Paragliding in Chamonix

Paragliding has been on my bucket list for some time, but I never wanted to rush it. Last month, the location, conditions, and price all worked perfectly! Keep reading to hear about my experience with Fly Chamonix.



The best way to get to Chamonix is by private car from Geneva. I like it because it’s fast, convenient and you can travel when you want.  However, if you are price conscious, you can also check out the FlixBus which offers limited travel times between Geneva and Chamonix. Another way to save money would be to fly into Milan instead of Geneva. From Milan, you can take a bus that takes around 4 hours to get to Chamonix. Geneva is a smaller airport and so it tends to be more expensive to fly into.




There are lots of great hotels in Chamonix, and I’d recommend staying in the heart of thecity as close to the walking zone as possible.  You are expending so much energy during the day on the mountain, that you don’t want to walk too far at night to have dinner.  We stayed at the 4 star Hotel Morgane and it was fantastic.  Ample sized rooms, great breakfast, and very friendly staff.



  • Long pants
  • Close-toed shoes
  • Wind-breaker (I used this Patagonia Rain Jacket)
  • Sunglasses (Check out my favorites from Ray Ban)
  • GoPro (or you can use theirs and pay a little extra)
  • Bonine for motion sickness




Our guides from Fly Chamonix met us at Le Brevent Gondola meeting point. They were right on time and getting us excited for the adventure ahead. When we got to the top of the windsock, the guides started putting our gear on us including harnesses and helmets, and setting up the parachutes. The take-off was such a rush: the idea is you run as fast as you can while the parachute is filling with air. Pretty soon, you’re floating in the sky! I loved how my guide gave me the opportunity to “drive.” For more adventurous people, you have the chance to do acrobatics and have a big adrenaline rush!

All of my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed our experience with Fly Chamonix. A highlight was flying in front of the breath-taking backdrop of Mont Blanc. A bonus with going with Fly Chamonix is how they set you up with an ongoing video of the flight for  a reasonable fee. I love my GoPro footage!

Thanks Fly Chamonix for the best day  ever!

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