Abundant Travel Tips: Todos Santos & Top Travel Credit Card

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Welcome to the Tribe!

Welcome to The Abundant Traveler Tribe!  Our tribe has grown 20% in the past month, and I’m so thrilled to share tips & tricks, and inspire you to get out there and see the world!  Please share this link with your friends and family who love to travel so they can enjoy this weekly missive as well.

Welcome Travel Tribe, The Abundant Traveler

Amazon Shop

Amazon Shop, The Abundant Traveler

I’m so excited to bring you my new Amazon shop!  This store front shares some of my favorite carry on items, clothing, bathing suits, and camera gear.  Are you looking for new travel shampoo bottles, an inspirational  book or a new travel scarf, you’ve come to the right place!  Click here to see The Abundant Traveler’s Amazon Shop. Happy shopping!

The best Credit Card to get right now

The Barclay’s Aviator Credit Card is my credit card of choice right now; in fact, I have 2 of them. Like most cards, it has a great sign on bonus of 60,000 points on American Airlines; however, here’s the best part….you only have to make ONE purchase for that 60,000 points!  As soon as I received my cards, I simply bought a coffee at Starbucks, and BOOM, 60,000 points added to my AA membership 45 days later.  (ps. you do have to pay the $99 membership fee).  In addition to this easy sign on bonus,  some of the other perks include a $99 companion ticket if you spend $20k in a year, 2x points for AA purchases, and 25% discount on inflight services.   Yep, this card’s 60,000 points provided a round trip flight to Europe…for FREE!

Road trip to Todos Santos

This week’s video is a vlog sharing our day trip to Todos Santos with tons of shopping and some great Margarita’s at Tequila Sunrise.  This Pueblo Magico is a great way to spend the day inland on the Baja Peninsula.  Disfrutas!  (Enjoy!)

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