Lamanai Outpost Lodge [Full Review]

Have you ever wanted to go to Belize and stay in a jungle lodge? If you’re like me, you want a unique experience, something a little bit different from the norm. I have the answer for you! This is the Lamanai Outpost Lodge!

I researched many lodges in Belize, but I chose Lamanai Outpost Lodge because they were the most unique and remote. They were also the only one next door to the Lamanai Ruins. The rest were more centrally located in the country.

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How to Get to Lamanai Outpost Lodge in Belize

Fly into BZE, in Belize City. If you stay at the lodge, they arrange for a driver to pick you up outside the airport, just outside of customs. It takes 1 hour in a van and 1 hour in a boat ride (see my full blog post and video about the boat ride!) 


Where to Stay at Lamanai Outpost Lodge

The Lamanai Outpost Lodge is one of the very best eco-lodges in Belize and the only one with access to the Lamanai Mayan Ruins. 

You have the option to choose a jungle or lagoon-facing casita. Ask for a lagoon-facing casita as there is more ventilation near the water. I did the popular All-Inclusive Package which covered 3 meals a day plus 2 excursions per day.

The casitas are the traditional wood huts. They are a great size but relatively basic. Inside my casita was a bed, a mirror, two end tables, and your own bathroom with a stand up shower. Most have their own private hammock on the front porch, as well. 

The accommodation is very rustic. Most of the units have air conditioning, but on a really hot night, the AC is more of a suggestions than a reality! So, yes, it’s rustic… the way they look after you and take care of you is like staying at a Ritz Carlton. 5 Star service all the way.

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When is the Best Time to Travel to Belize?

Late November to mid April is the Belize’s dry season. Don’t go later than July. I went the first week of August and I had some rain showers every day. Here’s an annual look at Belize’s temperatures, rainfall, and sunshine.


belize annual temperature charts

belize annual sunshine chart

For current weather in Belize City, click here.

Lamanai Outpost Travel Guides

When you choose the all inclusive package you have your own personal guide for your entire stay.  I considered myself lucky to have Eduarda Ruano as my guide as he is one of the best birders in the entire country. His knowledge and expertise made it so much more fun and exciting. He was with me on every activity and every adventure. He showed me his home, got a coconut out of his tree out of the yard for me, and I met his new wife. All the guides are so welcoming, knowledgeable, and so much fun. 🙂 Make sure to request Eduardo if you stay here! You will not be disappointed!

Lamanai Outpost Activities and Excursions

Like I said, I went for the All-Inclusive package which included 2 excursions per day. These include:

  • Jungle dawn walk
  • Sunrise canoe expedition
  • Lamanai Maya Ruins
  • Maya Medicine Trail
  • Sunset cocktail cruise
  • Nature walk
  • Spotlight Safari
  • Night walk

The highlights for me were the jungle dawn walk and the sunrise canoe. There’s plenty to do with the excursions, but there’s also lots of downtime for reading and swimming in the lagoon. (Though it should be noted: there is no swimming pool).

Lastly, it was such a treat to have access to the Lamanai Ruins during my entire stay. I went twice and was able to see and climb every temple during this time.


What to Eat at Lamanai Outpost in Belize

Every morning was a full breakfast with fresh juice, huevos rancheros or an omelette. Lunch and dinner were both full meals, sometimes shrimp curry, sometimes fresh fish caught from the lagoon, always served with a starch and a side salad. Oh – and the homemade desserts! Don’t worry, they accommodate all dietary restrictions, as well as kids who are picky eaters. They made pancakes for one person, bacon for another, tortillas subbed for bread for another. Delicious!

Alcohol is not included in the all-inclusive package but they do have a bar.

Pro Travel Tip: Buy your alcohol before you leave customs at the Belize City Airport.

Wildlife Around the Lamanai Outpost

If you go on the afternoon hike, you are likely to encounter the howler monkeys that you can hear from your casita at night. I loved seeing them interact with each other. They were so close and so loud – they sound like lions! One night they were right outside my casita howling. I was also lucky enough to see two toucans thanks to Eduardo. Don’t feed the wildlife! This is why you have your guide.

I paid extra and did the crocodile encounter and that was my favorite activity. Our guide caught a crocodile by hand! Do note: It’s for research for the University of Florida so its catch and release.

What to Pack When Traveling to Belize & Lamanai Outpost

  • Head torch
  • Deet Bug spray
  • Convertible pants
  • Chaccos (Better than hiking boots. Most of the guides are wearing chaccos.)
  • Cooling towel
  • Day pack
  • Bathing suit (They provide towels)

Cost Breakdown for the Lamanai Outpost

I paid $350 night for the Lamanai Outpost Lodge All Inclusive with the activities. I recommend the all inclusive.

Where to Book a Room at Lamanai Outpost

Book a room at the Lamanai Outpost Lodge here!

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