Hiking Kotor Montenegro

In this video, I take my viewers on a tour of hiking the St. John’s Fortress of Kotor, a fortified city in Montenegro which lies along the Adriatic Sea. The city has been around in some form or fashion since Ancient Rome, around 100 BC.

Characterized by winding streets, historic architecture, and a gorgeous bay, Kotor is a very popular tourist attraction.

If you’re planning a trip there, watch my video below.

I’m Kim the abundant traveler and this is kotor montenegro this morning i’m going to go up and walk the fortification walls i believe it’s about 1300 steps up and down and best part about it is my apartment in old town it is just around the corner make sure to click that subscribe button and ring that notification bell because you don’t want to miss an episode so if you’re coming up to the city walls it is 8 euros there are thirteen hundred and fifty-five steps and their precarious so you want to make sure that you’re physically fit and have sturdy shoes on it ford this morning so also all the rocks are slick and you can see behind me look how beautiful it is and two out of the three cruise ships for the day are already here which means that i have the city walls all to myself right now but before long it’s gonna be full of cruisers make sure to join the tribe and become a member of the community by clicking the link in the description below and up and up and up we go the user getting more spectacular though the city walls represent a mix of old ramparts gates churches and fortresses the construction started in the 9th century and what i’m walking today is a four and a half kilometer loop that was finished in the 15th century it is so humid already but i only have a couple more flights to go are we there yet I am so out of breath oh so glad I made the climb hot humid already no breakfast just a little coffee but it was worth the climb time for sunglasses time for breakfast little cheese salami actually cheese prosciutto and my toast from this morning and a little bit of sparkling water this is the reason we do this this is the reason you should get out there see the world buy that plane ticket go experience it’s all worth it it’s all worth it the views at the bay are second to none from the top of st. John’s fortress make sure you take the time to do this height [Music] are you kidding me I’m better at going up than I am coming down the city walls are officially open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. from May to September however the walls are actually available to you 24 hours a day you just have to pay between September and success I made it make sure to go to the description below join the tribe if you’re looking for more tips tricks and hacks I’m Kim the abundant traveler and I will see you on the next adventure

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