Portland Maine.


Booking your Lucky Catch Cruise

There are a couple ways to book your cruise. You can book a tour at or you can go down to the long wharf and front office of lucky catch cruises portland maine lobster boat tourbook at their kiosk. Make sure to book early because you don’t want to miss the opportunity and they book up fast. In summer, there are 5 cruises a day starting at 10:30 in the morning the last one leaving at 5:30 in the afternoon. Make sure when you go on the tour you ask for Captain Brian and Kate. Kate was actually a marine biology teacher, and so the information they provide is exceptional.  On this tour you don’t have to worry about being seasick, you are only in the bay. There are three possible itineraries each and every day. The first two trips to Portland Headlight, two trips seal watching, and one trip to the Whitehead Passage. Our cruise was to the Portland Headlight and it was beautiful to see this iconic lighthouse from the water. It was the first lighthouse that was commissioned by George Washington and the second lighthouse in the US to be completed, right after Boston. The cruises leave from the Long Wharf right in the center of Downtown Portland. It’s very easy to locate because it’s right next to Dimillo’s on the water.


All about the Lucky Catch Vessel

The vessel we were on was a 37 foot Maine built fiberglass lobster boat designed to be smooth and stable in the ocean waters. alongside the lucky catch portland maine lobster boat tourBuilt in 1983 for the sole purpose of commercial lobstering, this Lucky Catch didn’t carry it’s first paying customer until 1997. Not only do you have a great time on this tour, you get a huge education about the lobster industry in Maine. You get to know the conservation practices of the fisherman and you realize how sustainable they make their own industry.  I recently learned that they catch more lobsters now than they did 60 years ago. So make sure to come in the summer to the lucky catch tour. They run commercial lobstering fishing from October to May so the Lucky Catch is only open during the off-season from May until October.


My review of the Lucky Catch Cruise

aboard the lucky catch portland maine lobster boat tourNot quite as scary as the deadliest catch but it’s been a lot of fun, a lot of adventure and we got a ton of information from Captain Brian and Kate. Thank you Lucky – Catch it’s been a


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