Abundant Travel Tips: Things To Do in Playa & Four Seasons NYC

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Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to The Abundant Traveler, Tuesday Travels email.  This is newsletter #52, so we are officially a year old; what a great milestone!  Hope you’ve enjoyed the tips, tricks, hacks, and travel news over the past year, and I’m excited to share new ideas and inspiration over the coming months.

As we spend more time at home, idle and just dreaming of travel, this week, I’m sharing some interesting travel related articles to keep you entertained, curious and inspired.  Also, this week, I’m sharing the top things to do in Playa del Carmen from my 50th birthday trip in February.  Have fun and enjoy.

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I found 2 incredible articles this week that I wanted to share with you.  The first article is a blog post from a friend of mine, The Boutique Adventurer, Amanda.  As a Londoner, Amanda has in-depth knowledge of the city, and as a traveler, she has a wide-eyed curiosity for everything that London has to offer.  This week, she posted an incredible article showcasing London’s virtual walking tours, museum tours, as well as tours of iconic addresses like 10 Downing Street.  I love how comprehensive her London list is, and if you are making plans to visit London, this is a great place to start . 

London, The Abund

Four Seasons in New York

I’m loving the creative thinking and community outreach many businesses are doing during the COVID pandemic.  It’s inspiring to see how companies large and small are thinking outside the box, creating new ways to do business and new ways to give back.  The Four Seasons NYC is a great example of this innovation and give-back mentality…they’ve taken lemons and made lemonade.  Check out Conde Nast Traveler’s article about the steps The Four Seasons in New York has taken to re-open their doors for medical personnel.   Kudos to them.

Four Seasons NYC,

Top 15 Things to do in Playa del Carmen

Oh boy, did this video make me miss traveling!  It’s only been 2 months since this trip, and I’m longing to head back to the Riviera Maya.  Enjoy this video, and make sure to subscribe!  Where are you dreaming of traveling?