Guide to Travel Gifts for Men

Men are always so challenging to buy for, but this men’s gift guide will help you find the perfect stocking stuffer or special little gift.  Doesn’t matter if you are buying for your husband, boyfriend, dad, or son, this gift guide will make your shopping a snap.  All items on this list are under $20 so you won’t break the bank either. 

PS.  I’ve also included the Amazon links for every single item so read on!

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The ultimate men’s grooming gift, this kit is great for a luxurious trip. A bit on the heavier side, it will add a little weight to his suitcase. 

With a quality look and feel, this passport cover is a nice men’s gift. I like the stylish color and the extra slots for credit cards on the inside of the cover. 

Let the man in your life document his travels with this quality leather journal. This journal is 5×7 and has lined pages for easy writing. 

A super compact first aid kit is always helpful for travel or camping. There are 66 pieces inside this kit including bandaids, tweezers, antiseptic wipes, safety pins, medical tape and more. 

This toiletry pack contains 20 travel sized items that every man needs when he travels. Including soap, deodorant, a razor, and more this will make it easy for him to pack on your next trip! 

The best gift to go with an eye mask? A comfy memory foam travel neck pillow! This particular brand is nice because it squishes down into a travel bag, and also includes a clip so it doesn’t slide off your neck, or can hang from your backpack. While you’re at it buy one for yourself too! 

Disposable and flushable, I love this convenience item to keep your guy fresh and clean. At just around $2 US dollars these are a great add on gift item that may even get a laugh, or a big thank you – who knows! 

Graduated compression socks are a must have for any kind of long haul flight to help with circulation. The dark color and nice quality of this brand made it my top compression sock choice for under $20. 

A hanging dopp kit (or toiletry bag) I like this one for the organization and quality. It is a bit bulky if only traveling with a carry-on, but is great for longer trips. This will organize all his toiletries and then some. 

Perfect for holding all of his electronic accessories, this gear organizer is a top men’s gift idea. The interior features multiple pockets and elastics to keep everything well organized. No more digging to the bottom of his bag for chargers! 

What man doesn’t love a great flask? The army green color of this one is beautiful, and it also includes a small funnel for easy use. A fun men’s gift idea to add to your list! It’s available in multiple colors so make sure to click below to check them out. 

Leak proof, BPA free, and slim this is a great water bottle for your man’s backpack. The motivational markers on the front will inspire anyone to make sure their water consumption is on par for the day. Staying hydrated while traveling is especially important! 

Every traveler needs a sleep mask! Help your man get the best rest possible whether he’s on an airplane, train, or trying to sleep during the daytime. The modeled shape of this mask makes it ultra comfortable. 

An RFID protected wallet offers the man in your life style and extra protection from theft. Made to fit perfectly in your back pocket, you’ll find this wallet to have great stye and function. Multiple color choices are available as well.

Perfect for camping, this headlamp is a great men’s gift option. This particular brand has a bright light and is durable. I have even used a headlamp outside at night to see things when I’m not camping! 

If the man in your life is really into electronics, this is a great gift. This is primarily for traveling in the US, Mexico and Canada. There are 4 USB ports, 3 plugs, and it’s really lightweight. 

Any guy who loves to film or take photos will enjoy this portable tripod. It weighs about 3 lbs, and extends to 5 feet tall. It has a lever to get the right angles as well. I use this for all of my filming and love it!  

A remote control clicker for your camera shutter is amazing, and I personally use it on every trip I take. Get your man from behind the camera to in front of it with this men’s gift! 

Another great tripod option, this one works well for spots where you may not have a flat surface, or want to hang your camera from somewhere above. The versatility of this item makes it a great men’s gift. 

I’m Kim, the abundant traveler and welcome back to the channel.

Today, I’m going to be sharing with you 20 items under $20 for the man in your life. Whether it is traveling with camping, backpacking or a luxury five-star trip, these items are perfect for the man in your life. Whether it’s your dad, your brother, your boyfriend or just your travel buddy, there’s no need to get out pen and paper, you can look at all of these items by going to the description below and clicking the amazon links.

These are affiliate links but there’s no extra charge for you and they do support the brand the abundant traveler. I’d be so appreciative if you would use the links in the description below.

Our first item is an all-in-one travel kit, that makes it easy for your man to pack. This convenience kit for men features 20 items that every man needs when he travels from razors to shaving cream, Advil, toothpaste and even some toenail clippers. This is the best part about it, on the inside there are 40 travel size items so you do not have to go out and buy each individual little item for your man, it’s all in here and ready for you. There is a comb, there is toothpaste and a toothbrush, a little razor, basically, everything you need, the guys can just put this in their backpack or in their suitcase and off they go.

The second item I have is a RFID Protected Passport Cover. You can see right here, it’s a nice chocolate color and on the inside, you put your passport here and you can put a couple of credit cards here as well. I really like this, it’s a nice feel, it feels very luxurious and for under $20, it’s a great deal.

The next item I have for you is a leather gorgeous Journal, you can see here, it is very nice packaging and has a piece of leather to wrap it up and they have beautiful pages lined pages on the inside, nice detail, you can see right here, really nice detail, I really think that this is great for a guy that likes to take notes or a guy that’s quite the planner on the trip. I like traveling with guys that are planners because I am not a planner, I’m a fly by the seat of my pants, kind of girl. This BEDSURE leather journal notebook is 5×7 inches and it has 240 pages, it’s easy to care for and actually looks better the more worn, it is.

So, the next item we have is a 66-piece FIRST AID KIT. First Aid Kits are extremely important and again, make your guy’s life a lot easier, all he has to do is take this, pop it in a suitcase and he is good to go. There are band-aids, there’s tape, there’s a little bit of Neosporin, actually there’s a pair of scissors as well in here, check out these little scissors which are great, not just for first aid but for other things. So, this is a great gift and it’ll keep your guys safe while he’s traveling, this small FIRST AID KIT made by thrive, has 66 pieces, it is light and small and easy to pack. There are medical supplies for emergencies, survival, hiking, camping and just general travel and cycling.

And next is a great headlamp, the next item I think is great to have whether you are camping or not camping, I always take a head torch or a headlight with me. This is a great one, I really like this there are several but I found that this one had all of the bells and whistles had the brightest light and everything I needed for under $20.

So, the next item I have on the list for your favorite guy are some graduated Compression Socks. I really like this set, super high quality, very masculine with the gray, nice graduated, it’s good for circulation and it’s great on an airplane. These physics Compression Socks are 70% Nylon and 30% Spandex. They come in different colors but I found these to be the most attractive for the man in your life.

This ALPINE SWISS men’s wallet is very luxurious for being under $20 and fits perfectly in his back pocket. This is a RFID Protected Wallet as well and RFID Protection means that somebody can’t come by with that, whatever in their bag and swipe your credit card numbers. So, I thought this army green was a very handsome color as well.

Next, this is a great gift for a guy, of course, that’s also a great gift for a girl if you’re buying or you can buy couples, this is a very nice mask to wear when you’re on the airplane or it’s really light outside, and you want to take a nap. This eye mask is made by MZOO and it is a perfect mask for men its 3D contoured cup, makes it very easy on your eyes.

Next, you’re going to love this DUDE WIPES. Yep, just give your guys some dude wipes, they’re disposable, you can flush them, need I say anymore? these were only like $2. So, if you need an extra gift but don’t want to spend any money, this is your item.

This is a professional stainless steel nail clipper kit including 15 pieces of nail, clippers, trimmers and even scissors. Perhaps your guy won’t take every item but this has everything you could need and if he takes it, you can actually borrow some of it, it’s quite heavy though so be prepared that this is going to take up a lot of your weight. It’s probably like a pound and a half, so, just take note if you’re backpacking, this is probably not it, if you’re going on a luxurious trip, it might be a great fit

If you have some great ideas for guys for the holiday season, for the birthday, for anniversaries, please let me know especially if it’s under $20 because I will definitely add them to the next video. Also, if you’re interested in items over $20, make sure to watch the video of luxury items for that man in your life.

So, the next item on the list is this very nice army green flask and what I really like about it is the top here is connected, so you can’t lose it, and additionally it has a little funnel, so you can fill up with your favorite alcohol. Also, it’s quite large, so I think that this is a great fit because then you can share what’s in the flask with your man. This Hip Flask is made of stainless steel and holds 12 ounces, it comes in multiple colors so make sure to click the link below and see all of your options available to you.

So, the next item I have on the list is a very nice very lightweight, sort of a canvas style with a little clip here, you can see the clip right there. This will hold all of your guy’s electronics, so, you can put all your cords here, you can put batteries here, anything you want, little clips here, you know, maybe his Bose speakers or his Earpods or anything like that. I really like this, this is good for any traveler, not just a man but I got it in black, just so, it would be more attractive to the dudes. The 32-ounce motivational water bottle and time marker has a straw, it’s BPA free and is leak-proof. It comes in multiple colors but I thought the black was the most masculine. It actually has a straw in it, it’s got a little hook that you can hook. One thing I like about this bottle, it’s quite skinny, so it will fit in most backpacks. I also like here that this is a lock and then you can pop it open and have a drink and then lock it, so, it doesn’t leak. So, this is a great fit I really thought this was a fantastic water bottle and you can see exactly how much you’ve had to drink.

Travel PILLOW special is the fact that it is a hundred percent pure memory foam, it’s comfortable and breathable and machine washable. So, this is a neck pillow, I think this is memory foam and it feels so good, girls I’d buy one for myself as well. This is very, very nice, you can hook it onto your backpack or anything, and even though this looks extremely bulky, look what happens? it folds up and squishes up into a little tiny of course, my hands aren’t very strong but it squishes up and fits inside, this little tiny memory foam bag. So, I think this is one of the best necks pillows I have found, especially for under $20.

Next, we have a dopp kit again not like the first one that’s full, this one is empty but what I like about this one is it is a hanging dock kit; you can see here the hanger and then there’s plenty of space, and it said there are 17 pockets in here where you can put things. So, this is a bit bulky, I don’t recommend this if you’re trying to be super-efficient in your traveling, but this is actually a very nice gift, a little bit of detail right here, high quality canvas, looks really nice and would be a great gift.

So, the next five items and actually the last five items in the 20 under $20 for the man in your life are all electronics or have to do with filming, this cam kicks remote control CAMERA SHUTTER with Bluetooth wireless technology is perfect for every day and every vacation. You can actually buy this and get two of them at once, it usually comes with a little chain here, so you can wrap it around your arm but I love this, it has saved me for all of my selfies and everything like that I’m using. This universal travel adapter has an all-in-one international AC plug, it has fast charging and it has four USB ports. It covers the US, UK, EU, Australia and more than 150 countries. Look how nice this is, and nice carrying case and this is a universal charger and there are the outlets here, you can plug in here depending on what where you are from and what outlets you use. I just really like this one because it had the nice carrying case, it doesn’t take up a lot of room, it’s actually very lightweight and very efficient and I thought it was very masculine as well.

And next, this wall mount has a multi-function design, four USB charger ports and three AC outlet plugs and it has a built-in surge protector. For the gentleman who is into his electronics and this is primarily for traveling domestically in the U.S, Mexico or Canada, this is the only plug on here. This is three plugs and four USB ports, I think this was a great find, it’s very lightweight, it’s very easy to use, it’s also very easy to see in a backpack, so you can pull it out and if you’re at the airport you can plug this in and then plug everything else in at once. I thought this was great, I’ve looked at several items but I thought this one was one of the best.

The next item I have is a PORTABLE TRIPOD, the reason I’m not showing you the PORTABLE TRIPOD is because I’m filming on the PORTABLE TRIPOD. It weighs about three pounds and it extends to five feet, it’s fantastic, it has a lever that goes like this, and it has been a lifesaver for all of my filming and all of my selfies. So, if your guy likes to take photographs or take photographs of the two of all, the try PORTABLE TRIPOD is fantastic, and also, it shrinks down to about this size.

The next item, and the final item in the 20 under $20, is a GORILLAPOD, and a GORILLAPOD has a little ball where you can wrap around a tripod they’re only about this big and you can spend 50 or $60 on one but you can also spend under 20. They’re about this big, you put your camera on top and then you wrap, it around a tree or around a pole and it’s a great addition to any of your photography and travel videoing. This GORILLAPOD is made by JOBY, it is lightweight and flexible and can hold seven times its weight, the flexible legs maneuver 360 degrees, so, you can wrap this around any obstacle for the perfect shot.

I hope that you have enjoyed these 20 items under $20 for the man in your life. Please leave a comment below and let me know if you have any additional suggestions. Also, if you’re looking to buy any of these items, remember go to the description below and click on the amazon link.

I’m Kim, the abundant traveler and I will see you and your man on the next adventure. Bye y’all, mwah.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I earn a small commission if you make a purchase. I only recommend products that I personally know and use, and the income helps to keep this site updated and free for everyone.

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