Abundant Travel Tips: Vaccine Passports & Travel Backpack

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I love weddings, and Palm Springs!

I cannot believe that it’s the last week of April; this year is flying by!  As mentioned in my last missive, I was headed to Palm Springs for a wedding at The Parker Hotel, and wow, wow, wow!  What a fun and beautiful wedding it was.  I LOVE weddings, and this event was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen as it was framed by The Parker’s lush grounds and surrounding casitas.  My friend was a beautiful glowing bride; we had perfect weather, and it was fun to sip watermelon cocktails with my Austin friends.  

The city of Palm Springs was also a blast; we hiked Andreas Canyon where I came within 2 feet of a giant ‘rattler’…. I accidentally backed up to him while my friend was taking a photo of me; I swear I felt the breath on my ankle.  When I heard him, I jumped out of my skin, and ran back to my friend almost knocking her over while screaming my head off.  Below is the video clip I shot about 45 seconds after the encounter; I was visibly shaking, and thanking my lucky stars I wasn’t headed to the ER!  In addition to that adventure, we visited the Robot Lights (bizarre place), shopped in all the retro shops (channeling Frank Sinatra), and brunched at the famous Cheekys (Bloody Marias anyone?).  It was such a great weekend, and I cannot wait to share my upcoming video with you.

Vaccine Passports

What is a Vaccine Passport?  Are certain countries requiring the vaccine to visit?  There’s a lot confusion and misinformation about travel restrictions and the vaccine.  Although, I touched on this subject in my last email, I thought it was important to share the latest news.  These articles include the latest updates on important questions like,  “Will the white record vaccine card be enough, or will you have to have the yellow vaccine card?  Will you have to have the vaccine app? Can countries actually require you to have the vaccine to enter their country?”   

Vaccine Passport, Abundant Travel Tips

My New Backpack!

I’m always looking for the perfect piece of luggage.  All of my pieces have to be sturdy, but lightweight, super efficient and have lots of pockets.  Additionally, the pieces have to look nice, but not too fancy (I don’t want my stuff stolen just because I have a nice piece of luggage).  Well, I have found the perfect backpack for my travels! I’m so excited because it has 3 zippered external pockets, fits my large Mac book, has internal zippers and pockets, and it’s really comfortable to wear.  It even has the strap on the back so you can slide slide it over my rolling suitcase handle.  The best part?  It’s really beautiful so I can carry it as a purse to a nice restaurant (albeit a large purse).  Check out my new Samsonite Backpack here.  Ps.  It comes in 3 colors.

Travel Backpack

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