Taking in the Beautiful Views From the Tibet Bridge & Mirador in Andorra [VIDEO GUIDE]

The Tibet Bridge and Mirador in Andorra is a newly made, 603-metre-long structure that rises up to 158 meters above the Vall del Riu. The Mirador Roc del Quer viewpoint is another newer attraction added to Canillo that offers a gorgeous view of the country below. Both attractions are a must see if you plan on traveling to Andorra.

In the video guide below, I visit the Tibet Bridge and Mirador in Andorra and go over:

  • when to go to Tibet Bridge and Mirador
  • how to get to the Tibet bridge 
  • the best places to park the best places to eat nearby

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Where to Stay in Andorra - Tibet Bridge

As you’ll see in the video, I stumbled upon a fantastic spot to grab some food, a glass of wine, and even stay the night. Click the link below to check it out. 

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I’m Kim the Abundant Traveler and welcome to the channel. I put out laid-back luxury travel videos inspiring you to get out there and go see the world. Today I am in Andorra, sharing all my tips and tricks for going to see the new Tibetan bridge and the Mirador Bridge.

The Tibetan bridge is a new attraction in Andorra. It is 603 meters long, which is really far, and it’s only a meter wide, but because it’s a meter wide, you can go both directions on it. The starting point to visit the Tibetan bridge and the Mirador is in the town of Canillo. Canillo is located about a 20 minute drive from the capital of Andorra La Vella.

Once you arrive in the town of Canillo, parking can be quite a challenge. There are a few parking lots, but they fill up fast. So my recommendation is to park just at the beginning of town near the bus stop headed up to the Mirador. When you’re coming up to Canillo, right when you come into town from Andorra La Vela, there is parking on the left. There is a parking lot, and there’s also parking you can do inside the blue line as long as you pay with coins. That is the best place to park because the bus to go up to the Tibetan bridge is at the beginning of town.

Officially, you are required to take the local bus up from Canillo to the Mirador and to the Tibetan Bridge. There’s no parking at the Tibetan bridge, but there are a couple of small parking lots up at the Mirador. It’s completely up to you. It’s a beautiful ride up the mountain on the bus from Canillo, but I’ll tell you one thing, there are some serious switchbacks. So to come up here, you’re gonna have to buy your tickets in advance. And if it’s high season, make sure that you buy your tickets three or four days in advance. They’re 14 euros and 50 cents for the Tibetan Bridge as well as the Mirador. That is a little bit of a discount because just going to the Mirador by itself is five euros, and it’s 12 euros just to come to the Tibetan bridge, but why wouldn’t you come to both?

So we just wrote up the switchback road to the Tibetan bridge. Now, once you get off the bus, it’s almost a kilometer before you actually get to the bridge. So just something to note, be prepared, wear your hiking shoes or tennis shoes or something like that. And also while you’re up here, make sure to wear different clothes. It might be cold once you get up here, it might be hot, so make sure to bring layers as well, sunscreen and a hat. There are some beautiful views of the valley below on the kilometer hike up to the bridge, and the nine tenths of a kilometer is up up up up up.

So just a little tip, there is a tiny parking lot at the top. Even though you can’t drive up here, there are porta potties, just one lady’s, one guys. But something ladies, bring your own teepee, just a little tip.

Once you pass the tiny parking lot, you’re almost there, just a set of stairs and you’re on your way. So once you get out here, it does wobble just a little bit. So I am holding on to the railing. And if you’re scared of heights, I’m not sure this is the thing for you. Don’t look down.

603 meters long, 158 meters high off the ground, right there. You have to be brave to do this thing. I decided to turn around, take a look the other way. Now it’s all out and back, so you’re passing people all the time, and the bridge is shaking specifically when you’re passing somebody. So hold on to the railing.

For tickets, you’re going to pick a date and a specific time. You should be walking the bridge at that specific time. So you want to be at the special bus about an hour before, because it’s about a 30-minute ride up, and then it’s about a 30-minute walk to the actual bridge. So you want to be there an hour before.

If you’re not exactly on time, it’s okay because once you get up here, they’re going to let you walk the bridge even if you’re a little early or a little late. I was actually a little early, so they let me up 45 minutes in advance. Once you purchase your ticket, they’re going to send you an email with your QR code ticket. Make sure to screenshot that QR code because they don’t take the ticket until you get up here, and once you get up here, there’s no place to buy a ticket. So just beware, screenshot that QR code so you don’t have any issues once you get up here.

Well, it’s time to go back now. Not as many people up here now. Everybody’s gone home or they’re headed somewhere else. Probably 25 people at the moment on the bridge. So, I got cold up here before. It’s hot on both ends but in the middle, it’s quite cold. So, tip number I don’t know what, bring a jacket with me. Pretty cool. I made it. That was a super cool experience. So glad I did it. Well worth it. 14 euros or 12 euros whatever it is.

I am now headed back to 9 10 of a kilometer and gonna take the bus up to the Mirador. We’re gonna make some lunch. Um, what a cool experience. Well, I’m on my way back. It’s quite warm now. I have my hair up, my jacket off. You just never know what you’re gonna get in the mountains.

So, it was about a 10-minute additional bus ride from the Tibetan Bridge up here to the Mirador. And now we walk through the parking lot. Now we’re taking a little path on the side of the road to actually get to the Mirador. I think it’s going to take about 10 minutes from the bus stop up here.

20 meters long, 12 meters with nothing below you like you’re flying. One of the coolest views at the Mirador is the Switchback Road from the valley below. Quite busy, a lot of people standing in line just to get your picture up there with the thinking guy. It’s kind of like the center, overlooking the gorgeous views of Camillo as well as this very switched back windy road that is absolutely spectacular.

Now headed up. It’s about 10 minutes back to the car park and the bus, but I think I’m gonna make an extra stop at one of the bars that’s just about a five-minute walk down. So, if I were to do this all over again, I think what I would do is drive my car up to the Mirador and then from the Mirador, I would take the bus down to the Tibetan Bridge and back up. Also, when you park at the Mirador, make sure not to park at the first spot you see as you come up the hill. Go all the way to the top because it’s about a 10-minute walk from the main parking area up to the Mirador and there might be some spots closer.

Yeah, bring a car and then take the bus down to the Tibetan Bridge. The reason I’m saying this is you may want to do something else, and right now I’m walking on the side of the road because I want to go to this little place, maybe get some hamon, a glass of wine or something like that, and I’m walking, and it would be great if I had my car now. I could go do what I want instead of waiting on the bus. Hello borda Del P! Turns out that this is a restaurant and small hotel up here in the mountains.

This Mountain Chalet had the coolest setup in the middle of the pasture with gorgeous views of the valley below. They had chairs made of hay bales and tables made of pallets. If you’re headed to Andorra and want to stay at borde Del P, I’ve left a link in the description below to book your night here.

So, this is the perfect way to end your day going to the Tibetan Bridge and the Mirador. A little verdejo, gonna have some hummus and some ham, no more shoes, and cheers. Absolute perfection.

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Tibet Bridge & Mirador, Andorra, The Abundant Traveler
Tibet Bridge & Mirador, Andorra, The Abundant Traveler

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