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Mali Iz is one of the villages on the island of Iz, located in the northern part of Dalmatia. Surrounded by luscious vegetation, fig-trees, olive gardens, and vegetable plantations, Mali Iz makes a great one-day trip from Zadar. Moreover, due to its surroundings of a dozen reefs and islets, this place is ideal for sailing, diving, and scuba diving. However, locals are most proud of their painted handmade ceramic artifacts, as well as centuries-old history. Early Croatian architecture can be seen on every corner, especially in charming churches. In other words, if you are a fan of culture and history, you’ll enjoy one of the best islands in Croatia, Mali Iz! 

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Best Things To Do in Mali Iz

The island has five areas: Porovac, Makovac, Muce, Knez, and Komoseva.  In total, there are only 200 inhabitants who live off of fishing and agriculture. 

Must-visit attractions include: 

  • Church of Saint Ana – a little church with a charming interior.
  • Church of Saint Mary – the ancient church surrounded by the old cemetery. 
  • Church of the Ascension of Mary – one of the most important churches on the island.
  • Jama Porovac – a cave on a hill worth visiting. The entrance is very small but the interior is divided into two rooms. One of them leads to great depth and according to speleologists, ends up somewhere in the sea. Besides the cave, Porovac village has an amazing viewpoint too.
  • Knez oil refinery – one building with three purposes. In addition to the oil refinery, this place is also an exhibition hall where you can see art of the island’s artists or enjoy poetry evenings. Moreover, it is a museum depicting the cultural history of Mali Iz from prehistoric times to the present.
  • Komoseva lighthouse – a gorgeous lighthouse and a viewpoint.

What to Eat in Mali Iz

When it comes to gastronomy, delicious seafood is inevitable. Mali Iz has five restaurants: Konoba Diža in Komoseva, Café Knez and Restaurant Knez in the bay of the same name, Konoba Kod Venka and Restaurant Baroni. Some of them can also provide you with private accommodation. Keep in mind that private accommodation options are more available on the island, unlike hotels and hostels. Even though there are no deck chairs rental or anything similar, the island offers you authentic vibes and a peaceful atmosphere. Additionally, the hospitality of locals is really incredible!

Best Beaches in Mali Iz

When talking about beaches, the island of Mali Iz has something for everyone. Knez bay is ideal for those who are looking for lovely pebble beaches surrounded by a nice promenade. Cove Vodenjak is a mix of sandy and stone beaches surrounded by luscious greenery. It is also a great spot for diving and snorkeling. 

There are several uninhabited islands near Mali Iz, which are perfect for sailing, fishing, pottery, and olive cultivation. These are Knezak, Rutnjak, and Fulija. Moreover, they have great wild beaches! On the other hand, the island of Iz also has beautiful beaches, especially for those looking for a quiet family holiday.

Interesting fact: The main cultural event is Iz Feast where you can see locals dressed in traditional costumes, performing folk dances and songs. They also prepare homemade food for numerous visitors while offering various interesting activities such as water polo, potato bag racing, soccer, and rope pulling. 

Extra tip: The island of Iz is a great starting point for exploring the Kornati National Park.

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Where to Stay in Mali Iz

If you plan to visit one of the best islands in Croatia, Mali Iz, and want to stay overnight – here are my recommendations! 
Best Boutique Stay in Mali Iz –  Villa Aya: An entire villa just for you and your family and friends? Why not! This beautiful villa offers a fully equipped kitchen, patio and pool with gorgeous views. 
Best Budget Stay in Mali Iz – Apartment Komoseva: This quaint and authentic apartment is a great budget stay right in the village of Mali Iz. More like an Airbnb, this accommodation has a kitchen, full bath and private terrace. 

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