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Are you planning to travel to Naples, Italy soon? Want to know all the important travel tips for Naples? This post is for you! 

From where to stay in Naples, Italy, how to get around, food and drink options, shopping in Naples, Italy and much more, I’ve got you covered with this Naples Italy travel guide to ensure your experience visiting the city will be your best!

Naples is a city in southern Italy. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe, with tons of art, architecture, and archeology to experience, not to forget their pizza! I highly recommend visiting Rocky Mountain National Park.

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Today, I’m sharing my trip to Naples, Italy. From where to stay in Naples, Italy, how to get around, food and drink options, shopping in Naples, Italy and much more, I’ve got you covered with this Naples Italy travel guide to ensure your experience visiting the city will be your best! Naples is a city in southern Italy. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe, with tons of art, architecture, and archeology to experience, not to forget their pizza!
I’m Kim The Abundant traveler and welcome to the channel if you’re new here i put out laid-back luxury videos inspiring you to get out there and go see the world if you’re a subscriber thanks so much for stopping back by this video today is everything that you need to know before you go to Naples Italy Italy not Florida I’m going to be sharing with you tips tricks how to get there where to stay where to eat what to do and general prices as well so stay tuned to the end and make sure if you’re new give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel let’s go ahead and get started with a little history about Naples it was originally called partner payo and founded by the greeks in the 8th to 9th century bc the greeks created a new city more inland and called it neapolis hence the name Naples today the city is a bustling metropolis of commerce lots of spas crazy drivers and education it has one of the oldest universities in all of Italy a couple of interesting facts about the city in general is they have one of the largest ports in the mediterranean with six and a half million people coming through the port every year they also have seven castles in and around the city and the most important is pizza was created in the early 1800s for queen margarita we have red white and green which are the colors of the flag basil mozzarella and tomato sauce you have got to try one two three or ten pizzas while you’re in Naples so getting into Naples is relatively easy there is a good-sized international airport not too big not as big as rome or milan but it is great airport and easy access in and out we flew directly from newark to Naples nine hours piece of cake to get in if you’re coming in by train it’s relatively easy and only about an hour from the rome termini station if you’re going to drive in Naples and rent a car well don’t rent a car don’t drive in Naples it’s relatively easy to get around on foot and with public transportation so just don’t rent a car not even going to the amalfi don’t rent a car just don’t do it so the public transportation they have a wonderful metro system and they’re famous for their metro stations they have beautiful art and architecture in several of the stations and one of the most famous is that via toledo and they have taxis if you like to take taxis from the airport it’s about 25 euros from the airport into the main part of town and there is a bus going from the airport we took a taxi and when i was coming through there were probably 75 to 100 people in line for the bus so when you arrive in a city for the first time just take a taxi and just make it easy on yourself let’s talk a little bit about the weather in Naples in the summer it is hot humid and over 100 degrees sometimes and remember in europe even though they have ac in most places you’re not going to find it everywhere you’re not going to necessarily find it in cars and also the ac tends to not be as powerful as we have here in the us so just something to know the winter is when they get most of the rain and it’s only about 10 inches a month from november through march my recommendation the best time to go to Naples and the best time to go most places in the world are on the shoulder seasons so i would come to Naples sort of april may and then again late september early october those would be the best times without so many people also the weather is perfect Naples has a rough reputation it has had a rough reputation for as long as i can remember but again it is a port city and most port cities throughout the world do have a little bit of a rougher reputation like marseille or malaga and I’m in love with malaga by the way this city i found to be easy to get around i didn’t have any issues with pickpockets i found people to be generous and kind and welcoming i felt safe the entire time i was in Naples of course i did not go into the rougher neighborhoods it is a city of 3 million people and just like large cities anywhere there are going to be pockets of good and bad so as long as you’re staying in and around the tourist areas or the nicer parts of town then you’re not going to have anything to worry about i absolutely loved Naples and i recommend people not just doing a day trip and going on i recommend that you would stay there probably three full days in three days you can get almost everything done that you really need to see in this beautiful city so now that you’re staying three days i have a couple of areas to recommend where you should stay and also in the description below i have left several links to wonderful hotels in these particular areas the first is kiaya which is just off of the water it’s a beautiful sort of upscale area very narrow streets really nice restaurants not a whole lot of shopping but beautiful restaurants and cafes we went down there a couple of nights and had a wonderful dinner down there you can go to via toledo which is the main shopping street of all of the name brand shops like Yamame and h m and and those types of things off of that we stayed at a b and b called parts Partenopeo which is the original name of Naples and near the galleria so offa via toledo the galleria which is sort of a baroque style shopping area we stayed on the fifth floor at a beautiful airbnb and Stephanie our hostess was so kind and generous and helpful to us you can also stay in the central historical if i said that correctly um which is the center part of town where you’re going to find the subterranean crypts and you’re also going to find lots and lots of tchotchke shopping it’s also where several of the churches are and the piazzas where a lot of the tourists stay so those three areas are the three main areas i recommend and they’re about a 20 minute drive from the airport so food in Naples well it’s the home of pizza so you have to eat lots and lots of pizza I’m gluten free there are many famous pizza places to eat but my recommendation being gluten-free where i had a true pizza that tasted like a real pizza was at pizzeria Varachi v-e-r-a-c-i uh off of via toledo i’ve left a link in the description below to their website they’re also famous for their coffee dark deep rich and strong and they serve coffee espresso cafe they’ll serve it with a little glass of water and what you want to do is you want to drink the water first and then you have your espresso or your cafe also if you’re going to get a cappuccino make sure you only have a cappuccino in the morning it is sacrilege to have a cappuccino in the afternoon too much milk too heavy along with their pizza they are also famous for fried pizza which is the pizza folded over and fried not my thing but you’re supposed to have it they are also known for their sweets and their pastries there is one gluten-free bakery called Leopardo they have multiple bakeries but one in one location they do have a gluten-free bakery they have beautiful pastries that are fried with sugar on top with cream on the inside or with Nutella on the inside they’re also famous for these little hard cake type donuts they’re actually hard like crunchy hard with pepper black pepper and almonds lots and lots of sweets throughout Naples and everywhere you turn on every corner there’s a pastry shop since staples is on the coast you also want to try their seafood they’re known for mussels for clams for octopus and for white fish especially swordfish and they also have the little teeny white mediterranean fish they are known for some dishes Fungally which is the clam pasta they’re also known for Aquapazza which is crazy water where they take fish fish fillets or whole fish they wrap it in tin foil with olive oil herbs and fresh Sorrento cherry tomatoes and bake it in the oven make sure to try the Aquapazzo while you’re in Naples and in the area it was so good i had it two or three times my favorite restaurant in Naples was in the area of kiaya and it was called Austra ciao i have left a link in the description below because i probably mispronounced it we had beautiful mussels beautiful fish grilled fish we also had the aqua pasta it was delicious also while you’re in that area i would recommend that you go to inoteca belladonna make sure to ask for Eugene and tell him i sent you they are well educated have wonderful wonderful wines from the whole company region from Fianna to greco to tufa to Falun gina and Alianacos as well as some other small wines that you’re not going to see in other parts of the city or in the area and as far as bars go what do you drink while you’re in Naples well of course besides the wines of you want to be having apparel spritzes and limoncello spritzes one of the best places to try it is near the port and it is called barrio Botanico it is inside an office building with these big beautiful trees and greenery it’s very hip very trendy and it is a great place to go start your evening with an apparel spreads when you’re having enough raw spritz do expect that they’re going gonna bring you some peanuts possibly some potato chips and maybe some little crackers as well if they don’t bring it make sure to ask for olives if they don’t provide them because the green olives in the area are so ridiculously good now let’s talk a little bit about the shopping in Naples from the souvenirs that you should buy or you can buy to the nicer items that can be purchased well Italy is known for its linen and there’s plenty of linen there were beautiful leather goods as well i bought a gorgeous leather purse there they are also famous for a little horn it comes most of the time in red and it is a horn that you can give to somebody and that horn is a gift of blessing and for good luck you can’t buy it for yourself they also have for tourist souvenirs and Puccinello which is the masked man with the big nose and there’s a beautiful story about how life just happens and you gotta smile anyway through it so those are the some of the items to buy and where are you going to purchase these things well there is a main street through the center historical and also through the part through the whole city it’s actually splits the city into two parts it’s called Spakinopoly and that’s where you can find a lot of the gifts and treasures when you’re in Naples oh one other thing this area is also famous for its pottery more on the Amalfi but you can buy beautiful pottery in the city of Naples as well so how much do things cost while you’re in Naples you can buy a pizza for five four or five euros all the way up to 10 or 12 euros depending on where you are going and what part of town you’re in if you want a coffee you can buy a espresso or a cafe for 1 euro 1 euro 50 and make sure when you’re going to buy your coffee at a bar that you go to the cashier first get your ticket and then go to the bar and get your coffee or they won’t give you a coffee meals in general the nice dinner that we had we spent about 35 each for three courses and a bottle of wine and something to know about the restaurants in Italy and maple specifically if you’re going to be sitting down at any of the cafes or restaurants or cafeterias they are going to put a cover or a sort of tip charge i guess um a cover for sitting at the table one nice thing about being in this part of Italy is tipping is not normal so when you pay with a credit card they’re not expecting you to tip there’s actually no place for you to tip so that’s something to know but that cover is always there taxis were going to cost you going around town maybe 8 to 10 euros unless you’re going to the airport which will cost you about 20 to 25 taking the metro will cost you less than two so we’ll taking the bus as well if you’re going to be shopping you can of course the sky’s the limit if you’re going to buy inexpensive things for lunch you can shop a stop at one of the cafeteria cafeterias you can spend three euros four euros for a little panini or you can the sky’s the limit if you want but Naples is not a hugely expensive city and i found a lot of my souvenirs i bought them in Naples instead of i went on to the Amalfi and i bought a lot of my souvenirs in Naples instead because prices were much less expensive as far as hotels are concerned my recommendation is stay in a higher quality safer area of town so i would spend a little bit more money i stayed just next to the galleria and i spent about a hundred and fifteen dollars a night that included breakfast it just depends on what you’re looking for and the style of hotel where you would like to be so what to pack while you’re in Naples well if you’re going in the summer pack very light weight clothes and great walking shoes most of the places where i was in Naples it’s not a fancy area it’s not a fancy city so you can dress relatively casually if you’re gonna go out to a nice restaurant in the evening yes if you’re a girl you want to put on a dress and probably men want to put on slacks lightweight linen slacks maybe as you know throughout most of Europe men don’t wear a lot of shorts even in the middle of the summer unless you’re at the beach i recommend maybe bringing a hat for the ladies but in general the city is relatively casual t-shirts skirts casual shoes walking shoes we walked about 10 12 000 steps every single day so make sure you bring very sturdy great walking shoes most of the city is flat right there at the coast so it’s relatively easy walking but you will be walking a lot and if you’re interested i have a free packing guide to Naples and the Amalfi coast which is after i went to Naples i went to new multi so you can go to the description below and click the free guide it is everything that you need to know to pack and everything you’re gonna need for an entire trip whether you’re staying for four or five days or you’re staying for three or four weeks so description below click the free guide so what should you do while you’re in Naples well i have an entire video about that but a couple of the highlights are the archeological museum which has a lot of artifacts and mosaics from Pompeii and Herculaneum and i recommend going to both Pompeii and Herculaneum it’s kind of hard to do them both on the same day of course i recommend going and eating pizza we also took a vespa tour and i’ve left the link in the description below with the tour it was a lot of fun they took us up to the castle at the top of the hill San Telmo which was a wonderful 360 degree view of the city it was about two hours that was super fun and as always i recommend doing a walking tour the day you arrive in town also i recommend always taking a food tour left the link in the description below the night that you arrive to get your bearings you’ve got a tour guide to tell you where to go what to do and you get to try all the amazing foods on a walk-in tour so those are some of the highlights but make sure to watch the video that tells you everything that you need to see while you’re in Naples so that sums up my travel guide and everything that you need to know before you go to Naples Italy do take the time and do spend three or four days in Naples it’s a wonderful city with wonderful people thank you so much for watching i am Kim The Abundant traveler and i’ll see you on the next adventure hopefully in the mediterranean very very soon take care everybody!

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