Everything You Need to Know About the Biggest Spa in Europe: Caldea Spa in Andorra [VIDEO GUIDE]

Andorra is a microstate located along the border of France and Spain, smack dab in the middle of the Pyrenees Mountains. Not only is it an amazing travel destination for the hotels, dining, and food scene, it’s also home to the largest spa in Europe.

If you’re planning on traveling to Andorra soon, you’ll want to know all about the biggest spa in Europe in preparation for a visit. 

Below, you can watch my entire video guide to Caldea Spa in Andorra.

What I Cover in This Video Guide to Caldea Spa

In this video tour of Caldea Spa, I go over how much it costs, the best time to go to Caldea, what to bring to Caldea, as well as go over everything it has to offer you during your stay.

Caldea is a spa in Andorra that leverages the natural hot springs in the area to provide hydrotherapy and wellness, as well as a little bit of fun.

It is the largest spa in all of Europe and boasts beautiful architecture. It is definitely a must-visit place when you find yourself in Andorra. 

Where to Stay in Andorra

Here are my recommended hotels in Andorra:

I’m Kim the Abundant traveler and welcome to the channel today I’m going to be sharing with you everything that you need to know before you go to caldea that is the world famous Spa in the country of Andorra in the city the capital city of Endora La Bella let’s go ahead and get started and I’m going to give you a little tour good morning I am off to Caldera Spa which is one of the largest spas in all of Europe I’m gonna be here for about five hours there are a couple of different places I am going to the adults only so I’m going to have a massage spin about five hours here and can’t wait to tell you about it I’m headed to Anew which is the adults only section at caldea so I just checked into Inu and they gave me one of these this gets me in and out of this section as well as locked and unlocks my locker I got a towel some shoes and a robe and then I have an hour before my massage first a little history about caldea it was opened in 1994 and it was built to make use of the thermal Springs here in Andorra calderasa is located across the river from indoor La Villa in escaldas and organic I hope I said that correctly uh it was started in 1994 and in 1987 they decided to make use of city council decided to make use of these hot springs and give it its best to use where so many tourists can come and use these spa services and soak in these gorgeous thermal High Mineral Springs Waters it’s just spectacular the famous water architects who created this gorgeous building was Jean-Michel Ruiz from France and this particular building stands out amongst all the other buildings in Andorra it’s such an interesting juxtaposition because you have these Old Stone buildings from the 1400s and 1500s right next to all of the these gorgeous plain straight lines and lots and lots of glass what an incredible structure so when you come to calea I do recommend spending four to five hours here the entrance is anywhere from 56 Euros to 75 Euros the difference is there are two main areas the first area is thermologic where kiddos can go and then there is the adults only spot named Inu i-n-u-u and the adults only spot is a little bit more expensive but if you’re an adult and you don’t have kids then I definitely recommend you spend the extra money and come to Inu it is much quieter more relaxing more laid back so what should you bring for a day at caldea well number one bring a bathing suit they provide a robe and slippers for you so you don’t need to worry about that just bring a change of clothes they also have showers so with soap and shampoo so you don’t need to bring your own as well just bring a change of clothes and a bathing suit and then if you don’t want to get your hair wet then just bring a clip because they have a couple of restaurants and they have plenty of water there’s no need to bring any food with you also definitely want to bring your phone to take some selfies why not so if you’re interested in what I pack on every single trip that I take make sure to go to the description below and download my free guide it is the top 20 things that I take on every single trip so there are several different sections in enu and thermalodic well let’s start with Enew first of all you have this outdoor Spa you have beds you can lay in they have massage jets that you can put lay down it’s it’s amazing they have an indoor pool as well with more Jets and water fountains as well they also have just over here they have a gorgeous hot tub that is outside amongst the aspen trees you also have on the inside you have a hamam showers inside you also have sauna as well it’s not nearly as big but it is absolutely delicious and very very peaceful if you’re going to make a reservation which I definitely recommend you make a reservation in advance then I would go to their website at caldea.com and make a reservation with one of the discounts on a massage or something that you want to do today I did a massage that was with bamboo and CBD oil and my cost of coming into Inu it was well worth it it was about 141 Euros for the two and if I did a 60 Minute massage those massages would be about 120 euros without entrance into Inu I am so excited I am about to have my massage with CBD oil and bamboo she said it’s a little stronger but the CBD oil has menthol and arnica in it so it’s going to help my neck because I didn’t sleep very well last night and I’m just then I’ve got my own private shower my towel rack is heated my beautiful massage table I will see you in an hour [Music] so there are two different places that you can take a massage I would recommend doing Inu of course because it is its own unique space it is enclosed it is dark there is a gigantic fish tank in there you get some tea you get some juices you also have the opportunity to make your own perfume which was kind of cool so now I’m going to make my own perfume they have all of these little bottles that I’m supposed to smell see if I like them separate them between what I do like and what I don’t like and then they’re going to make me a little my own personal perfume from today this is hard to smell when you’re filming yourself and trying to smell at the same time and it gets a little overwhelming so they gave me some coffee clear my senses before I go into the next one [Music] so I found the perfect combination a little bit of Rose a little bit of citrus a little bit less Citrus a little bit of skin to skin which is very musky and then a touch of Jasmine perfect combination so if you’re going to take a massage in thermologic it is in the origins section and in the origin section is just above the main pool of thermolotic it is not as luxurious you have to sit at these little tables that are outside again my recommendation if your adult only is to go to Inu rather than thermalodic and take a massage there but if you have kiddos and you want to massage them thermologic it is downstairs in thermalodic you have basically the same things that you have up here in Inu you have hamams you have there’s actually this Roman bath that you can walk through where you have tepid water on one side and then 14 degree water on the other side but there is a line to get in I waited about five minutes and it was really loud because it was enclosed with lots of kids so now I’m walking the Aztec pool at Origins the origin section is quite interesting it’s got a mom and an Aztec pool it also has a pool with oranges in it and a pool of lemons in it it’s a little bit different and it’s available to both Inu and thermal loading so it feels really good it is there rocks underneath me it feels so good and it’s nice and temperate water feels really so it says oranges maybe I can’t translate but these are grapefruits it smells so good so citrusy it’s not quite as warm as the Aztec pool but it’s really cool to have all these oranges around you I recommend coming here first thing in the morning getting your massage relatively early and then staying through the lunch time there are actually two restaurants that are available to you one is blue and thermoloric and then one is the sushi restaurant upstairs in Inu the reason I suggest coming in the morning is in a door the weather tends to be better in the morning also there aren’t as many people in the morning also if you’re here over lunch time a lot of people go into the restaurants and have lunch so both the morning and lunch time there are just less people in the pools and just less people wandering around which makes it absolutely perfect the staff throughout caldea is absolutely fantastic the place is very very big it’s one of the largest in southern Europe and it’s kind of amazed to get around you have to follow the signs from Inu and then thermolotic and then up some stairs or down an elevator or up or around I’ve had to ask for directions twice to get around and honestly the staff took me where I was supposed to go because I got lost it’s quite easy to get lost if you’re going between emu upstairs and thermalottic downstairs because you can’t walk through the main area in your robe and your slippers if you’re coming to Andorra and you’re looking for a great place to stay going to caldea then I recommend yomo mola Park hotel it is literally across the street from the main steps of calea it’s a four-star hotel they have breakfast delicious breakfast in the morning that’s where I’m staying on my trip was very easy just walk across the street and it was perfect the staff at this particular yomo mola hotel has been wonderful English is great they speak Spanish they also speak kettle on of course really really helpful stuff I’ve really enjoyed staying there and it’s a perfect spot if you’re going to calvea if you’re interested in this hotel or any others make sure to go to the description below I have left a link to several wonderful hotels in the area well I hope that you enjoyed this travel guide to Caldera the spa in Andorra I’m Kim the Abundant traveler and I’ll see you at some other amazing spot very very soon take care everybody more bye bye can you believe today is country number 66. I have been to 66 countries on this planet there’s only like 130 more to go!

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