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Best Islands in Croatia, Losinj,

In the northern Adriatic Sea, in Kvarner Gulf, lies another beautiful island. With its pleasant climate, rich vegetation, and crystal-clear water, the island of Losinj got the status of a climatic health resort. The island is formed of dolomite rocks and chalk limestone while covered with luscious greenery. In addition to pine forests, the island has 1100 plant species, 230 medical herbs and exotic specimens such as banana, lemon, eucalyptus, and cedar. The average air humidity is 70% and the island has 2600 hours of sunshine per year, so prepare for a hot and humid vacation! Finally, keep in mind that the only way to reach the island of Losinj is via ferry or catamaran from the island of Cres. Alternatively, take a bus from the city of Rijeka or Zagreb. We’ll outline the best things to do, beaches to visit and where to stay on one of the best islands in Croatia, Losinj. 

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Best Things To Do in Losinj

The two main settlements are Veli Losinj and Mali Losinj. In addition to these, I also recommend visiting Osor.

Veli Losinj – a quiet part of the island full of gorgeous villas with lush gardens of former captains, shipowners, and wealthy families. Don’t forget to visit Rovenska and Plavi Svijet (read more about it in the section of attractions!).

Mali Losinj – the historic town of Mali Losinj is much bigger and more dynamic. Numerous charming monasteries, small churches, Renaissance buildings, and ancient remnants are ideal for wandering and exploring the history of the island. It is also a home to various taverns with live music, vibrant beach bars, nightclubs, and cozy café bars.

Osor – the town of Osor is ideal for those interested in history. Osor is an outdoor museum where you can enjoy Osor Musical Evenings hosted each summer. Moreover, here you will find a beautiful architecture and charming cobbled streets. 

In the same way, I’m bringing you the most interesting attractions on the island:

  • The Scraper – a valuable archeological find that is the ancient Greek bronze statue of Croatian Apoxyomenos. Fun fact: it is found in the sea near the island. 
  • Rovenska – a small fishing port located near Veli Losinj. In addition to the beautiful beach and fishing atmosphere, it makes a great place to learn more about the traditions of local people.
  • Plavi Svijet (Blue World) – a marine education center located in Veli Losinj. It contains different exhibitions, interactive and multimedia presentations. The emphasis is particularly placed on endangered marine organisms such as sea turtles and marine mammals.
  • Fragrant Garden – a beautiful garden where you can enjoy the scent of local and exotic plants such as orange, tangerine, sage, lavender, rosemary, myrtle, lemon, etc. Moreover, tasting and buying island herbs is also available. Choose between various teas, scented candles, baths, and much more.
  • Park forest Cikat – a must-visit place for all sports and nature lovers.
  • Aquapark Cikat – a huge area with more than 2400 m2 of various pools and waterways filled with seawater makes a great one-day fun idea for the whole family.
  • Providenca – an observation deck that combines 300 m long educational trail and a viewpoint bar with local delicacies and amazing panorama.
  • Historical underwater park – an interesting underwater park located 1 km from the center of Mali Losinj.
  • The Tower – a museum of the island built in the 15th century.

On the other hand, if you are more of a sports fan, don’t worry because Losinj has something for you too. There are interesting walking trails of Losinj captains. With a total length of 12 km, trails pass through Mali Losinj, Sunny Bay, Silver and Golden bay all the way to the Monte Baston (the highest point of the route). 

Best Beaches in Losinj

For beach hoppers, the island of Losinj offers several beautiful beaches. One of the most popular ones is Veli Zal beach, located in Sunny bay (20-minute walk from the city center). This sandy beach is surrounded by pine forests, providing natural shade. With its various facilities, Veli Zal is a favorite place among families with children. Furthermore, Puta beach is a stone beach that attracts many locals and tourists as well. The other beaches wort the visit are Cikat bay, Silver bay, Zabodarski beach, Poljane, and Valdarke.

Interesting fact: The island of Losinj is home to the dolphin population. The water around the island is the first protected marine area in the entire Mediterranean. In other words, don’t forget to bring your camera because there are big chances you’ll spot these graceful creatures.

Extra tip: You must try delicious homemade pasta and olive oil, as well as fresh seafood. Restaurant Marina Losinj has a long culinary tradition and it’s one of the popular gastronomy places on the island.

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Where to Stay in Losinj

Want to stay on one of the best islands in Croatia, Losinj for a little longer? Check out my hotel recommendations below. 
Best Boutique Hotel in Losinj – Boutique Hotel Alhambra:  A modern hotel featuring a spa, private beach and restaurant on site. Located in Cikat Bay. 
Best Luxury Hotel in Losinj –  Hotel Bellevue: Receive celebrity treatment at this Mali Losinj health resort. Featuring a brand new spa clinic, where you can enjoy specially designed body rejuvenation treatments, anti-stress programs for protecting the immune system, and a variety of massages. 
Best Budget Hotel in Losinj – Vitality Hotel Punta: Located in Veli Losinj, and features indoor and outdoor pools, a wellness area and on-site restaurant. Guests can dine on the terrace with a view of the ocean. 
Best Islands in Croatia, Losinj Terrace,

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