Abundant Travel Tips: Uin Shoes & Travel Sandals

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Boulder, Colorado

Happy 6th of July from Boulder, Colorado.  I decided to get out of the Austin heat, and work remotely this week from Boulder.  This is my first time in this adorable town, and I’m making the best of it.  My first day was yesterday, and I hit Lucile’s for breakfast where I filled my belly with eggs Benedict (gluten free muffin), grits and coffee.  I then dropped my stuff at my cute little Residence Inn, and then I headed out to hike The Flatirons.  At the end of the hike, I stopped for a glass of wine at Chautauqua Dining Hall.  Whew, after all that activity, I needed a nap before I ventured out for the evening….3hr later….I headed to Pearl Street, and the Avanti roof top bar for dinner.  What an incredible first day in Boulder!   Needless to say, I’m taking it easy today, and currently sitting outside at my hotel, drinking coffee and writing to all of you 🙂

Reply to this email if you have any Boulder suggestions, as I’m here until Friday.

Below is a photo from my hike yesterday at The Flatirons.  I felt like singing “The Hills are Alive” with Julie Andrews.

Abundant Travel Tips, The Abundant Traveler.

Uin Shoes

Random brands reach out to me on a regular basis, from lipstick to web services, brands ask me to promote them, and they pay me by giving me a sample of their product.  Most of them are not worth it, in fact, over the past few years, I have turned down all but 1.  The only brand I ever accepted was the Tesalate towel, and I still travel with that towel today.  Well, welcome to the second item I’ve ever agreed to promote….UIN Shoes.  These shoes are so cute, fun and comfortable.  They are super lightweight, and you can have them in so many styles and colors.  Check out these adorable shoes here!  And, use this coupon code KimUIN for $5 off your purchase.  Bet you can’t buy just one 😉

Uin Shoes, The Abundant Traveler

Travel Sandals

As I am making more travel plans, I’m upgrading my travel gear.  New backpacks, new suitcases, a new hair dryer, and new TRAVEL SANDALS!  Check out this weeks video about all the comfy travel sandals from Amazon.  Which ones do you want to buy? 

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