Ever wondered what a flight with Tropic Air is like? If you are traveling within the country of Belize, Tropic Air is the airline you will fly with. It may seem scary being in a 14 seater plane, but I promise, it’s SO much fun. Keep reading to find out why.

About Tropic Air Belize

When you fly into BZE, in Belize City and want to fly to any of the domestic locations, Tropic Air will be the airline you choose! They also have 8 international destinations like Cancun, Mexico, Roatan, Honduras, Guatemala City, and Flores, Guatemala. There are over 200 scheduled flights per day! The plane is a 14 seater where you can actually sit in the co-pilot’s seat right next to the pilot, if you choose. Flights tend to be about $90 each way.


Tips to Have the Best Time!

  1. Book directly with Tropic Air rather than with a 3rd party.  If you have to IMG_5973change anything they will more likely to change it without a change fee if you book directly with them.
  2. Ask to sit in the copilot’s seat! Or at the very least, make sure to get a window seat so you can see the amazing views of the water and reefs.
  3. You can bring 2 checked bags with you for free. But make sure to leave your camera out. Make sure to have your camera out because the plane’s fly very low to the ground, so you get a real bird’s eye view of the Belize countryside.
  4. Make sure to stop at the arrival duty free to buy your wine and liquor for you stay in Belize. This duty free is unique because you can purchase alcohol upon entry to drink while you’re staying in the country.
  5. Be prepared for a rustic baggage claim in certain destinations. In Orange Walk, I was standing in the field where we just landed waiting for my bags!

Book a Flight with Tropic Air

Book a flight here! IMG_5995

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