Ibiza Travel – What You Need to Know!

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Hey Travel Tribe!

Welcome back to the Tuesday Travels, the place to go for travel tips, hacks and inspiration.  

This week I’m sharing one of my favorite places in the world, Ibiza, and the tips and inspiration are specific to this infamous island.  Make sure to share this email with anyone wanting to visit this gorgeous oasis, or just share it with your friends who love to travel.

This week, I’m not posting a new YouTube video.  As you know, this is a passion project, not my ‘day job’ and some weeks there’s just not enough time to get everything done.   I’m so grateful that you are a part of this journey with me, and I’m so grateful for your support.


It’s been 7 months since I was on the Mediterranean, and I’m missing my favorite water in the world.  Some people love the warm Caribbean waters or the white sand beaches of the Florida Gulf Coast, but I love love love the Med.  I love the crisp, fresh salty water and I love the lifestyle that goes along with it.  The food, the wine, the people and the culture all sing to my heart, and one of my favorite places on the Med is Ibiza.  No, I’m not talking about the thumping club scene on the south end of the island.  I’m talking about the rest of the island with it’s the quiet calas (coves) and hippy vibe.  I’ve spent over a month in Ibiza in the past couple years, and if you’re looking for a laid back island with delicious fresh grilled fish and stunning beaches and coves, look no further.  Below you will find some tips and inspiration about where to go, what to do, and where to stay.

Ibiza Travel Tips


It’s best to have a car in Ibiza (a small car like a mini), and it’s super easy to drive around the island.  I don’t recommend taxis, Ubers or buses because Ibiza is quite large, over 220 square miles; it’s really cost and time prohibitive to use anything but a rental car.  That being said, please do not drink and drive. The simplest thing to do is rent a car from the airport; it’s a small airport and easy peasy to maneuver your way around.

My Favorite Calas (beaches)

I recommend visiting as many calas as possible.  I personally mapped out visiting 3-4 calas a day each with different vibes and scenery.  Also, make sure to stop by the small hidden gems that are off the beating path.  Take a chance and go left instead of right; you never know what you might find at the end of the road.  Ok, you might find naked people basking in the sun, but who cares ☺  A couple of my favorites are below.

  • Cala Carbo – West, Incredible sunset and no one around.  My business card photo was taken at this cala during sunset.  This is also the sunset photo above.
  • Cala Nova – East, White beaches and lots to do.  Tons of people as well, but a good beach to ‘get your feet wet’.
  • Cala Xaracca – North, Small cala with not much to do but bask in the sun and enjoy the vibe.

Great Restaurants

Ibiza is not known as a foodie Island, but there are some great restaurants.  Besides the restaurants below, I highly recommend having a whole fish lunch at the little restaurants located in the small calas.  Make sure to get there early, and book a table.  My favorite dish in Ibiza, pulpo (octopus). Yummy!

Ibiza Food Studio Funky and eclectic.  Try both restaurants.

Amante Very Chic and pricy

Aiyanna on the beach and best for lunch.  Order the Pulpo!

Where to Stay

Don’t be confused. The island is named Ibiza, and there is also the town of Ibiza.  I would stay in Dalt Ibiza (Old Town) where everything is happening (but no beach) or in St. Eulalia which is 20min north of Ibiza Town on the northeast shore. St. Eulalia is quieter beach town with more of a locals vibe. Note, St. Eulalia is not as fancy as Old Town Ibiza, but it has a nice beach and small promenade.  Unless you are a clubber, and want to party all night long, stay away from the area south of Ibiza Town where the hotels and clubs like Ushuaia and The Hard Rock are.

Ibiza Town

St. Eulalia


  • Luxury Fincas & Villas  – The ideal is to rent an entire house on the beach or in the interior (fincas).  Make sure to invite me when you are staying in one of these 🙂

Things to Do

Be careful about what you choose to do.  Ibiza is known for parties, so I’d steer clear of catamaran group tours if you don’t want 20 year old European clubbers.  Ok, maybe you do want that….either way, Ibiza has everything you want.

Yoga – There is a quiet spiritual side to Ibiza where you can

Hiking group Ibiza – Really cool facebook group

Food Tour – Took one of their tours my first evening.  It’s a great way to meet new people.

Speed boat Tour  – I didn’t do this, but it looks amazing!

Sunset drumming ritual at Benirras Beach  Instead of fighting the traffic and parking to get to the beach, try taking a kayak excursion from Portinax beach over to Benirras to hear the music.

Café del Mar – I love the music of Café del Mar, but I didn’t like the overpriced touristy vibe of the actual restaurant; it was a real disappointment.  For a better view of the spectacular sunset, walk about 5 minutes to the right of Café del Mar and grab a seat on a rock with a great bottle of wine and some delicious Spanish cheese.

Hippy Markets I loved going to the hippy markets, especially the one in Punta Arabi.  So many fun things to buy; I purchased so many goodies including earrings, a purse, and some sassy bell bottom pants.

Ibiza is one of my happy places  ☺, and I cannot wait to return!

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