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The Kornati Islands are an archipelago with 140 islands and islets covering an area of 300 square km. Due to the close proximity of Zadar, Sibenik, and Split, Kornati Islands make a great day trip idea during the Croatia island hopping tour. The most common way to get to the islands is to take one of the organized tours from the cities mentioned above. This way, you will not only get a boat ride and entrance ticket, but also a welcome drink, lunch, and a tourist guide. We’ll cover the things to do, beaches to visit and where to stay on one of the best islands in Croatia, Kornati. 

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Best Things To Do in Kornati Islands

Most of the Kornati Islands are part of the Kornati National Park. Also known as the ‘nautical paradise’, this area attracts numerous fans of yachting from Croatia and other parts of the world. Either way, yachting in Croatia allows you to explore the outer side of the

Moreover, you can enjoy the fabulous contrast of calm inner space of the Kornati Islands and the wild world of the open sea. The coastline is surrounded by sheer cliffs and dramatic landscape views. To see more of the amazing views, head to the island of Mana, where boats can come right up close to the 100-meters cliffs. Furthermore, the southern part of the park is ideal for observing nature life. In addition to interesting marine and land wildlife, you can also spot a colony of dolphins that live co-existing with fishermen. On the other
hand, the islands on the inside of the national park are mostly deserted, treeless hills. Due to a little sign of human habitation, you may only spot a small votive sheep or an occasional sheep. Unlike on any other islands on the Adriatic, the landscape of these islands is
minimalistic and uniquely meditative.

Finally, when the sea is not too rough, the outer edge of Kornati is a great place for swimming, snorkeling, and diving (no special permit is required). You can even go hiking (don’t forget to take sun protection!), wild birds and animal watching or even fishing if you have a recreational fishing permit.

Interesting fact: If you want to experience the Robinson Crusoe type of holiday, you can stay in a cottage without electricity or running water. A boat from Murter island will drop you there and pick you up a week later. How cool is that?

Extra tip: In addition to activities mentioned above, you can enjoy cultural events such as Festivity on Tarcu (a catholic holiday held on first Sunday in July) or Kornati Cup (a traditional sailboat regatta held in April).

Best Beaches in Kornati Islands

When it comes to beaches, Kornati Islands boast several good ones.
  • Saharun bay is a beautiful sandy beach with shallow water suitable for families with children, insecure swimmers, and various watersport activities. Moreover, the beach opens to the South and the open sea, which means it’s a great place for surfing and wave windsurfing.
  • Opat bay is a small bay with a docking area for 20 boats. If you are looking for a peaceful and relaxing beach with lots of space, this is the place to be.
  • Levrnaka bay is located on the island of the same name in the Kornati archipelago. Besides being the highest island with spectacular views, it is home to beautiful beach Lojena. Surrounded with intact nature, this beach is a paradise for those looking for tranquility and swim-safe place.

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Where to Stay in Kornati Islands

Since most of Kornati is a National Park, there are not any accommodations besides camping. It’s easy to stay on the nearby island of Murter and take a ferry to Kornati. Below are recommendations for Murter: 
Best Boutique Hotel in Murter –  Hotel Murter: Located conveniently in the town of Murter, this hotel includes breakfast and features an on-site restaurant, game room and indoor pool. 
Best Luxury Hotel in Murter – Luxury Apartments Joo & Joo: As close as you might get to luxury on this island; modern apartments with sea view terraces and a private pool. Located close to Slanica Beach. 
Best Budget Hotel in Murter – Apartments Marti: These updated apartments in central Murter offer terraces with a view. A great budget option for the island.

One of the best islands in Croatia, Murter is a nature lovers dream. Do you plan to visit? Comment below!

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