Is Hawaii Safe for Solo Female Travelers? [DOWNLOAD]

Planning a trip to Hawaii as a solo female traveler? Have some alone time planned as part of a group travel trip?

It’s common to wonder if Hawaii is a safe place for women on their own. After all – it’s a small chain of islands, far away from the continental US, and it has an intrinsically unique culture, geography, and lifestyle. It’s a somewhat remote destination even though it’s a US state. There are just more “unknowns” as a solo female traveler in Hawaii vs. some place like New York City or Austin, TX.

So, is Hawaii a safe place for solo female travel?

The answer is yes.

Assuming you take all the necessary safety precautions, plan activities with reputable businesses, and always be aware of your surroundings, Hawaii solo travel is much like other US travel destinations.

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Tips for Solo Female Travel in Hawaii

1. Plan Our Your Trip Details Ahead of Time

Know your sightseeing destinations, guide companies, tours, dining destinations, activities and travel arrangements ahead of time. The more prepared you are heading into an unfamiliar destination, the easier it is to avoid surprises and unforeseen situations.

Even the best planning can’t prevent unforeseen issues with your destination, travel accommodations, and more. That’s why you should always have travel insurance.

2. Connect With Your Hotel Concierge (or Lodging Host)

Local hosts will be able to help you find trustworthy activities to partake in while you’re in Hawaii so it’s a good idea to connect with them either in person or over email prior and during your trip to make sure you’re going to be in good hands.

3. Always Keep Track of Your Cash and Identification

Hawaii is full of outdoors activities that allow you to enjoy the gorgeous natural surroundings. Whether you’re hiking, snorkeling, or surfing, you should always have safe and secure storage for your personal belongings, including your ID and money. We recommend a waterproof necklace style pouch to keep them dry and secure.

Another great tool to prevent the loss or theft of your personal belongings is an Apple Airtag. Attaching these to your purse, or passport wallet can be a life saver when you’re on the move.

4. Use Uber/Lyft or Licensed Taxi Service

People tend to get into trouble (no matter where they are) if they’re not careful about their transportations choices. There are plenty of safe and reputable local transportation options available in Hawaii, including rideshare apps and licensed taxi services. If you’re not sure which to use, consult a concierge.

Quick Tips for a Safe Hawaii Travel Experience

  • Take photos of your passport, ID & Credit cards, and email them to yourself, and save them on your phone. Just in case you lose your purse or wallet, you’ll have backup documentation. This can really save the day.
  • Send your travel itinerary to someone. This ensures that there’s always someone in the know about where you are and where you’re supposed to be
  • Make sure you have In Case of Emergency (ICE) listed in in your contacts on your phone. This is a hack that will help people who might find your phone be able to reach your emergency contact.
  • If you are using dating or BFF apps, make sure to meet people in public. Don’t let them pick you up or drop you off.
  • Respect the ocean. Don’t turn your back on the ocean and don’t risk your life for a selfie. Make sure to always respect the ocean and look at what is coming at you. Another saying is “When in doubt, don’t go out.” If the water looks rough, or dangerous don’t go out. Always swim during the day and on beaches with lifeguards in attendance. Don’t swim in remote areas. There are dangerous animals in the ocean, sharks, and jelly fish.
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  • Always be prepared on your hikes. Make sure to wear good hiking shoes, and bring a rain jacket, water and a fully charged cell phone. The weather changes in an instant and the rugged landscape can be very unforgiving. Make sure you are prepared for an emergency. I always travel with  my Medjet Membership Medjet is a medical evacuation membership that will  transport you from hospital to hospital should something happen on your travels.  Check out more about Medjet here.
  • Be careful when hiking around volcanoes. That is one of the top attractions when visiting Hawaii. Make sure to follow signs and safety directions. Don’t go near lava, or areas that are active due to the gases.

At the end of the day, Hawaii is a perfectly safe place to visit as a solo female traveler. Be smart, plan properly, don’t do anything that you wouldn’t do in your hometown and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Ladies: you have that 6th sense to stay safe. Listen to it, and don’t override it. That sense of safety is always right.

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