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Near the city of Dubrovnik lies Lastovo, a small island municipality and the furthest inhabited Croatian island. Due to its untouched and beautiful nature, Lastovo is a perfect place for those looking for a peaceful and relaxing holiday. We’ll cover things to do, beaches to visit, and where to stay on one of the best islands in Croatia, Lastovo. 

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Best Things To Do in Lastovo

More than 70 % of the island’s surface is covered in forest, making it the most forested
Croatian island as well. The island has six villages:

  • Lastovo – the main village entirely protected as a cultural monument. With its
    beautiful renaissance architecture and amphitheatrical buildings, the village will
    enchant every history buff and culture lover. Lastovo is also home to several
    restaurants, bars, shops, markets, and a medical center.
  • Uble – the only ferry port and gas station on the island. A small village where you can
    find a restaurant, a supermarket, a café bar, and a post office.
  • Pasadur – a small village with the only hotel on the island. In addition to the hotel
    and a restaurant, here you can also find a diving center.
  • Zaklopatica – a place with a few restaurants, a diving center, and anchorage for your
  • Lucica – a historical village with only 30 houses located directly at the sea.
  • Skrivena Luka – also known as Porto Rosso, this beautiful bay is ideal to anchor. You will also find a mini nautical center, an excellent restaurant, and a campsite in the olive grove. It is also home to one of the oldest lighthouses on the Adriatic.
When it comes to the must-see attractions, I recommend the following:
  • Rt Struga Lighthouse – a charming lighthouse located in the central part of the southern side of the island. You can even rent it for your summer accommodation!
  • Church of St Kuzma and Damian – even though the island has 46 churches dating back from the 12 th to the 15 th century, this one is one of the most important ones. At least seven centuries old, it is definitely worth visiting. The interior is rich in valuable pictures, relics, and treasury.
  • Kascel – a meteorological station that was once a forecastle.
  • Lastovski Fumar – a unique architectural expression where each chimney is more beautiful and original than the other. They are also the main symbol of the island.
As mentioned above, Lastovo is ideal if you are looking for a beautiful island with laid-back vibes. However, all those adventure seekers can also enjoy Lastovo because the island offers various hiking and cycling trails, as well as bike renting and diving.

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Interesting fact: In 2007, the Lastovo islands were proclaimed a nature park. Moreover, it is claimed that Lastovo is the place with the starriest sky in Europe.

Extra tip: As the island is still not a mass tourism place, you will mainly find private accommodation options. When it comes to gastronomy, lobsters are a must-try (Lastovo is the biggest ground for breeding lobsters!).

Best Beaches in Lastovo

When talking about beaches and coves, the island has a diverse coastline with rocky, gravel, and sandy beaches. Zaklopatica and Skrivena Luka have nice pebble beaches, while the nearby island of Saplun is known for sandy beaches. Moreover, Mihajla beach is popular among locals and tourists as well, while Lucica beach is a small cove situated inside a charming fishing village.

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Where to Stay in Lastovo

If you plan to stay longer on one of the best islands in Croatia, Lastovo, check out my recommendations below.
Best Boutique Hotel in Lastovo – Accommodation Triton: This boutique guesthouse has a variety of rooms located on the ocean front. Restaruants are within walking distance, and a buffet-style breakfast is offered on-site.
Best Luxury Hotel in Lastovo – Guesthouse Augusta Insula: With a private beach, bar, restaurant, and outdoor swimming pool, this spot offers all the conveniences you need. Rooms are modern and cozy. 

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