Abundant Travel Tips: Zippered Pockets and Travel Insurance

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Tips, Tips, Tips!

This week, I’m sitting in the airport lounge in London Heathrow Airport waiting for my flight to Austin.   I’ve had a great time in Spain, but I’m ready to come home to tacos and Cholula 🙂  Austin, here I come!  Traveling so much in the past 2 weeks, I was reminded of some of my favorite tips that make travel life easier.  1) zippered pockets, 2) neutral colored zippered bags and 3) Travel Insurance.

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Zippered pockets

Are you always looking for your boarding pass or your passport at the airport?  Are you one who is juggling your bag, your pillow and your carry on dropping things as you are trying to board? No matter how hard I tried to remember where I put my boarding pass and passport, I was always a mess until I started wearing light weight jackets with zippered pockets on every flight.  If you see me at the airport, I’ll likely be wearing one of two jackets or a vest I own. For one, they keep me warm on those freezing flights, but more importantly, I always keep my phone in my right zippered pocket and my passport and boarding pass in my left pocket for easy access and stress free travel.  Check out this vest on Amazon. 

Neutral Zippered handbags

I carry a zippered purse/backpack more for safety than for keeping things organized.  I personally prefer a stylish zippered backpack like this one from Tumi. I love that it has multiple pockets for organization, it’s not too big and is difficult for someone to walk up to you and unzip.  I also really love the neutral color as well.  Ladies, I always recommend a neutral colored bag when traveling as they will blend in in your travel photos.  You don’t want your purse being the only thing someone sees in your photo.  DON’T make the same mistake I made, as shown in this crazy photo from Bangkok.  Subtle ladies, subtle 🙂

Travel Insurance

An age old question…should I buy travel insurance or not?  Is it worth the cost?  Will I ever use it?  Will they pay if I have a claim?  When I was younger, I thought “I’m healthy and vibrant; I don’t need travel insurance” – but as I get older and hopefully wiser, I’ve started purchasing travel insurance for every trip (I actually have a yearly policy because I travel a ton).  This is SO relevant when you have aging family members.  Unfortunately, this week, my Dad’s wife’s mother passed away while they were in Italy, and luckily they had travel insurance.   If they didn’t have this travel policy, they’d be paying for last minute flights as well as hotel and tour cancellation fees.  A great insurance program is through World Nomads, and you can find the link on my website in the resources page.  Happy & safe travels everyone.

This week’s YouTube video

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