Abundant Travel Tips: Things To Do in Split & Tacos in Austin

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Happy Taco Tuesday Travel Tribe!

Yep, that’s an Austin thing, Taco Tuesday. I’ve been home for about 7 weeks now, and I swear, I’ve eaten tacos at least 4 times each week since returning from my crazy travels. I love being home and I love having a Taco Deli 2 blocks from my house, but I’m already getting wanderlust again. This week [while eating tacos] I’ve been surfing the internet for new trips and fun things to do, and I’ve found a couple great yacht trips for the month of December. Wouldn’t a yacht in the Caribbean be a great Christmas present? 

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Taco Tuesday!

The Abundant Traveler, Tacos in Austin

You’ve seen the YouTube video, but now you can read the extended blog about the 5 best tacos in Austin. This blog was written by a long time friend and fellow Austinite, Debbie Collins. Austin is known for it’s tacos, and everyone has their favorites; however, I believe these are the 5 best.  What are your favorite tacos in Austin?  Where was the best taco you’ve ever had?  

Yacht Trips in December

Yes, the wanderlust has kicked in for me. I’ve been home 7 weeks, and I’m ready to book the exotic and the adventurous! I’ve been searching for a possible Christmas trip, and I’ve come across some delicious yacht/scuba trips with LiveAboard.com. I used Liveaboard.com to book my yacht in Croatia in September. I had a great experience with the company, so I thought I’d check out their December 2019 trips.  The first one I found was in the Turks & Caicos for just under $2600 for a week, and the second was the Scuba Yacht in the Maldives for under $2k. Doesn’t scuba diving in the Maldives or Turks & Caicos for Christmas sound like an incredible idea?

Go to Split!

Dubrovnik, Croatia, has all the cache….and all the tourists! But Split, Croatia, has the same beautiful Adriatic sea without all the Cruise Ships and masses of people.  Check out this weeks video about the top things to see in Split, Croatia.

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