Abundant Travel Tips: Windstar Star Pride Cruise Tour

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Happy Tuesday everyone!  Who was at the ACL Music Festival this past weekend?  ACL was such a cool experience this year because of the perks provided by my Platinum American Express.  Keep reading to find out more about my laid-back luxury experiences with this credit card as well as how I saved 40% on my cruise around the Baltic Sea.

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Platinum American Express

VIP at ACL, Abundant Travel Tips

It is SO worth the $450/year for the Platinum American Express card.  Not only do you receive $15 a month from Uber, ($20 in December), you have access to more than 1200 airport lounges across the globe,  $200 airline credit per year, and you get to go BACKSTAGE at ACL!  Seriously, backstage how cool is that?!  Who gets to do that?  Spending $450/year upfront may seem like a big pill to swallow, but if you pay attention to the perks and your spending, your Platinum American Express pays off in spades.  You even get 5 points for flights and pre-paid hotels, and their current bonus offer is 60,000 points for signing up.  Thank you Platinum American Express for a perk I didn’t even know I had!

7 for 7 with Windstar Cruises

The Abundant Traveler, Windstar Pride

I recently cruised with Windstar Cruises on the Star Pride cruise ship through the Baltic Sea.  (Make sure to check out this week’s YouTube video for fun information about this beautiful ship.)  Windstar is one of the top small cruise lines in the world, and I loved being on a ship with only 200 passengers, and it was all about being pampered by the 150 person staff.  The trick is, how do you find a luxury cruise on Windstar without paying full price?  Well, you sign up for the 7 for 7; this is Windstar’s 7 deals for the next 7 days.  I found my August Baltic Cruise for 40% off through this weekly “7 for 7” email. Just remember, if you sign up and pay attention to the emails, you can find luxurious perks and incredible experiences without paying full price.  

Watch the bloopers at the end! Windstar Star Pride Tour

Take a tour with me on the Windstar Star Pride.  She’s a beauty, and it was a blast to cruise the Baltic Sea for a week on her.  Enjoy the video, and make sure to stay for the bloopers; they are really funny this week.

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