What to Do in Solta Croatia | Croatian Island Travel Guide

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The island of Solta is located near the city of Split, Croatia.

Even though it is only 19 km long and 5 km wide, Solta is a popular one-day trip idea when you are staying in Split. This small island is very hilly with steep shores, deep bays, and sheltered coves.

Due to large areas of macchia, shrubs, and herbs, the island makes a perfect beekeeping pasture and is famous for its honey.

In addition, the economy of the island is based on tourism, vineyards, olives, fishing, and fruit as well.

In this post, we’ll cover things to do in Solta Croatia, the best beaches to visit, and some of the great options to stay on the island. 

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Best Things To Do in Solta Croatia

While the main settlements are Grohote, Gornje Selo, Srednje Selo, and Donje Selo, the main fishing center is Maslinica. Moreover, Rogac is the main port, while Necujam is the center of the island’s tourism. Let’s explain the most interesting places to visit.


Grohote is a stone village and the largest settlement on the island. An alluring network of stone alleys and hidden courtyards enriched with medieval and Mediterranean charm are really worth the visit. There are plenty of private accommodation options, as well as local shops, a market, pharmacy, post office, and a tourist office.


Necujam is a popular tourist destination with a wide bay. The rocky beach is the main attraction, as well as a public swimming pool. Here you can also spot the remains of Roman villas and graves. Moreover, the village has four restaurants, beach bars, and even a discotheque.


Maslinica is a fishermen village with authentic vibes. The city center is full of stone houses, restaurants, and shops. Furthermore, the village has great pebbly beaches, ideal for watching the sunset. If you are looking for a hidden gem, head to the beautiful castle Martinis Marchi, which has been restored and turned into a luxury hotel.


Stomorska is the larger village situated around the harbor with plenty of restaurants, accommodation options, café bars, and smaller shops. There are also some rocky beaches around the city center. During the summer months, Stomorska is a popular spot for sailing boats.


Rogac the main connection point to the mainland. It is a short ferry trip from Split and the place to go if you want to tank your boat or car.

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Interesting Fact About Solta

The transportation around the island is organized according to ferries. In other words, buses meet ferry arrival schedules and a circuit around all major cities. However, to make the most of your stay, it’s best to explore the island by car.

Pro Travel Tip

In addition to honey, Solta is known for superb red wine made of island’s grapes and protected extra-virgin olive oil. Why not choose some of those and bring them home as souvenirs?

The Best Beaches in Solta Croatia

When it comes to beaches, Šolta boasts plenty of option across different bays:

Stracinska Bay

This is one of the most popular swimming areas accessible by foot or by bike from the village of Gornje Selo. It’s a quiet bay with crystal clear sea and thick vegetation. The most popular beaches in this area are Velozalo and Malozalo.

Jorja Bay

Jorja is situated on the west coast of the island, Jorja bay has a small pebble beach. However, it is a paradise for sailors and yacht lovers.

Livka Bay

Livka is a popular bay among families and tourists due to its beautiful pebble beach. However, this bay tends to get windy sometimes.

Sesula Bay

Sesula Bay a paradise for adrenaline junkies, Sesula Bay is home to various water sports and diving centers. It also has a fish farm where you can pick a fresh seafood or your next meal!

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The Best Places to Stay in Solta Croatia

A boutique modern beachfront hotel offering a pool, restaurant, bar and garden. 
Historic beautifully restored 300 year old luxury hotel in the village of Maslinica. Featuring a sauna, lounge and heated pool. 
A great budget option with a full kitchen and terrace. 

As you can see, Solta has many charming villages and lovely beaches. Crystal clear water is ideal for swimming, diving, and snorkeling, as well as boating and sailing. Additionally, the island offers various sports activities such as hiking, trekking, cycling, kayaking, scuba diving, etc. Take your pick and enjoy an active vacation!

Is one of the best islands in Croatia, Solta on your list? Let me know in the comments!

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