Abundant Travel Tips: Things To Do in Nice, France

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Vive la Nice, France!

Dobro jutro Travel Tribe!  I’m currently in Croatia on a yacht for a week, and it’s magnificent!  (Are you following my Instagram Stories?)  This week I’m sharing some top things to do in Nice!

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Where to stay?

It’s always a challenge to figure out where to stay when visiting a new place, but in Nice, it’s relatively easy to pick the perfect locale.  Since the Promenade d’Anglais is several kilometers long, there are plenty of hotels and airbnb’s close to the Med. You won’t find any rooms directly on the beach since all accommodations are across the 4 lane road,(personally, I don’t think it’s worth spending the extra money for a sea view in Nice.)  What is important, however, is staying as close to Vieux Ville (Old Town) as possible.  This area has the best shops, restaurants and is home to the delicious daily food market.  Try the Mercure Hotel or this fun 3 bed apartment in the Old Town.  It’s such an incredible city to enjoy, but due to it’s size, you’ll want to stay close to the main attraction of Old Town.

Nice France, The Abundant Traveler

Best thing I did in Nice

Nice Food Tour, Abundant Travel Tips

I’ve mentioned the value of food tours before, but I like to say it again: Food tours are the best thing to do immediately after you arrive in a new city.  You have a guide, you learn a bit about your surroundings, you can ask for great restaurant suggestions, and you get to break bread and share wine with new travelers from all over the world.  As for Nice, I chose to go on this Airbnb Food Tour Experience.  Marion was an incredible hostess, and native to the area. She shared some of Nice’s highlights, history and food culture, and provided the most delicious breads, cheeses and salamis during the tour.  It was the perfect way to start our trip to the French Riviera.

This Week's Video

If you haven’t been to Nice, you have to go!  It’s a great city, and there’s so much to see and do.  Just remember that it’s a BIG city with lots of people.  Enjoy this week’s video.

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