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So Inspired by YOU!

Each week when I sit down to write the Tuesday Travels email, I think about the questions I received from you through YouTube comments, Facebook or Instagram DMs.  Your messages inspire me to continue this journey, so please continue to comment, ask questions and share this content!  This week, it’s all about Inspiration, from a 90 year old solo traveler, to creating a travel vision board, to some of the best travel books…This is going to crank up your wanderlust.  This week’s video is all about Portland, Maine and the top 10 things to do.  

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Inspiration: 90yr old traveling the world solo

Are you ready to be inspired?  Check out this article about a 90yr old women traveling the world SOLO!  The article says that she started traveling at age 83 when she received her pension.  Looks like she called her favorite travel agent, and bought 2 round-the-world trips.  Yep, that’s gonna be me, 90 and riding a camel or eating strange foods in Vietnam.  Who’s with me?

Inspiration: Travel Vision Board

By now, you’ve likely heard of vision boards.  From the book The Secret, to Tony Robbins, the world of personal development is showing you how to manifest your dreams by putting images on a cork board. I love my vision board, and I especially love adding beautiful photos of exotic locations. Last year, I had a whale shark and Riomaggiore in Cinque Terre on my board, and I accomplished both! I swam with Whale Sharks in Isla Mujeres, and lounged in Cinque Terre. I recommend taking an hour or two, and printing images from google of all the places your’d love to see. Trim the edges, turn the photos into hearts, write on them with markers as if you were 5 years old, and play while you pin them to a cork board. Make it fun! Your brain wants to lead you to pleasure, and creating a wanderlust vision board will inspire you to pack your bags and buy that plane ticket. You’ve got to keep your wanderlust goals top of mind; you have the right to to travel the world and live the life of your dreams!

Travel Vision Board, Abundant Traveler

Inspiration: Inspiring Travel Books

Are you an avid reader? Do you have an hour commute every day when you can listen to books on tape? If you want to be inspired to travel, below are a few great books to keep wanderlust top of mind.

  1. For inspiring your travel vision board, buy 1,000 Places to See Before You Die.  It’s an incredible book with thousands of adventures all over the world.  I’ve had this book for years, and reference it regularly. 
  2. For the ladies in the tribe, Under The Tuscan Sun AND 
  3. Eat, Pray, Love are always winners; it’s all about food and romance for us.
  4. Gentlemen, I suggest Vagabonding OR 
  5. In a Sunburned Country; these are a bit more scrappy and manly. 

Again, if you really want to travel,  you have to make it a priority and keep it top of mind.

All in all, being able to afford to travel is just a mind shift.  It’s a big world out there, and yes, you can afford to go on that incredible adventure.


This week’s YouTube video: Top things to do in Portland, Maine

This weeks video shares my weekend adventures in Portland, Maine….The other Portland :).  If you’re a foodie, you definitely have to put Portland, Maine on your bucket list.

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