Video Guide to Path of Gods Hike in Italy (Amalfi Coast)

Are you planning to travel to the Amalfi Coast soon? Want all the best tips for hiking the Path of the Gods in Italy? This post is for you! 

I recently walked the Path of Gods on the Amalfi coast. In my video I’ll go over what it’s like to walk the Path of Gods, discuss the Path of Gods history, go over what to pack for the Path of Gods, and answer the question, is the Path of Gods hike safe? I’ve got the top tips to make your hike through the Path of Gods your best!

The Path of Gods has existed for centuries. According to legends, the Greek gods walked this path in order to save Ulysses from the sirens who lived nearby. The path boasts breathtaking views free from heavy tourist traffic and is a must see when you are in the Amalfi coast!

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I’m Kim the Abundant traveler and welcome to the channel I put out laid-back luxury travel videos giving you tips and tricks ideas and inspiration to make your trips much more fun and a lot easier today I’m continuing my series on the Amalfi Coast and I’m going to be discussing the path of the Gods hike one of the most famous hikes in the entire world I’m going to be sharing how long it takes where it is what time to go how to get there and what to bring on your hike so let’s go ahead and get started first let’s talk about where the name path of the Gods came from Legend has it that the greeksled Odysseus away and saved him from the mermaids or the sirens you see so many things in the Amalfi Coast named after Sirens or and I don’t mean siren says in whoop whoop whoop I mean Sirens mermaids the women of the sea so this particular path actually was the main path before there were roads in the Amalfi if you wanted to go between Villages like between LA Morano nochele Positano this is how you got around it is a gorgeous path it is anywhere the hike is about seven kilometers long and it will take you two to three hours depending on how often you stop to take photos let’s talk a little bit about what it actually is the path of the Gods is a hike between the town of bommarano and the town of no Chile you can go in either direction the best part about going from bomberano to nochele it is a little bit more downhill again as I mentioned it’s about seven kilometers it’ll take you two to two and a half hours I took three hours because I stopped I enjoyed I brought a snack had a little late breakfast really really enjoyed it and really soaked up the sides and the views it’s a relatively easy hike so they say but I found the steps quite slick I found a lot of rocks and things though the path is maintained but it is not well maintained there’s a lot of traffic so things are you know the ground is beat down very very well but there are loose rocks there are steps that are not so solid so if you are not super agile I’m not sure I would recommend doing this hype so how do you get up to buy Murano or no Chile the best way to go is from the town of Amalfi and take the Ceda bus the ctet s-i-t-a is the local bus it’ll only cost you about 2 Euros 50 to get up to bomberano and if you want to buy a ticket I would suggest that you go to one of the tobac shops to buy your bus ticket in advance you can’t always buy a ticket when you get on the bus also when you get on the bus no matter where you’re going in the Amalfi make sure to take that take take it and validate it so I was staying in Positano and I decided that I was going to take the first bus out of Positano into a mall fee so I left Positano at 6 25 a.m got to Amalfi about 30 minutes later waited about 15 minutes and took the Amalfi bus up to bomberano so I had two bus tickets and I had two bus rides Bob Morado is actually the first stop in the town of ajarola which the bus drivers don’t worry they’ll tell you where to get off it’s very very easy um also ajarola if you are interested they are famous for their mozzarella cheese so if you have a few extra minutes and the shops are open then make sure to stop and pick up some of their famous cheese in the area so that is the easiest way and the least expensive way to get up there is by that seat of us however a more convenient way if you feel like it is to take a private driver have your private driver drop you off in bomberano and come around the other side and pick you up in no Chile that would be amazing it’s going to probably cost you a hundred euros maybe the other thing that you can do is to take a guide and guides go from Sorrento Salerno Amalfi Positano the main cities across the Amalfi you could take a private guide and if you’re interested in a guide a group or a private go to the description below because I have left several links for some wonderful recommended guides so you can actually learn about the entire area as you’re taking your hike one way I do not recommend is bringing your own car if you have a rental car I’d say just leave it because you’re actually going to be parking at bomberano and then you’re going to walk to no Chile and then you got to find a way to get from the Chile back to bomrano which could be a bus down a bus over a bus backed up so just leave your rental car at home and take the bus or take a private driver or hire a guy it is recommended to take this hike as early as possible possible and if you can get up there at Sunrise that would be amazing they say that’s the best time to do this hike now of course the buses can’t get you there at Sunrise necessarily but if you have another way to get there that’s perfect as I mentioned I took the earliest bus from Positano and one of the earliest buses from Amalfi and I started my walk around eight o’clock in the morning you get dropped off at the bus stop and the bus driver points over there and he says go that way so you walk through some apartment buildings through this random path and then you end up in the square of bomberano when in the square there’s plenty of pastries and coffee to be had so if you need to stop and get some breakfast that is a good place to do also if it’s a little bit later in the day there are a few shops open to get some sandwiches my recommendation though is to bring snacks and plenty of water with you so once you’ve walked through the square there are signs leading you to the actual beginning of the path of the Gods it’s also a bit strange going through town first you walk through Apartments then you come into the Town Square then you’re walking out a little lane that has um stone walls around it and then you can walk down a set of steps and you cross a creek and then you’re walking up other steps and crossing a bridge and it doesn’t feel like the path of the gods that you see in blog posts or on videos it isn’t until you get up the hill it’s about a 10 minute walk before you hit the sign that says the path of the Gods and of course since we’re in Italy it does not say the path of the Gods the actual name in Italian is sentiero Deli I hope I said that correctly but it’s great place to stop take a picture prove that you have been there and you are starting your hike by the time I got there leaving at 6 25 a.m from Positano it was probably about 8 15 to 8 30. so it took me two hours to get there from Positano of course I did stop grab a coffee and the like but it did take quite a while to get up there so I started walking about 10 8 30 in the morning and I finished about 10 45 11 o’clock by 10 30 in the morning it was really really hot I hiked in June I hiked in High season and it was really really hot so the earlier you can get up there absolutely it’s the best so what should you take on the path of the Gods hike well I recommend that again you bring snacks bring a light lunch bring plenty of water bring more water than you think you’re gonna need there are a couple of stops along the way where you can get water from the tap and it’s safe to drink but I do recommend just in case bring a lot of water I recommend also bringing some Band-Aids you just never know when you’re walking you end up with a blister I also recommend good hiking shoes you may not need serious hiking shoes but I wore my Chacos that was enough they have more of a hiking bottom I would not recommend flip-flops or regular tennis shoes they just don’t have enough tread on them I also suggest that you bring a sun hat sunscreen and if you’re going to take a break in the shade bring a little bit of bug spray I had my snack in the shade in the forest towards the end of the hike and it was very very buggy and I wish I had had bug spray so those are the things specific to this hike but if you’re looking for the perfect list of everything you need to take on a Day hike make sure to go the description below and click my free download it’s everything that I take on a Day hike and I do lots and lots of day hikes when I travel my favorite thing of course is my travel backpack because it folds up and it’s super super light so go to the download in the description below so what is the actual path like it is Gravelly and Rocky it is Dusty as well there are a few intermittent houses along the way there are still houses that are inhabited today I guess they’re living off the grid also you will see lots of goats up there it is a path and people do live up there and people do work up there so you will see pack mules coming in bringing all of the goods when I ended up in no Chile waiting on the bus I saw a gentleman unloading his mules um packing them up and going into the path of the Gods to deliver where we was going to deliver also you will find there a couple places where you can stop and get an espresso or a lemonade that type of thing they’re not necessarily open so don’t depend on them but there are a couple of places one sort of at the beginning and one before just maybe a 20 minute uh 20 minutes before you get to the town of no Chile do people be paired with food and snacks and always be prepared in when you’re hiking for inclement weather bring a rain jacket if it might rain bring hiking sticks if you’re not super agile it would have been great on some of these steps to have hiking sticks I don’t normally hike with them on just a short hike but it would have been nice just for a little bit of stability the topography changes quite a bit as well on the past at the beginning it’s open glaze there are Cliffs and rocks and it’s beautiful and the sun is coming through and it’s sort of that Mediterranean scrub brush you can see the towns of prano along the way you can actually when you come around the corner and you see the town of Positano way down there tiny little town because you’re up in the mountains it is absolutely stunning there are plenty of places to stop along the way the paths are pretty wide so I wouldn’t worry about too much about you being concerned of vertigo or falling off the edge but it it is sort of walking along the edge in the beginning and of course it’s a path that they’ve used for hundreds of years so it is relatively safe towards the end you will find a rock garden you know where people put their you know they pile rocks on top of each other make a wish um there is a beautiful rock garden and there are hundreds of those can’t miss that and that is actually in the forest towards the end near nochele there is a forest it is covered there is more shade and in that you have that Little Rock Garden as well there are a few spots for shade but not a ton of shade until you get towards the end of the the hike once you land in no Chile you see this amazing sign that says like 10 more minutes to Nutella which is fantastic because you are ready for lunch you are ready to get down you are ready to go to for a swim in the Mediterranean well it is about 10 more minutes through the forest and then all of a sudden ocelli opens up there is right there the first thing when you walk into town there is a shop on the left hand side where you can get lemonade or a coffee or snacks what is interesting though is I landed in a chili about a little 10 45 and 11 o’clock in the morning and almost nothing was open something to note about the bus stop in the Chile the buses only come about once an hour I miss my bus by like seven minutes it had just left so I ended up waiting another hour before I got on the bus the best part about waiting for an hour for the bus was the little kiosk in the parking lot where I got the most delicious lemonade and an espresso by the time the bus arrived there were a ton of people and it was like a cattle call just make sure that you have your bus ticket in advance and you are make a beeline for that bus so you can get a seat it was packed all the way down and those roads are switchbacks and windy all the way down so you don’t want to be hanging on for dear life hiking the path of the Gods is well worth it when you are visiting the Amalfi Coast get up early get it done it only takes your morning and you just don’t want to have too many April spritzes the night before the views are spectacular the time spent up in the mountains is well worth it it is so gorgeous up there also in the afternoon when you get home you can go have a swim in the med and plenty of aperol spritzes so I hope you enjoyed this video please leave a comment below of any of your tips for the path of the Gods and I am Kim the Abundant traveler and I cannot wait to see you on some amazing Day hike very very soon hopefully somewhere close to the Met see y’all soon bye y’all [Music] foreign

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Hiking the Path of the God in Italy, The Abundant Traveler
Hiking the Path of the God in Italy, The Abundant Traveler

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