Travel Tips for Sailing Sicily in a Catamaran [VIDEO GUIDE]

Are you planning to travel to Sicily, Italy soon? Want to know all the important travel tips for chartering a catamaran and sailing Sicily in style? This post is for you! 

I loved sailing for a week around Sicily, Italy on a catamaran! If you’re interested in seeing what it’s like on a catamaran vacation, don’t miss this video! I went on a cabin charter with the Intersail Club (grab a discount with the code: abundant) and spent a week on the water in Sicily. I’ll show you how it is living on a catamaran for a week, give you some important questions to ask before your trip, and give you resources for exactly what to pack for a sailing trip! I’ve got you covered to ensure your first sailing vacation is your best!

Catamaran sailing has grown in popularity over monohull vessels, boasting a more stable journey over the water, as well as offering more room overall. If you’re looking for a 3-to-7-day sailing vacation, I highly recommend them!

Click to watch my full Sicily Catamaran Sailing video!

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Sicily Catamaran Sailing Trip, The Abundant Traveler Pinterest Pin
Sicily Catamaran Sailing Trip, The Abundant Traveler Pinterest Pin

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